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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Massachusetts

CNA Classes in Massachusetts

Free LPN programs in Massachusetts are available for individuals who wanted to work in the healthcare field. Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse is a challenging yet fulfilling career. Several healthcare facilities are recruiting LPN’s these days to ensure that residents are able to receive quality services at all times. The good thing about the state of Massachusetts is they provide scholarships for potential LPN’s. These scholarship programs can be availed at different schools and facilities, where students receive quality education and training to qualify for the certification exam.

Individuals who want to consider LPN as a new or second career can also search for training opportunities in Massachusetts. This profession is open for everyone, as long as the program is completed and the certification exam is passed. One way for individuals to receive free LPN programs in Massachusetts is to assess whether he qualifies for the vocational rehabilitation benefits. Several public and private institutions are offering these free programs to provide long term employment to people and control the understaffing of healthcare facilities in the state. The free LPN programs in Massachusetts may not be for everyone, but those who successfully qualify can enjoy the free of charge education.

It is important to take note that becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse requires the applicants to be free from criminal charges and communicable diseases. The profession is physically demanding and enjoyable that is why, students have to be fit and capable of providing nursing care. Even if a free LPN scholarship is obtained, a student will not be admitted if he is found to have created a criminal offense in the past. The free LPN programs in Massachusetts is a great way to start a new career but it still requires dedication, perseverance and hard work to succeed.

North Shore Community College

North Shore Community College is one of the colleges in Massachusetts that offer scholarship programs for aspiring License Practical Nurses. The scholarship programs are available at their financial aid office or at their Campus Development Offices. Various donors made the scholarship possible, thus it is only given to students who qualify for the program. Interested applicants have to submit their application no later than March. Letters of recommendation are needed as well. Successful applicants can enjoy free LPN programs until they finish and get certified. Books, uniforms and other medical supplies may be covered, but it still depends on the type of scholarship obtained.

Mariln Professional Scholarship Award

Mariln Professional Scholarship Award is only given to students who are residents of Massachusetts for four years or more. This scholarship can be used at any colleges or universities in Massachusetts, provided that students are currently enrolled in an LPN degree. Individuals who are interested for the program should ensure to meet the requirements including the minimum grades and criminal background check. Students can be eligible for Mariln Professional Scholarship Award only if they are enrolled in an LPN degree full time and completed four months or more in the program. They should also show perseverance and a great deal of success in their LPN career in order to be considered for the scholarship.

Nursing Scholarship – Campus RN

Nursing Scholarship is a type of scholarship available to nursing students. Individuals who want to apply should have a profile in CampusRN and complete the application in order to be considered. An essay must be written by all applicants and it should provide the best reasons why you deserved to be granted for scholarship. The Nursing Scholarship program is made possible by several donors who wanted to help aspiring Licensed Practical Nurses in Massachusetts. Since it is not available for everyone, applicants have to show their competence and desire to be one of their student scholars. Those who are considered for the scholarship program will be asked to provide additional information and letters of recommendation.

Blue Hills Regional Technical School

Students who are under the Workforce Investment Act can enroll at Blue Hills Regional Technical School for a Licensed Practical Nursing degree. The institution accepts WIA scholars and provides the same mode of training to regular students. Students who are under the WIA can enjoy free of charge education and excellent education at Blue Hills Regional Technical School. They will go through a combined classroom education and clinical training in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills of a Licensed Practical Nurse. However, students under Workforce Investment Act should inquire at the school’s admission office first in order to determine if the LPN degree is covered with this kind of program.

Berkshire Community College

Berkshire Community College works with the Workforce Investment Act in order to provide the residents of Massachusetts an opportunity to study a free of charge Licensed Practical Nursing degree. The WIA covers the costs of tuition and fees, uniforms, medical supplies and monthly allowances. Students who successfully obtain the scholarship can take the LPN program and finish it in four semesters. The LPN degree of Berkshire Community College is competitive and requires the students to uphold a high level of professionalism and communication skills. They also have excellent facilities and well-experienced clinical instructors thus, graduates become competent and ready for the certification exam.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College also participates with the Workforce Investment Act. Individuals who were able to obtain this opportunity can enrol at this institution and take the Licensed Practical Nursing program. Greenfield Community College provides quality education to aspiring LPN’s who want to work in the healthcare field. They offer a combined classroom lecture and clinical training, which allows the students to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. Individuals who are under the Workforce Investment Act should see the financial aid officer of the school to aid their enrolment for the LPN training.