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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Mississippi

CNA Classes in Missisippi

Working in the healthcare field is not enticing to some people because of the hard work and risks that it provides. However, healthcare professionals often have a stable and well-compensating career. Even if the economic recession hit several states in United States, most Licensed Practical Nurses still have the jobs they need. Thus, the state of Mississippi are now encouraging its residents to consider a career in the healthcare field. They have free LPN programs in Mississippi which are great opportunities for residents to take the program without paying anything.

High school graduates, unemployed individuals or those who want to change their careers can seek for free LPN programs in Mississippi. There are several ways to obtain these free programs. Students who are enrolling in some colleges of the state can take advantage on the Tuition Assistance Program, especially if they live in Calhoun, Lafayette and Benton Counties. This kind of program provides tuition payments for a maximum of four consecutive semesters. Students who qualify can enjoy this free of charge education but they also have to follow a range of rules and regulations to maintain their financial assistance.

Another way of getting a free LPN program is to apply from foundations where financial assistance is given for individuals pursuing a career in the healthcare field. There are some wealthy individuals funding certain organizations for unemployed individuals. It is also possible to get free LPN programs in Mississippi through private employers who are looking for Licensed Practical Nurses. They just need at least a year or two of return service in order to pay for the financial assistance that is provided prior to the LPN degree. Nonetheless, if you want to know some of the free LPN programs in Mississippi, try these scholarships and institutions below.

Northwest Mississippi Community College – Adult Student Scholarship

The Northwest Mississippi Community College offers an Adult Student Scholarship program which is a program for individuals aged 25 years and above. This is offered to help non-traditional students finish a degree like Licensed Practical Nursing or a BSN degree. Only full time students will be considered for the Adult Student Scholarship program from Northwest Mississippi Community College. Students who want to apply should submit a high school diploma or a college transcript of records as part of the selection process. They also have to complete a FASFA prior to application. Individuals who will not be considered for the scholarship program should try other options for financial assistance. The community college has several scholarship programs for students in need of financial assistance. Just check the school’s admission’s office to know the programs available. Nursing Scholarship

The website offers a scholarship program for students who have completed one or more semesters of the LPN degree. This is exclusively granted to nursing students of Mississippi and throughout the country. Students who are interested for the program should submit their requirements along with an essay on March 1st or November 1st of the year. The essay will be a major factor of the scholarship program. Financial assistance will range from $500 to $1000, depending on the donations obtained from the donors. Students who are under the program should provide the best reasons why the scholarship needs to be given to them. The Nursing Scholarship program of is a great financial assistance to nursing students who seeks for ways to lessen their tuition fee costs.

Meridian Community College – Dean’s Scholarship

Meridian Community College provides a scholarship program for students who took a nursing degree. This Dean’s Scholarship enables them to pay for their LPN degree including other miscellaneous fees like books, uniforms and medical supplies. Students should be studying full time and must be a freshman upon applying. Their ACT results should be between 20 and 25 as part of the scholarship’s requirement. The Dean’s Scholarship of Meridian Community College is limited to a number of students per year so only few applicants who meet the requirements will receive a greater chance of having the financial assistance. The scholarship will only cover half of the tuition and fees for up to four semesters, so students in the program should find other means to pay for the other half.

Hinds Community College

Hinds Community College provides a scholarship program under the Workforce Investment Act. This kind of program is intended for individuals who have been out from work for a long time and would want to seek financial help for their LPN education. The LPN program of Hinds Community College is a 12-month comprehensive degree that combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical experience. Individuals who want to pursue a career in nursing can apply for a Workforce Investment Act and take the LPN degree program at Hinds Community College. They can have the chance to be supported financially while they take their Licensed Practical Nursing education.

Pearl River Community College

Pearl River Community College offers a type of program where high school seniors can also take a vocational degree at the same time. This dual high school program allows them to take a Licensed Practical Nursing degree while they finish their high school. The Pearl River Community College is also a participant of the Workforce Investment Act which allows individuals to pursue a career in practical nursing even if they are not in high school anymore. The institution provides an excellent curriculum for those who wished to pursue an LPN program, especially those who are under the Workforce Investment Act.

Southwest Mississippi Community College

Southwest Mississippi Community College receives funds from the Workforce Investment Act and they have the capacity to provide a free LPN program to interested individuals in the state. This kind of program allows the residents of the state to take the program for free and pursue a career in Nursing. The SMCC is a great venue for an LPN degree and they also have an Associate of Science in Nursing as well as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees. Individuals who are granted with the Workforce Investment Act can take any of the course and complete it with a partial or full financial assistance.