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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in West Virginia

CNA Classes in West Virginia

The state of West Virginia is actually having a lot of problems in the field of healthcare services. Several facilities are experiencing a massive shortage of healthcare professionals such as the Licensed Practical Nurses because only few residents are getting enticed with the profession. On top of that, there is also a growing demand for nursing services so the healthcare facilities are expanding and hiring several LPN’s. The state of West Virginia encourages its residents to consider healthcare courses. There are a number of free LPN programs in West Virginia which individuals can pursue.

The free LPN programs in West Virginia are provided by various colleges and universities. High school graduates, unemployed residents and those who are considered to be displaced workers can apply for these free programs. The good thing about it is that it allows graduates to work and earn a decent salary, despite the economic downturn. Aside from that, the free LPN programs in West Virginia can either be government funded or funded by a certain organization and employer. Residents of the state can enjoy these educational benefits and experience a more positive career growth. The LPN program is a short course program that combines classroom lectures to hands-on clinical experience. Graduates will have the chance to apply for a licensing exam and become a qualified healthcare professional. Individuals who have not yet obtained a scholarship program can try to seek from these institutions where expenses for the LPN course is covered.

National Black Nurses Association Scholarship

The National Black Nurses Association Scholarship is a program for black students who are pursuing a degree in nursing. LPN students who want to apply can seek for financial assistance as long as they are a member of the association. The LPN program is a short course program that allows the graduates to work as a healthcare professional in the state. It is often a comprehensive type of study where students learn the fundamentals of nursing and the skills necessary to care for a diverse group of patient. Students who are under the scholarship program of the National Black Nurses Association will be awarded with a certain amount of money to cover the cost of their education, uniforms, books and other related costs. A good academic standing and an attitude of perseverance will be the basis for awarding the scholarship.

Tafford Uniforms

Tafford Uniforms has scholarship opportunities for men and women in West Virginia pursuing a degree in nursing including those who are under an LPN degree. The program aims to address the issues on LPN shortages through free LPN education in West Virginia. Interested students can apply through Tafford Uniform’s website or through any financial aid office of an accredited school. The scholarship program is a great opportunity to study with a lesser expense. The amount of scholarship funds provided per scholar will depend on the amount of money available. Interested applicants have to show a financial need and a good academic standing. They will be screened accordingly as only few students are awarded with the scholarship.

AMN Johnson & Johnson Scholarship

The AMN Johnson & Johnson Scholarship is a type of scholarship program offered to male nursing students. The state of West Virginia has been having problems with lesser number of Licensed Practical Nurses registered every year, particularly male healthcare professionals. Through the AMN Johnson & Johnson Scholarship, this will address some of the issues of understaffing among healthcare facilities and unemployment among the residents of the state. The scholarship covers the cost of the LPN program and applicants should have a GPA of 2.75 or higher to be considered. AMN Johnson & Johnson Scholarship is granted to students with good academic standing. The application process is competitive because only few students are accepted every year. Successful applicants are required to maintain good grades all throughout the LPN education. They also need to work in any healthcare facilities of West Virginia as a return service for the scholarship program.

New River Community and Technical College

New River Community and Technical College is a provider of Workforce Investment Act. Aside from the fact that they offer a comprehensive LPN program, students under the course can also seek financial assistance through the WIA. The Workforce Investment Act aims to provide free LPN programs in West Virginia. Individuals who want to apply for this can inquire at the school’s financial aid office to know the availability and requirements of the program. Successful applicants should meet the standards of the WIA and ensure to maintain good grades for the program. New River Community and Technical College has several scholarship programs for deserving students of the institution. If you are not accepted for the WIA, you can always seek for other funding options available.

Mineral Technical Career Center

Mineral Technical Career Center is a great option for individuals who want to pursue a career in practical nursing through the Workforce Investment Act. The school has a good track record of LPN exam passing rates. They have state of art facilities and well-experienced instructors who will guide every LPN student in their journey towards a successful career. The LPN program of Mineral Technical Career Center covers 1400 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical rotation. This can be completed within 12 months, which means that graduates can immediately work after obtaining their licenses. Aside from that, the institution also recognizes other scholarship programs funded by private organizations and charitable institutions. Students who are interested in applying for financial assistance should inquire at the school’s financial aid office.

Putnam Career and Technical Center

Putnam Career and Technical Center is one of the providers for free LPN programs in West Virginia. Individuals who want to consider a career in the healthcare field can apply for a Workforce Investment Act to avail the free LPN program of the school. They can also seek for other scholarship programs offered by their financial office. It is necessary to submit the needed requirements of the program and ensure that financial assistance is helpful to finish a degree in nursing.