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CNA Training & Classes | November 15, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in South Dakota

CNA Classes in South Dakota

There has been demand for nursing assistants in South Dakota because of the aging population and the fact that fewer individuals are choosing this career path. Fulfilling this need is a great solution to lower unemployment, given with thousands of fresh graduates, single parents, the underemployed and those who want to shift to a new career. Aside from stable employment, becoming a CNA is also a well-paying job. The profession receives more than average annual pay, and CNAs enjoy paid holiday, health insurance, career growth, and many others perks.

If you want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant in South Dakota, there are several institutions from which to choose. You can take a course through a vocational school, community college, university or healthcare facility like a nursing home or hospital. You can also apply for scholarships and low-cost training from any approved facility. You must pass the screening process and complete the requirements demanded. This will give you a higher chance of admission, especially if you choose to be hired right after passing the certification exam. Review the schools and nursing homes below to help you earn certification through their training programs.

Institutions with Low Cost & Free CNA Classes in South Dakota:

Good Samaritan Center

The Good Samaritan Center of Deuel County provides a free nursing assistant training program to individuals who wish to have a better career in the state of South Dakota. This kind of program is a great help to unemployed and underemployed people who cannot find a stable job and who have the passion to serve others in the healthcare field. The course has 108 hours of training lessons including lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experience. Graduates of this program can sit for the certification exam provided by the State Nurse Aide Registry. Students who want to obtain a free CNA training program can submit an application at the facility’s human resources department. Applicants are screened based on their credentials, financial capability and commitment to finish the program with excellent performance in both the academic and clinical aspects of the CNA training.

American Red Cross – Black Hills Chapter

The American Red Cross-Black Hills Chapter offers a nursing assistant training course to individuals who wish to become a CNA in a few weeks. Classes are held in the morning and evening. Students who want to take the program during the day can complete the entire course in two weeks while those who prefer evening classes can finish in five weeks. Students of the program are required to do job shadowing at Golden Living Center. The approximate cost of the program is $310, but scholarships and grants can be used to lessen the expense. Interested individuals applying for a scholarship program should make sure to meet the criteria. These scholarships provide financial assistance to deserving candidates who cannot fund their CNA training.

Western Dakota Technical Institute

Western Dakota Technical Institute is offering CNA classes in the state of South Dakota. Individuals who want to become nursing assistants can take the course and sit for the certification exam. The course includes lecture sessions, skills training, and clinical experience. Students can choose either a day schedule or an evening class, whichever is preferred. However, the training program on the day schedule is much faster. The certification exam follows after completing the program including a clinical rotation in an approved healthcare facility. Students with financial hardship can apply for a scholarship at the school’s financial aid office. Most of these programs help full-time CNA students fund their training including their expenses for uniforms, medical supplies, books, and other costs.

Tekakwitha Nursing Center

Free CNA classes in South Dakota can be obtained from Tekakwitha Nursing Center. Since the healthcare institution is in need of nursing assistants, they are providing free CNA classes in exchange for employment for several months. Individuals offered this training program are privileged to become a nursing assistant without paying. They will be trained in the necessary knowledge and skills of the profession and will be prepared for the certification exam. During the training, everything is provided including uniforms, training allowances and supplies. Candidates of the free training program should demonstrate excellence in both the academic and clinical aspects of the practice. These individuals have to maintain good grades throughout the program as part of the scholarship agreement. They also must accept the job offer or will be asked to pay the entire cost of the training.

Custer Regional Senior Care

Custer Regional Senior Care has both paid and free CNA classes in South Dakota for interested individuals. The training often leads to direct employment, so applicants have to be qualified to work with older adults. It includes classroom lectures, skills training and clinical rotations in the facility. A Registered Nurse or a Certified Nursing Assistant will supervise the students during the program, and they will be guided step by step through the instruction. The good thing about the training program is that it involves an opportunity to pursue a career in the healthcare field while becoming fulfilled by improving the lives of older adults. Additionally, it allows graduates to secure a well-compensating job with excellent employment benefits. The free CNA training at Custer Regional Senior Care takes place any time of the year, depending on the availability of CNA positions.

Lake Andes Healthcare Center

Another option for getting free CNA classes in South Dakota is by taking the CNA training program at Lake Andes Healthcare Center. It is quite a privilege to work in their facility and become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The course is similar to other CNA classes except that the institution provides more hands-on experience to students. Lectures and laboratory training are provided, and each student must complete the required training hours before taking the certification exam. This exam is scheduled after the entire course is completed. Lake Andes Healthcare Center is an excellent place to jumpstart work in a healthcare facility without spending much. Interested applicants have to meet the necessary requirements of the program and submit the required documents to the institution’s human resources department.

