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CNA Training & Classes | January 16, 2018

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Weekend CNA Classes in New York

Certified Nursing Assistants play an essential role in any healthcare facility. They are the front liners in providing nursing care to patients especially those who are in need of long term care. However, becoming one of the CNA’s in New York is not a difficult process. Within a few months, one can complete the program and take the certification exam. Many institutions are offering this course to high school graduates and mature individuals because of the state’s need for CNA’s. In fact, weekend classes are even available to those who are currently employed or who are busy with their day to day lives. This might take a bit longer than regular class schedules, students can still graduate and become a Certified Nursing Assistant later on. One just has to find the best institution suitable for his preferred schedule.
Here are the schools and healthcare institutions in New York offering weekend CNA classes:

Weekend CNA Classes in New York Kingsborough Community College

The Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn is offering a CNA training program that allows aspiring individuals to take the New York State certification examination. The program covers a number of topics and skills training about caring for the sick and elderly, nutrition, proper body mechanics, basic life support, patient’s rights, legal issues in the profession and many others. They will also provide a supervised clinical practice in an approved healthcare facility within Brooklyn so students can enhance their learned nursing skills and ensure to perform it excellently in the actual setting. There will be 96 classroom hours and 30 clinical experience hours over the course of the program. Students can freely choose their own schedule, whether day class, evening class or weekend CNA class. Tuition fee would costs around $725 but that does not include the certification exam fees yet. Interested individuals should ensure to complete the school’s requirements before gaining an admission. Kingsborough Community College usually accepts applicants who are above 18 years old and who have high school diploma or GED.

Weekend CNA Classes in New York Hostos Community College

The Hostos Community College is providing a weekend CNA class in New York City. Their program is very flexible because there are individuals who are currently employed and cannot attend the typical weekday classes. Thus, weekend classes can be chosen as a good option. Nevertheless, the weekend CNA classes take a longer time to finish compared to the typical class schedules. Students in the program will undergo a number of topics like anatomy, physiology, patient care fundamentals, nutrition and many others. There will also be a course for basic life support, conflict management, therapeutic communication, care for the elderly with dementia and other psychological disorders. Once the program is completed, students will be sent for the certification exam which allows them to work eligibly in a healthcare facility. Tuition and fee costs would reach from $995 or more. Scholarships and grants can also be obtained in a limited basis. Take note that Hostos Community College observes a smaller class size so first come first serve basis applies on future enrolees.

Weekend CNA Classes in New York Genesee Valley BOCES

Genesee Valley BOCES has a nursing assistant training program offered by their adult education department. Individuals who are interested in becoming a CNA can undergo the program and be trained for a couple of weeks. The school has several licensed medical professional who conducts the training and they ensure that students receive the proper orientation about the profession. Topics during the course includes patient’s rights, medical terminologies, anatomy and physiology, care for the elderly, body mechanics, proper lifting, transporting and moving, managing challenging behaviour and many others. The tuition fee can reach to $1250 not including the certification exam costs. Interested individuals for the program can choose to undergo a weekday CNA class or a weekend CNA class, whichever is convenient for them. They just have to ensure that they completed the program and passed the exams before they can graduate and earn a certification.

Weekend CNA Classes in New York Medgar Evers College

The Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn offers a CNA training program that consists of 120 hours of classroom instruction and clinical practice. Students in the program can learn variety of nursing skills like feeding, toileting, bathing, grooming, assisting patients to ambulation, vital signs taking, input and output monitoring, charting and many others. The CNA course can be taken in a regular weekday class schedule but there are weekend classes available for those who cannot attend the typical classes. The tuition fee for the program is $1,200 but there are added costs like textbooks, uniforms and certification exams. The best thing about Medgars Evers College is its experience in providing quality education for aspiring CNA’s. If you have the compassion and dedication to work in the health care field, the institution will complement that with the appropriate knowledge and nursing skills so that you can easily pass the certification exam and get an employment later on.