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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Paid CNA Training in Los Angeles

A lot of individuals seek a job that pays well and makes them fulfilled. Fortunately, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the perfect career for this. Aside from the fact that nursing assistants help improve people’s lives, they also receive good monthly wages. They even have bonuses that no other professionals enjoys. Thus, it is definitely a great choice to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Los Angeles. However, before becoming a CNA, one must undergo a program involving classroom lectures, skills demonstration and hands-on clinical training to equip potential CNA’s for their career and certification exam. The good thing about the program is that it can be taken with a fee or for free. Paid CNA trainings are available in Los Angeles to provide opportunities for individuals who cannot afford training. If you want to grab this opportunity, you can choose any of these institutions offering paid CNA training.

Paid CNA Training at Los Angeles Arbor Convalescent Hospital

Arbor Convalescent Hospital provides paid CNA training in Los Angeles to entice more people to take the program and work as nursing assistants in their facility. The institution is in great need of CNA’s, which is why they are offering free training with direct employment right after. This means that anyone who undergoes the training for free will must work at Arbor Convalescent Hospital for a certain period of time. Unemployed individuals or those who want to shift careers in the healthcare field are invited to take this program. There will be interviews and exams and successful applicants will enjoy the paid training, benefits and eventual employment. Certified Nursing Assistants receive a good annual salary and appreciate the stability of this career, especially in a time of economic crisis with a high unemployment rate.

Paid CNA Training in Los Angeles Julia Healthcare Center

The paid CNA training program at Julia Healthcare Center is an opportunity for the unemployed to get a stable job in Los Angeles. The institution is offering training since they need more nursing assistants. Thus, successful applicants of the program will be given immediate employment at Julia Healthcare Center as a reward for their efforts. Basically, the training program consists of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experience. This combined classroom and clinical practice will enable students to learn the basic knowledge of the profession to be able to practice their new skills during the program. Complete attendance is a must to graduate and all students pass the exams and simulation tests provided by the instructors.

Oakview Convalescent Hospital

There is a need for Certified Nursing Assistants in Oakview Convalescent Hospital. Thus, it is offering paid training to interested individuals who are not yet certified. The training is short and intensive, allowing students to learn the basic principles and practice the skills essential to the profession. Instructors of the facility are licensed nurses or nursing assistants who ensure to provide one-on-one training to meet individual needs and provide solutions to any problems likely to be encountered later on. There will be written and oral exams during the program and students have to pass all of them to graduate. Complete attendance is mandatory and all basic needs like uniforms, textbooks and supplies are provided. To apply for the program, one must provide a GED or high school diploma, along with a clean criminal record, immunization record, TB screening test and drug screening test results. Any discrepancies in the documents are not tolerated as the CNA profession is strict when it comes to health and security regulations.

Paid CNA Training in Los Angeles Oakridge Care Center

The Oakridge Care Center provides paid CNA training in Los Angeles as a response to the institution’s need for nursing assistants. This paid training is open for individuals who are 18 years old or above ready for immediate employment. They have to be physically fit and free from any criminal record to be accepted. The Oakridge Care Center is a good start for a career as a nursing assistant in Los Angeles. If you have not undergone any training or certification yet, you can apply and become one of the privileged beneficiaries. Successful applicants will be trained by one of the best instructors of Oakridge Care Center, a Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant. The supervised clinical training of the aspiring nursing assistants will take place within the facility and once the program is completed, the certification exam will take place.

Ocean View Convalescent Hospital

Ocean View Convalescent Hospital is providing paid CNA training in Los Angeles. Individuals interested in working as a nursing assistant at Ocean View Convalescent Hospital can undergo the program without paying. They have to pass the qualifications of the institution and make sure they work for them right after passing the certification exam. One of the best things that Ocean View Convalescent Hospital offers is a great compensation package and benefits. If you are privileged to be accepted to the program, you will be given free uniforms, textbooks, supplies and allowances. Aside from this, the career will give you financial stability after you are accepted and employed within their facility.

Paid CNA Training in Ararat Convalescent Hospital

Ararat Convalescent Hospital hires Certified Nursing Assistants and provides free CNA program for individuals interested in the profession. This training program is exclusive for those qualified for employment and who can commit to work in the institution after passing the certification program. Successful applicants will have an opportunity to undergo classroom lectures and clinical experiences in an approved healthcare facility. Basic nursing concepts are taught which includes patient care, manual handling, infection control, safety, body mechanics, range of motion exercises and many others. Students are also taught the skills needed for the profession. The program should be completed without absences in order to graduate and become eligible for the certification exam.

Arcadia Healthcare Center

Arcadia Healthcare Center provides paid CNA training in Los Angeles, depending on job vacancies. The program is a combined format of classroom lectures and clinical experience, which should be completed without absences and failures on exams and skills simulations. Classes lasts for 6 to 12 weeks; and students learn the medical terminology, therapeutic communication skills, patient rights, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, legal and ethical nursing aspects and many other subjects. The admission process of Arcadia Healthcare Center is meticulous but requirements are not difficult as long as applicants submit everything in time. This includes fingerprinting to check for a criminal background, a health screening test, and a communication skill assessment. First and foremost, the candidate must be 18 years old or more. The paid CNA training program of Arcadia Healthcare Center is not available to everyone, but successful applicants will have an opportunity to undergo the training for free with uniforms, textbooks, supplies and allowances covered. Once they finish the program, they will be offered employment within the institution and employee benefits.

Sherwood Healthcare Center

Paid CNA training is offered by Sherwood Healthcare Center which takes place  throughout the year. This offer is not limited to individuals who have not yet received certification from the state of California, mut it is also open to those who qualify. Qualifications include a high school diploma or GED, 18 years of age, a criminal background check, drug test and TB screening test. Individuals who qualify for the program will have an opportunity to be trained by the most experienced nursing assistants and nurses in the institution. They will be taught the concepts and principles of nursing, as well as the skills needed to be knowledgeable, well equipped and prepared for their profession. Sherwood Healthcare Center ensures that their nursing assistants are ready for the challenges ahead; thus they accept only the best applicants who can maintain the standards of the institution, especially when it comes to handling different types of patients.

Paid CNA Training in Brighton Convalescent Center

If you are one of the aspiring nursing assistants in Los Angeles, you can undergo paid CNA training at Brighton Convalescent Center. This healthcare facility is continually hiring Certified Nursing Assistants to care for the patients needing long-term care. With the shortage of CNA’s in the state, Brighton Convalescent Center is offering free training for those interested in the CNA profession. This paid training is an opportunity for qualified individuals 18 years of age or above, with a GED or high school diploma and clean criminal record who are physically fit to work. The training takes place in their facility and consists of combined classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experiences. Successful applicants who complete the program and pass the certification exam will be offered immediate employment.

Jerold Phelps Community Hospital

Jerold Phelps Community is one of the most reliable source of paid CNA training in Los Angeles. If you are interested in the profession, you can apply even without certification as a nursing assistant. You must complete all the requirements of the facility and pass the examinations and interviews. Once you successfully gain admission to Community Hospital, you will have an opportunity to be trained and become job ready as a CNA. Jerold Phelps Community Hospital has a lot of qualified individuals providing the training and the appropriate knowledge and skills that every aspiring nursing assistant should possess. They have a great facility for the hands-on clinical training so students can learn and grasp concepts easily.