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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Residents Care & ADL

The well-being and the health of the residents depend on the provision of care that the health care team provides. It is therefore vital to enhance those skills and follow the protocols of the facility in order to maintain the safety and security of our residents.The roles and responsibilities of nurses and nursing assistants should be taken seriously, since they can affect the status of residents health.

Personal Care Skills

Personal care to residents is a daily routine that nurses and nursing assistants are providing since they are needed every day.

Activities of Daily Living

It is one of your responsibilities to assist and support residents in accomplishing their activities of daily living (ADL). Such responsibilities require knowledge, constant practice and a good attitude towards the residents in care. Residents, just like healthy people, need freshening up every day to feel fresh and clean. Being clean keeps them away from germs and bacteria that can cause various diseases.

The older a person becomes, the more dry their skin becomes. This is due to lesser production of oil by the sebaceous glands. The drier the skin is, easier it breaks even if it is not visible. It does not mean that bathing is totally eliminated in the care of the elderly residents but instead they should be less frequent and a substituted for it is a partial bathing.

Good personal care not only removes dirt, body odors and secretions, but also germs that may be thriving in any part of the body. Proper hygiene can makes residents feel more relaxed, approves their looks and also lifts their spirits.

Activities of Daily Living Include: