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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in New Jersey

CNA Classes in New Jersey

Since the economic recession, several residents of New Jersey have lost their jobs and were left unemployed. There are also a lot of companies that closed, making it difficult for people to seek employment. However, the healthcare field is growing regardless of the recession. There is a demand of healthcare professionals like the LPN’s and it is still on-going these days. The government has created free LPN programs in New Jersey to attract potential LPN’s and fill in the need of several healthcare facilities. These free LPN programs in New Jersey can be availed at different sources and individuals who are interested for the program should seek and apply for it.

The free LPN programs may come from Job Corps, WIA approved colleges, scholarships and grants from organizations and schools, and even through healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. If you are persistent in seeking for financial assistance, it will not be difficult to study a Licensed Practical Nursing degree for free. Licensed Practical Nurses have a good salary, benefits and an opportunity for career growth. They even have a lot of options for their career as LPN’s can specialize or pursue an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. The good side about the free LPN programs in New Jersey is its short and comprehensive training. Individuals can graduate after a year of study and be able to work in various healthcare setting. If they have an employer sponsoring for their education, they can immediately seek a job after earning a license. So if you are a high school graduate or an unemployed individual who is seeking for a different career, consider the free LPN programs in New Jersey and avail it from these sources.

American Legion Auxiliary – State Nursing Scholarships

The American Legion Auxiliary – State Nursing Scholarships is a kind of scholarship program for residents of New Jersey who has a veteran parent or a grandparent. This program allows the individuals to study an LPN program for free and finish the course to work in the healthcare field. Only individuals who are currently freshman students in an accredited school will be considered for the program. The number of scholars for the American Legion Auxiliary – State Nursing Scholarships depends on the availability of funds for the school year. This is only awarded for one year so it can be a perfect scholarship program for those who want to finish an LPN education. Nonetheless, the amount of scholarship varies as well.

New Jersey World Trade Center Scholarship Fund

Spouses and children of individuals who were victims of the Terror Attacks last September 11, 2001 can apply for the New Jersey World Trade Center Scholarship Fund. This scholarship program is offered to qualified individuals who want to obtain a degree in the healthcare field such as the LPN program. High school seniors as well as current college students are welcome to apply for the funding. The New Jersey World Trade Center Scholarship Fund will cover all the costs pertaining to a student’s college education including the related expenses on uniforms, books and supplies. Individuals who are interested for the program should talk to financial aid officers in order to learn the necessary steps for applying. The application process is not stringent because it is only limited to individuals who were victims of the said terror attack.

Salem Community College

The Workforce Investment Act is actually given to individuals who are unemployed for a long time and who want to consider a career in the healthcare field. Students under this program can pursue an LPN degree at Salem Community College and become a healthcare professional later on. They will receive free tuition and financial assistance for their books, uniforms and medical supplies. Salem Community College is one of the largest and reliable providers of healthcare education in New Jersey. Students who finish their LPN degree in this institution will receive an excellent training from the school’s expert teachers and staff. They will also enjoy the benefits of having state of the art facilities while undergoing the LPN program.

Hudson County Community College

Hudson County Community College offers a good training and LPN education for individuals who see their selves working in the healthcare field. They have great facilities and licensed instructors who will supervise and conduct a small class size for the LPN program. Students who are seeking for scholarship programs can inquire at the school’s financial aid office to know if they qualify for a Workforce Investment Act funds. This WIA program is a good opportunity to cut the cost of the LPN education and obtain a degree without having to worry on where to get a financial assistance for its related costs.

Union County College

There are a lot of free LPN programs in New Jersey and through the Workforce Investment Act, students can enrol their selves at Union College. This prominent school in New Jersey offers various health related courses that allows graduates to become a licensed healthcare professional in the state. Individuals who are interested in an LPN program but are unable to pay the tuition and related costs can apply for WIA and seek financial assistance. The application process can be done at the school’s financial aid office.