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CNA Training & Classes | January 20, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in South Carolina

CNA Classes in South Carolina

Jobs in South Carolina are becoming scarce because of the bad economy. Even though the government is taking action, still, people cannot get a job immediately. Thus, they are recommending the unemployed and job seekers to try other opportunities. In the healthcare field, several Certified Nursing Assistants are greatly needed. This kind of profession does not require any college credits as long as the individual is a high school graduate and completed the CNA training program. Passing the certification exam is also a necessity because the state wants to regulate all professional jobs. Therefore, if you take the CNA training program, it can be a career changing opportunity to be with the sick and healthy people while earning a good amount of salary.

South Carolina has a lot of schools and healthcare institutions offering CNA classes. The cost may vary, but some of them are providing free or low-cost training. Anyone wishing to take the program should ensure to pass the necessary requirements to gain admission. Some nursing homes and hospitals with this free CNA classes in South Carolina are providing employment right after that is why they seek for individuals who are fit for work. Take some time searching for the best institution and know whether you can get free classes, scholarships or grants.

Institutions with Free CNA Classes in South Carolina:

Trident Technical College

Trident Technical College has a nursing assistant program that costs $799. Students who cannot afford the tuition fee can get scholarships or grants from their financial aid office, depending on the availability and qualifications of the individual. Most of the time, the technical college looks for students who are facing a financial struggle and who cannot fund their CNA education. They also take into consideration the academic performance of an interested candidate. However, once an applicant is approved for a scholarship, he or she has to excel in both aspects of the training like a classroom and clinical training. The program includes 70 hours of classroom instruction and 50 hours of clinical rotation. Students in this program will have to complete the program before they can sit for the certification exam. They also have to ensure that they are physically capable and clean from any criminal offenses to gain admission.

Technical College of the Low Country

The Technical College of the Low Country offers Allied Health courses including a CNA classes in South Carolina. Individuals who enrolled in this kind of program will go through classroom lectures and laboratory training before the clinical rotation. Once they get into the clinical rotation, they will be assigned an actual patient of a long term care facility so they can provide primary care and enhance their skills. The certification exam usually follows after completing the program. However, the tuition fee for the program is $740 excluding the certification exam fee. Scholarships and grants can be availed for those who cannot afford to pay the entire program cost. These scholarships can be obtained at the school’s financial aid office. There will be different requirements needed for students getting this kind of opportunity since the technical college often evaluates the financial capacity and academic track record of potential candidates. However, it is a great privilege to undergo a nursing assistant training program at no cost.

Professional Medical Training Center

The Professional Medical Training Center is providing a refresher class for nursing assistants who had an expired license or those who have finished the full training program but failed to appear on a certification exam. Taking this program is an excellent opportunity to know the profession and pass the certification exam of the state. Typically, it will take a few weeks to finish, but students in the program will undergo numerous lectures and skills training. They will be trained by a Registered Nurse so they can practice what they learned and be guided by the concepts and principles that will potentially appear on the certification exam. Free CNA classes are also offered at Professional Medical Training Center. This is quite different from a refresher course because students in a full CNA training program will go through a rigorous classroom lecture and hands-on clinical practice. These individuals will be trained to become equipped for the certification exam and employment opportunities in various healthcare settings.

Envision Healthcare Training LLC

The Envision Healthcare Training LLC provides 80 hours of training for those who wanted to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in South Carolina. The program includes classroom instructions and hands-on clinical experience in their approved healthcare facility. Individuals who will take the program should ensure to prepare $525 for the training cost, but a scholarship or grant can be obtained anytime by qualified candidates. These scholarships are usually granted to financially challenged individuals. Thus, students in this kind of situation have greater chances of receiving financial assistance. Meanwhile, the program allows people to learn the skills and concepts that the profession requires. Upon completing the program, students have to do their best to pass the certification exam to become a CNA and work in any healthcare facility. The Envision Healthcare Training LLC will ensure to help aspiring nursing assistants achieve their academic and professional goals. Other than having the best instructors, they also provide a conducive environment for professional growth.

