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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Heimlich Maneuver

1. Inquire whether the resident is choking, or able to speak, and then advise them to try and choke the item clogging their throat out. Immediately call for help when this happens.
2. If the resident is unable to respond with the aforementioned actions, apply the Heimlich maneuver immediately.
3. Stand behind the sitting or standing resident.
4. Above the waist, wrap your arms tightly around the resident.
5. Make your hand into a fist.
6. The thumb side of your fist should be placed in the center of the abdomen, below the breastbone and above the umbilicus.
7. Your other hand should grasp your fist.
8. Pull inward and upward with your grasped fist quickly.
9. These thrusts should be repeated until either the item is removed, or the resident loses consciousness.
10. In case the resident falls unconscious, ease them to the floor and check for respiration; If there is no respiration, refer to rescue breathing in order to clear the issue; If there is no pulse, start CPR and continue until the resident is relieved.
11. After the emergency has ended, prepare an incident report immediately.