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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Louisiana

CNA Classes in Louisiana

An LPN program is a good choice for people who wanted to be employed in the healthcare field. Several healthcare facilities are now hiring LPN’s because of the increasing demand and lesser supply of Licensed Practical Nurses in the state of Louisiana. If you want to have a well compensating job, considering this career is a great help. However, the LPN programs are expensive and it takes years to finish it.

In order to attract more applicants for the program, several schools and healthcare companies are offering free LPN programs in Louisiana. Interested individuals are advised to search for scholarship programs within their locality. They can use or other online sources in order to filter the right institutions offering LPN scholarship programs. There are also some schools and healthcare facilities providing free LPN programs in Louisiana, in exchange with a return service for 1 to 2 years. Individuals who want to gamble with this kind of scholarship can apply and get employed after receiving the certification. However, getting into this free LPN program also requires screening process. Since they are going to employ their scholars after some time, they need students who have the potential to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and who can sustain the demands of the profession.

Licensed Practical Nurses have stable careers ahead of them. Since a lot of healthcare facilities are in need of LPN’s, the unemployment rate of these professionals is low. Thus, if you want to take advantage in the free LPN programs in Louisiana, you can search and apply at any schools or healthcare facilities in the state. Know what they require to allow you to get the scholarship. If it is not possible for you to get the available free LPN program, try to seek to another facility or institution offering such kind of program.

Peter Gili Scholarship

Peter Gili Scholarship is offered through a website named Students who are interested for the scholarship program can apply and submit three letters of recommendation along with a one or two page essay describing their intent to study. Peter Gili Scholarship is open for individuals having medical disability. They just need to provide a medial form that confirms their disability in order to be considered for the application process. The scholarship program is a great opportunity to avail free of charge LPN program in Louisiana. Applicants have to show their willingness, determination, hard work and achievements in order to be awarded with the scholarship program.

Delgado Community College – Go Grant

The Go Grant of Delgado Community College is a type of scholarship program that aims to help non-traditional students with their expenses in the LPN degree. It has been existent for five years and is still providing scholarships to students who quality. The program provides $5,000 of financial assistance per year, which is a great help to lessen the cost of the LPN education. Interested applicants have to apply at the financial aid office of the college and meet the minimum requirements of the program. The Go Grant scholarship program is only provided to a limited number of students thus, applicants have to show their interest and dedication to their college education.

The Women’s Independence Scholarship

The Women’s Independence Scholarship program is a program for women who survived from an abusive relationship and who plans to improve their lives. This program provides financial assistance in their college education and is a great way to become a Licensed Practical Nurse without paying anything. Applicants of the program have to prove that they have gone through an abusive relationship and should have been separated from their spouse for at least one year or more. They must also show that they plan to improve their lives.

Nunez Community College

Individuals who have obtained a Workforce Investment Act Assistance can pursue their college education at Nunez Community College. The institution provides a wide range of degree programs including the Licensed Practical Nursing degree. The LPN program is considered to be an accelerated program that allows graduates to work as a Licensed Practical Nurse or pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Scholars under the Workforce Investment Act Assistance can enjoy free of charge education for 12 months of study, with breaks throughout the year. They will also have the chance to be trained with the best instructors in the institution with exposures in the clinical and community settings.

Central Louisiana Technical College

The Central Louisiana Technical College is also one of the institutions in Louisiana that caters students who are under the Workforce Investment Act. Individuals who are privileged to be in this kind of program can enjoy free LPN training all throughout the Louisiana Technical College System. Like any other students, they will go through series of classroom lectures, laboratory training and clinical rotations. Students will also be trained under the best clinical instructors of the college. To apply for the scholarship program, interested individuals are advised to inquire at the school’s financial aid office and submit the requirements needed to be considered.

Delta College of Arts and Technology

Delta College of Arts and Technology is also a provider of Workforce Investment Act. Individuals who were granted with this kind of scholarship can enrol themselves at Delta College of Arts and Technology and take a Licensed Practical Nursing degree. The school provides a good training environment for individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. The LPN program can be taken in the morning or evening, and students can finish the degree in 15 to 24 months.

Job Corps Carville

Job Corps is also a great venue to avail free LPN programs in Louisiana. They provide financial assistance to those who want to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, along with a monthly allowance, uniforms and medical supplies. Interested applicants have to be high school graduates and who are not capable to finance their college education. They can apply at specific locations in Louisiana including New Orleans, Shreveport and Carville.