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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Utah

CNA Classes in Utah

Working in the healthcare field is often not enticing to some people. Aside from the fact that they have to deal with patients having an illness or disability, the work itself is demanding. However, healthcare professionals like the Licensed Practical Nurses are compensated properly. They also receive great benefits and several opportunities for career growth and promotion. In fact, the career as a healthcare professional is stable despite the economic recession. So, the state of Utah encourages its residents to take an LPN course. There are a lot of free LPN programs in Utah that can be availed to interested individuals. These programs have different benefits but similar goals of helping the residents of the state.

If you want to avail the free LPN programs in Utah, applying at state colleges and universities is the best move. These higher learning institutions provide different scholarships and financial assistance programs that are also sponsored from the state and other private organizations. To get these free LPN programs in Utah, it is important to inquire at the school’s financial aid office for the requirements. Check these schools and scholarship programs below to know if you qualify for their free LPN training.

College of Eastern Utah – USU Eastern Scholarships

The College of Eastern Utah offers USU Eastern Scholarships for students who need financial assistance and who have 3.0 average or more. The higher leaning institution has several career training opportunities including the LPN program. Students who want to avail the USU Eastern Scholarships should be currently enrolled for an LPN program at College of Eastern Utah and should have good grades in at least 12 credits of study. The scholarship program can be availed at the school’s financial aid office and the screening process is quite competitive. Moreover, most of the students with this scholarship are able to pursue their LPN education because of the financial assistance they receive. Health Care Scholarships is offering healthcare scholarships to individuals who are currently enrolled in an LPN program. The scholarship aims to help aspiring practical nurses who want to work in the healthcare field. Since the state of Utah is facing shortages of LPN’s and other healthcare professionals, encourages its residents to pursue a healthcare course and avail their scholarship programs. Interested applicants can apply through the company’s website and submit the necessary information asked from them. They will also be asked to answer the question “tell us more” because scholarship winners are selected based on how deserving they are. Students who are granted with the scholarship will receive $1,000 which can be used for their tuition fees or other expenses of the program like books, uniforms and medical supplies. They also need to maintain good grades in order to receive financial assistance throughout the LPN training program.

Utah Nurses Foundation Grant

Utah Nurses Foundation is offering a grant to nursing students of the state. The grant will help aspiring practical nurses finish their studies despite the financial hardships they are getting into. Interested students must be currently enrolled in any of the state approved LPN training program. They have to take no less than 6 credits of study to be considered for the grant. Ideally, only full time students are awarded with the grant but part-time students are welcome to apply. The Utah Nurses Foundation Grant is a great opportunity to lessen the cost of the program, as well as the expenses for books, uniforms and medical supplies. It might not be for everybody but successful applicants for the grant will enjoy the free LPN training program.

Utah State University

Utah State University offers a Licensed Practical Nursing program for individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. The LPN program allows the students to get enough education to help them become a licensed healthcare professional. They will have a classroom instruction, a laboratory skills training and a hands-on clinical experience. Once they graduate from the program, aspiring LPN’s can take the licensure exam and apply for healthcare jobs in the state. Nevertheless, students who are in a financial crisis can seek for financial aids and grants from the university. The Utah State University has several scholarship programs for individuals who want to finish a healthcare course. Workforce Investment Act recipients are also welcome for the LPN course at Utah State University. They just have to coordinate with their workforce advisor to facilitate their enrolment at the institution.

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake Community College is one of the Workforce Investment Act providers in the state of Utah. Individuals who are WIA recipients can enrol at this higher learning institution and study an LPN course. The good thing about the LPN program of Salt Lake Community College is it provides extensive training to aspiring healthcare providers. The classroom instruction is combined with hands-on skills training in a clinical setting. Graduates of the program can take the licensure exam and become qualified to work as a Licensed Practical Nurse in any healthcare facilities of Utah. Students who are not qualified for the Workforce Investment Act can also seek for scholarship grants provided by the college. Requirements are often based on financial capacity and academic standing. Applicants can inquire at the school’s financial aid office for more information.

Snow College – South

Individuals who are seeking for free LPN programs in Utah can inquire at Snow College South. The institution provides several healthcare courses including the LPN training for high school graduates and non-traditional students who want to jump into this kind of career. Residents who are under the Workforce Investment Act can study at Snow College South while receiving financial assistance for their education. However, individuals who are not fortunate to avail the WIA can apply for other scholarship programs provided by the school. Most scholarship programs will require the applicants to present a proof of financial hardship and a grade of no less than 2.5 GPA. To know more about it, visiting the school’s financial aid office is recommended.