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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in North Dakota

CNA Classes in North Dakota

Working in the healthcare field is both rewarding and fulfilling. Aside from helping other people achieve optimal health, it is also a perfect way to have a stable career and higher wage. Unfortunately, only few people are enticed with healthcare jobs. The risks and challenges that every healthcare professional have to go through is not easy, and the cost of the programs is often expensive. These are the reasons why free LPN programs in North Dakota are provided. Residents of the state who are interested in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse can avail free programs to secure their education and future employment. They can apply for this program in order to seek financial assistance and minimize the worries of paying an expensive amount for a healthcare education.

The good thing about the free LPN programs in North Dakota is its availability. Individuals can apply through state funded institutions or through Workforce Investment Act and Job Corps. There are also some universities and colleges that provide academic scholarships to individuals who qualify for the program. If an individual is not fortunate to avail these programs, there are also some employers sponsoring potential employees. They provide free LPN programs in North Dakota and cover all the expenses made by the student. However, it is a responsibility of the student to work under their institution once the certification as a practical nurse is obtained. This is actually a great option to gain employment once an individual becomes a Licensed Practical Nurse. Know these scholarship programs and schools offering free LPN programs in North Dakota.

Sitting Bull Community College – CERA Scholarship Program

The free LPN programs in North Dakota comes from various sources. Individuals who want to become a Licensed Practical Nurse can apply for CERA Scholarship Program provided by Sitting Bull Community College. This kind of scholarship is different from other kinds of financial aid program as it requires the applicants to submit a poem originally made by their self. The submitted poem will be judged according to its content, style, form and language. Applicants who will successfully pass the screening process will be given an award of $500 which can be used to pay for the tuition or other related expenses of the program. The number of individuals who will be awarded with the scholarship program depends on their available funds. Applicants have to make sure as well that they are currently attending a college or university.

North Dakota Career and Technical Education Scholarships

North Dakota Career and Technical Education Scholarships is a type of scholarship that helps high school students obtain an LPN education. This program prepares them for college and would provide them an opportunity to work in the healthcare field after finishing the program and passing the licensure exam. High school seniors are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will receive a financial assistance of $750 per semester and can be renewed in the following semesters. A GPA of at least 2.75 is required and an ACT score of 24 is necessary to be considered for the North Dakota Career and Technical Education Scholarships. Once shortlisted, an individual can use this scholarship to different accredited schools while undergoing the LPN degree.

North Dakota Student Incentive Grant Program

North Dakota Student Incentive Grant Program is a kind of financial assistance program intended for first time undergraduate students. Individuals who are on their first year of LPN education can apply and receive a scholarship program through this grant. Students who are interested should fill out a FASFA and submit the necessary requirements imposed from your school’s financial aid office. The grant provides a minimum of $1,500 per school year. This can be used to pay the tuition or cut a portion of the expenses made from the LPN education. Students under this program should maintain satisfactory grades and performance to have a continued financial support. Individuals who were unsuccessful with their application can re-apply or try other scholarship programs provided by their college or university.

Dakota College

Dakota College is a provider of Workforce Investment Act. They have a Licensed Practical Nursing program, which allows the WIA recipients to take the program for free. Since the institution is recognized for its excellent performance in terms of LPN education, graduates become equipped for the profession and the licensure exam which will take place after finishing the program. The LPN training program of Dakota College provides an ideal combination of theoretical instruction and clinical exposure. Students who are under the Workforce Investment Act will receive financial assistance to pay for the LPN training. Their expenses on the uniforms, books and other related costs may also be covered. The good thing about the WIA is it is open for unemployed individuals as well as those who are considered a displaced worker in the state.

Bismarck State College

The Licensed Practical Nursing of Bismarck State College is one of the health related training programs in North Dakota that is under the Workforce Investment Act. Individuals who are unemployed, especially those who cannot find a job for a long time can apply for WIA and take the LPN program for free. The Licensed Practical Nursing education covers 48 credits of study, which also has 8 credits of pre-requisites. Students can choose a daytime class schedule or an evening class schedule. Upon finishing the training, they can work in healthcare facilities as a Licensed Practical Nurse or they can pursue a Registered Nursing track which will take more years to finish.

Dickinson State Universi

Free LPN programs in North Dakota can be obtained through Dickinson State University. Apart from the academic scholarships and other types of foundation scholarships, the state university is also a provider of Workforce Investment Act. Individuals who want to be under this program can take the LPN degree at Dickinson State University and receive an Associate degree thereafter. They do not have to worry on where their tuition and fees because the WIA will cover all the expenses made. The LPN program of Dickinson State University is a comprehensive study of various nursing concepts and skills. Graduates of the program can work as a practical nurse or pursue a Registered Nursing degree.