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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Sexual Needs

Residents have also needs for sexuality therefore this should also be included in the plan of care for them. Sexual needs do not only mean love-making but also involves intimacy, love, affection and also a sense of belongingness.

Physical forms of sexual expression includes touching, caressing and others. It is believed that sexual needs decrease as a person age but in reality, it is the opposite. There are also factors that can affect the response to sexual needs such as diseases that can affect the neurological and circulatory systems.

To help residents in their sexual needs, one must be aware of their own sexuality in order to show an appropriate expression of sexual needs and prevent inappropriate behavior. It is important to know the residents’ expression of sexual desires. Meeting the residents’ sexual needs is a bit complicated in that there should be proper balance of meeting their needs while also maintaining norms and limitations in a nursing assistant- resident relationships and or resident-to- resident relationships.

This means that you give them the sexual need that they require without making the resident feels that there should be a sexual advancement. It is normal that some residents may portray affection towards you or the other residents therefore you should give them privacy in expressing their feelings.

Yet, any sexual behavior that is inappropriate and unacceptable should be confronted clearly and frankly in order for the behavior to stop. Firmly state to them and explain to them clearly that an unacceptable sexual behavior should not proceed.

These sexual advances may include behaviors such as flirting, inappropriate touching and others. Even if the person defends some of these sexual advances merely as nothing, you should always state that they are not acceptable even if they are in the position of conditions such as taking medications, they are sick or even if they are mentally-ill.

Be specific in stating your objections and approach them therapeutically. Violations of decorum should be reported to the supervisor to keep yourself and other residents safe.