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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Removing Disposable Gown, Gloves, Goggles, and Mask

1. First remove gloves, turn them inside out and place them in the corresponding biohazard receptacle.
2. Remove the goggles or face shield by holding them by the elastic bands.
3. Remove the gown from one arm, by pulling it down, without touching the insides.
4. Apply the same technique for the opposite arm.
5. The gown is to be folded and rowed with the contaminated outside side, to the inside.
6. Place the gown in the corresponding biohazard container.
7. The mask is to be removed by holding only the ties or elastic bands holding it.
8. The bottom tie is to be untied first, then the top one. If using elastic bands, simply remove them from your ears.
9. The mask is to be discarded in the corresponding trash receptacle.
10. Hands are to be washed and dried.
11. The watch should be placed back into your pocked and towel to be disposed of in the trash receptacle.
12. The door of the resident’s room should be opened with a paper towel.
13. The towel is to be discarded within the room itself.
14. Hand washing is to be repeated as per facility policy.

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