Northeastern Technical College

The CNA training program of Northeastern Technical College lasts for four and a half weeks for day classes and fifteen weeks for night classes. Students can choose any of these options in order to sit for the certification exam, but all the state qualifications should be passed beforehand. Students will have to complete 60 hours of classroom studies and another 60 hours of clinical instruction. A Registered Nurse will supervise them and be able to learn different nursing skills they need for the profession. If they completed the program, they would be assisted for the certification exam. Scholarships and grants are also available for those who wished to take free CNA classes in South Carolina. This is often limited to some people per training session. So, interested candidates have to meet the qualifications to be considered for the program. The scholarship program usually provides financial assistance to deserving students who are struggling to finish the course because of their economic status.

Paxen Learning Corporation

Paxen Learning Corporation is helping several residents in South Carolina to secure a stable career in the healthcare field. The organization provides tuition assistance to deserving candidates who demonstrate financial need and excellence in their academics. Interested applicants have to meet certain requirements to qualify for the program. Candidates have to be a resident of South Carolina and should be currently enrolled in a CNA training program at any university or college in the state. Paxen Learning Corporation will cover all the tuition costs, but the qualified candidates must shoulder state exam fees, uniforms, books, and other related supplies. Nevertheless, the organization aims to produce more nursing assistants in South Carolina and help several unemployed individuals to secure a stable and well-compensating job. Qualified candidates have to maintain excellent performance in all aspects of the training, including classroom and clinical experiences. The financial assistance obtained from Paxen Learning Corporation is an opportunity to study at no cost.

Georgetown Healthcare and Rehabilitation

Georgetown Healthcare and Rehabilitation sponsors free CNA training programs to candidates interested in a nursing career. The program aims to produce newly Certified Nursing Assistants who can work in the facility for a specified period. This would mean that interested applicants have to be willing to work at Georgetown Healthcare and Rehabilitation. Otherwise, these individuals taking the free program will have to pay the entire cost of the training. The CNA training program of this institution is a combined classroom lecture and clinical practice. Qualified candidates go through hours of classroom lectures to know various nursing concepts applicable to the nursing assistant practice. After the lectures, a laboratory training and hands-on clinical practice will follow. All the candidates have to perform well in both aspects of the practice. A job contract is usually offered after passing the certification exam, which takes place right after completing the program. Applicants of the free CNA training program of Georgetown Healthcare and Rehabilitation can submit their application to the facility’s human resource department.

South Carolina Department of Mental Health

The South Carolina Department of Mental Health is conducting a 120-hour CNA training program at C.M. Tucker, Jr. Nursing Care Center. Individuals interested in the program can submit an application at the facility’s human resource department. The program covers both classroom lectures and clinical training. Qualified candidates will learn various concepts applicable to the CNA profession. Topics discussed are anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, activities of daily living, nutrition, and many others. The lectures will be followed by laboratory training and hands-on clinical practice. Candidates at this point will be supervised by a clinical preceptor who is a licensed health care provider. The CNA training program of South Carolina Department of Mental Health can be obtained all year round, depending on its availability. Interested applicants should be at least 18 years old or above, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They will also be required to undergo a physical exam and criminal background check as part of the requirements for the CNA training and certification exam.

Project Hope

The Project Hope is financially supported by ACF in the United States Department of HHS. Low income and economically weak students are welcome to apply for the free CNA training program offered by this organization. Candidates who are part of a foster care system or those who receive SNAP or TANF benefits in South Carolina are eligible for the free CNA training sponsored by Project Hope. Qualified candidates can apply at any nursing schools where a CNA training program is provided. The program begins with classroom lectures, which is then followed by a laboratory training and culminates with clinical practice. It prepares these individuals for the certification exam and potential employment in any health care facilities. Students in this program receive full tuition cost coverage, but other related expenses like uniforms, books, and medical supplies are not free. Requirements of the scholarship program must be completed before the selection process starts.

Fountain Inn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Fountain Inn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has been offering free CNA classes to residents of South Carolina. Due to the increasing shortage of nursing assistants, the facility offers a no cost training program for potential CNAs. The program is equally the same with other CNA programs offered by universities and colleges. Students go through hours of classroom lectures, then followed by a laboratory training, and ends with a hands-on clinical practice. These individuals will be supervised by clinical instructors of the facility who are licensed health care providers with vast experience in the clinical field. The CNA training program of Fountain Inn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center aims to help several unemployed residents in the state including students who just graduated from high school.  Since it is offered for free, interested applicants have to be willing to work in the facility for a specified period. The agreement must be clear beforehand. Otherwise, these individuals will be asked to pay for the free CNA training expenses.