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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Maine

CNA Classes in Maine

Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse is a great way to have a stable and fulfilling career. The healthcare field has ongoing vacancies for LPN’s because of the increasing demand of nursing services from people at different ages. In fact, some of the long term care facilities are expanding and accommodating more Licensed Practical Nurses to provide care to seniors in need of daily assistance and company. Moreover, Licensed Practical Nurses receive a higher wage than other professionals. They even enjoy a good pay and a sense of fulfillment at the same time. So individuals who are considering a career in the healthcare field can take an LPN program to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in the state of Maine.

Nowadays, there are a lot of free LPN programs in Maine. This is made possible by the government and other private agencies in order to entice potential individuals to work in the healthcare field. Despite the growing number of vacancies for LPN’s, only few people are added to the healthcare team, probably because of the challenges of the profession and the cost that it would take to undergo an LPN program. Thus to solve this problem, several free LPN programs in Maine are made available for those who qualify. This can be obtained from government offices, schools, or healthcare facilities. Interested individuals simply have to know the requirements of the program and wait to be shortlisted.

Central Maine Community College

Central Maine Community College is an ACEN accredited institution that provides a comprehensive LPN program for individuals who want to work in hospitals, clinics, convalescent centers and physician’s offices. The LPN program can only take a year to finish, with a combination of classroom lecture, laboratory skills training and clinical rotation. Students in the program will be trained by the school’s qualified and well-experienced instructors. They will also have the chance to take the certification exam and become qualified. However, for individuals who cannot sustain their LPN education can seek scholarship programs through the school’s admission’s office or financial grant office. The free LPN programs in Maine is only limited to a number of scholars per school year so only those who qualify will be given the chance to take the program for free, but there are still a number of options available for individuals who want to avail a scholarship LPN program.

Kennebec Valley Community College

Kennebec Valley Community College offers a campus based and online based LPN program. Individuals who like the traditional way of teaching can enrol at their campus and undergo classroom lectures, laboratory skills training and clinical experiences. For those who are currently employed or who live far from the vicinity of the school, they can enrol for an online LPN program. The online program has a clinical rotation after the concepts or modules were discussed. However, free LPN programs are still available at Kennebec Valley Community College, especially those who cannot suffice for their education. The free education can either be an academic scholarship program or a program from the government such as the Workforce Investment Act. Students who want to avail this scholarship should follow the guidelines of the program and be able to qualify for the requirements in order to be granted with financial assistance. They also need to maintain good grades during the classroom lectures and satisfactory performance in their clinical rotation.

Eastern Maine Community College

One of the providers of LPN programs is the Eastern Maine Community College. This small size institution provides a comprehensive Licensed Practical Nursing degree for individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. The good thing about this community college is it provides a personalized attention to students compared to other schools. Their small size allows them to monitor their students and teach them in a small number, which is vital for their certification exam and professional career. Individuals who are under a scholarship program can seek for assistance at the school’s admissions office. They can enjoy a free LPN program and some of them have financial assistance on their uniforms, books and medical supplies. They simply have to update the school on their scholarship and ensure that they are qualified for such free LPN program.

Northern Maine Community College

Northern Maine Community College also offers a hands-on LPN program to interested individuals. The good thing about the training program is it allows students to explore and experience the life of a Licensed Practical Nurse as the institution provides a combined classroom lecture and clinical experiences in an accredited healthcare facility. The program lasts for one year and students who completed it will be qualified for the certification. Northern Maine Community College offers the best facility and staff to make the LPN program successful. Student who want to avail scholarships can apply at the school’s admissions office and submit the requirements needed. Depending on the type of scholarship, Northern Maine Community College ensures that recipients of the scholarship will enjoy their education at the institution. Aside from having great instructors, they also have a learning environment that is conducive for training and skills enhancement. Students just have to complete the program and be able to maintain good performance all throughout the LPN education.

Intercoast Career Institute

Intercoast Career Institute is located in South Portland and offers a year of Licensed Practical Nursing education. The LPN program has flexible class schedules, allowing the students to choose between daytime classes or evening classes. Students who cannot commit a daytime class schedule can enrol for an evening class. This is a good opportunity for them to cater other concerns such as family or daytime jobs. Intercoast Career Institute understands the need for some students to work while undergoing the program. Thus, they also offer financial aid assistance to individuals who qualify. In order to obtain one of the free LPN programs in Maine, particularly in this institution, applicants should show a capacity to complete the program with good grades. They should also meet the requirements of the scholarship in order to enjoy the free education. Nevertheless, students under a scholarship program should make it a point to finish the degree in order to be qualified for the certification exam.