Bennett County Hospital & Nursing Home

Bennett County Hospital & Nursing Home offers a free CNA training program to residents of South Dakota who want to work as nursing assistants in various healthcare settings. The program covers weeks of classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice. Qualified candidates will go through a rigorous training program with supervision from a clinical preceptor. The program aims to prepare candidates for the certification exam and future employment at Bennett County Hospital & Nursing Home. Getting admission to the free CNA training program requires interested candidates to be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They will undergo a physical exam and criminal background check. The program also requires students to work in the facility for a specified period in exchange for the free nursing assistant course. Books, manuals, supplies, uniforms and training allowances are provided to qualified candidates. Individuals who pass the certification exam are offered a job contract and an excellent compensation package.

Boxelder Job Corp Center

The Boxelder Job Corp Center provides a no-cost career program like CNA training to candidates who can meet the eligibility criteria. Residents in South Dakota between sixteen and twenty-four are qualified for the program. Boxelder Job Corp Center will train all students to become Certified Nursing Assistants. They will provide all the necessary items needed by every student including uniforms, textbooks, manuals, medical supplies, and a training allowance. Students are required to stay at the center during the training program. The CNA program of Boxelder Job Corp Center takes a couple of weeks to complete. Students in the course are expected to perform well in both the academic and clinical aspects of the training. Although these individuals have no background in the healthcare field, they will be trained by the best instructors with excellent experience in the nursing profession.

Lake Area Technical Institute

Lake Area Technical Institute offers an affordable CNA training program in South Dakota. The program combines classroom lectures with laboratory training and hands-on clinical practice. Students undergo classroom instruction within the center and clinical practice at Jenkins Living Center. Lake Area Technical Institute has been offering various nursing programs to potential healthcare providers. The CNA training program is provided by expert clinical instructors who have years of experience in the nursing profession. Students experience a rigorous training program which equips them for the certification exam and future employment. Despite the demanding class schedules and hands-on clinical practice, these individuals will be transformed into skilled and job-ready nursing assistants. A free CNA training program at Lake Area Technical Institute can be obtained at the financial aid office. Several scholarships provide financial assistance to CNAs in need with excellent academic grades. However, the application process is quite competitive because of the limited number of selected recipients.

Jenkins Living Center

Jenkins Living Center is offering a paid CNA training to qualified applicants. The program aims to help qualified candidates secure a stable job with excellent compensation. Residents who want to apply for the CNA training should be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Unemployed individuals and those who have graduated from a non-nursing discipline are welcome to apply as long as they agree to work in the facility for a specified period. The number of qualified candidates for the CNA training program depends on the number of positions available for nursing assistants. Accepted applicants go through weeks of lectures, laboratory training, and clinical practice. These individuals are provided with uniforms, books, manuals, supplies, and training allowance. They are given a job contract after passing the certification exam. Jenkins Living Center is a great environment to work in, particularly for new Certified Nursing Assistants. Interested parties can submit their application at the facility’s human resources department.

Bethel Lutheran Home

Bethel Lutheran Home provides a free CNA class to individuals who want to become a part of the healthcare team. No money is asked from qualified candidates, but rather a specified period of return service is expected. Nevertheless, the free CNA training program is an excellent opportunity to obtain a degree in healthcare, while getting a stable career within Bethel Lutheran Home. Typically, candidates trained to become nursing assistants are offered a job contract after passing the certification exam. Since the program can be finished in a few weeks, these individuals get employment right away. Bethel Lutheran Home offers an excellent compensation package to their CNAs, including employment benefits. To apply for the free CNA course, interested persons have to be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a clean criminal record and no communicable disease. Applicants are screened based on their qualifications and submitted credentials.

Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services

Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services is one of the most reliable options for a free CNA class. Residents of South Dakota who want to become a part of the growing healthcare team can submit an application at the facility’s human resource department. Applicants who meet the criteria of the program are invited to a free training program, but they have to be willing to work at Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services for a specified period. These qualified candidates are provided with the necessary things they need including uniforms, books, manuals, and medical supplies. They are also given a training allowance for the entire program. The free CNA class integrates several nursing concepts and skills training which students can use in the certification exam and nursing assistant practice. Clinical instructors will make sure that these individuals are prepared and well-equipped to serve patients with various medical needs.