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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Pedicure & Manicure

Nails should be cut and trimmed regularly and manicure should be done at the same time as washing the resident’s hands.

A good nail care is beautiful to look at. It prevents residents from being injured and eliminates dirt from under the nails which is a good place for harmful germs.

Before performing nail care procedures, it is important to loosen the dirt and also soften the nails for easy trimming and cleaning. Do not put lotion in between the fingers and toes, as it can promote bacterial growth!

People who do not perform regular nail care and older people have thicker nails.  As this makes the job more difficult, try to do it slower and not rush through it. Otherwise you may end up harming the skin around fingers or toes with your manicure/pedicure instruments.

Other consideration would also be in the case of diabetic clients who require careful nail care to prevent cuts. This is because diabetic clients have poor circulation, which can makes any wound difficult to heal properly. See how to do proper nail care here!