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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Sacramento

Free CNA Classes in Sacramento

The California Department of Education is responsible for managing CNA training that takes place within the state of California. To qualify for certification, the applicant must be a minimum of sixteen years of age. In California, there are a variety of training providers ranging from vocational schools, high schools, community colleges, training programs and nursing homes.  To enroll in a nurse’s aide training program, the applicant will take a TB skin test, undergo a physical examination and a criminal background check.  Based on federal law in California, all CNAs must complete 75 hours of training while state law mandates 150 hours of training including lectures and clinical experience.

Horizons College of Health Science

The Horizons College of Health and Science is a facility that trains students for CNA certification and prepares them to work in a long-term healthcare facility. The intense training is approximately 150 hours including 50 hours of classroom preparation and 100 hours of labs and clinical experience in a long-term care facility. Students are required to attend classes from Mondays through Fridays and finish the training within 21 days. Those who choose to take the weekend course must complete the training in 10.5 weeks. The course covers a broad spectrum of topics ranging from taking vital signs, observation and reporting, bathing procedures, death and dying to emergency health procedures, patient nutrition, and more The cost for the program is $1052 including uniforms, ID, class outline, and registration and STRF fees. Scholarships and financial aid grants can be obtained at the school’s financial aid office to lower the cost of the CNA program. However, these opportunities are often limited and applicants are therefore carefully screened based on their suitability for sponsorship.

Kash Career College

Kash Career College offers morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes to prepare students for a career as a CNA. This fast-track program can be completed in just 19 days. There are other training schedules that run from 25 days to 9.5 weekends. The course is conducted by professionals who provide clinical, and classroom training to students to prepare them to interact with patients, observe them and attend to their needs, and provide high-quality care. The tuition ranges from $995 and includes books, uniforms, name badge, gait belt, and registration fee. Students who wished to undergo free CNA training can visit the college’ financial aid office and apply for a scholarship or grant. Various programs and sponsors are willing to cover the tuition cost of a CNA student, but applicants will have to fulfill certain requirements. Students granted a scholarship should have excellent grades in the classroom instruction and clinical training.

SacMed Training

SacMed Training is a facility that prepares individuals to take the CNA evaluation exam. After the completion of the course, graduates can obtain the essential knowledge required to address the needs of patients and residents in healthcare facilities. The clinical and classroom training takes a total of 150 hours of 50 hours of classroom lectures, followed by clinical rotations conducted in a nursing facility.  The training is carried out by skilled instructors who cover the course content through lectures, detailed demonstrations and hands-on knowledge in a clinical type setting. The cost for the training is $1070 including fees, books and fingerprinting. Registration for the course is $85. You can ask about financial aid and many training centers offer free CNA classes in Sacramento. There are certain requirements for scholarship programs; being granted with such an opportunity allows students to avail themselves of free CNA training.

Curam College of Nursing

Curam College of Nursing is a 150-hour nurse’s assistant training program that meets the requirements put forth by the California Department of Health. The course covers the clinical and theoretical portion of training within approximately 20 days. During the training, the instructors use lectures and live demonstrations to educate students and prepare them for a career as a CNA. At the end of the program, graduates are required to take the state examination offered by the American Red Cross to become a registered CNA. Students can take the exam at the Curam testing facility for a $90 fee. The CNA training program of Curam College of Nursing has tuition, but students who cannot afford to pay for the course can apply for a scholarship and financial aid grants. Funding is usually limited to a few students, but it covers tuition and other related costs of training.

Charles A Jones Career and Education Center

Charles A Jones Career and Education Center provides free CNA classes in Sacramento to individuals so that they can successfully pass the state examination and secure an entry-level position in a hospital, nursing home, or long-term healthcare facility. It is a course in which students can acquire all the training they need in the classroom and a clinical facility. The program comprises infection control, communication, patient nutrition, patient’s rights, death and dying, vital signs and more. To qualify, applicants must have a high school diploma, clean criminal record,TB test and physical examination. The tuition cost is $1890 inclusive of textbooks, scrubs, stethoscope, fingerprinting and a drug test. However, financially-challenged students can apply for scholarship programs to cover the tuition. This funding can be obtained at the school’s financial aid office or from various organizations and agencies sponsoring free CNA classes.

Mary Seacole Nursing Care Training Academy

Mary Seacole’s state accredited program provides affordable training for students seeking a career as a nurse’s aide. Thie 21-day training comprises clinical and class instruction in a nursing facility. Through the course, graduates will acquire all the essential knowledge needed to pass the California Skills Competency examination to become a certified CNA. The topics covered in the program range from body mechanics, taking vital signs, personal care andhandling emergencies to transferring patients, death and dying, etc. At the end of the training, the instructors conduct test preparation and job search procedures that are very effective. The cost is $1,200 for the 150 hours of training plus $60 for the application fee. To apply, one must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid state ID. Applicants must have a physical, showTB clearance and undergo a criminal background check.  It is essential that students wear olive green scrubs and non-skid shoes during the clinical rotations and in the classroom.

Twin Rivers School District Adult School Education

The Twin Rivers School District Adult School Education conducts CNA training programs periodically. The program combines classroom instruction and clinical training, both essential to CNA practice. Individuals interested in the course must be at least a high school graduate with a diploma or GED equivalent. It is also required to undergo a criminal background check and physical examination as part of the entry requirements. The CNA training program makes graduates eligible for the state licensing exam. Students who pass the training and the certification exam are given employment opportunities in Sacramento, particularly in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and clinics,.Twin Rivers School District Adult School Education provides free CNA training to qualified individuals who are financially needy and demonstrate an excellent academic track record. Such scholarship programs are limited, but they do offer a unique opportunity to study a CNA course at no cost. Applicants have to submit the required documents at the school’s financial aid office and wait to be shortlisted.

American River College

The American River College offers a free CNA training program through the help of the American Red Cross in Sacramento. People accepted into the CNA training sponsored by the American Red Cross will take it at the American River College. These individuals will experience a combined format of classroom instruction and laboratory training, which enables them to learn the necessary knowledge and skills of the profession. They are trained by qualified instructors with years of experience in the nursing field. The hands-on clinical training takes place in a local healthcare facility affiliated with the American Red Cross and American River College. Students are supervised by clinical instructors to experience hands-on clinical training designed to teach safe and efficient nursing care to actual patients with different healthcare needs. After completing the program, graduates become eligible to sit for the licensing exam, which allows them to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The CNA training program takes several weeks to complete; hence, becoming a nursing assistant does not take much time. However, students have to perform well in the training as a minimum grade is required to graduate from the course.

San Joaquin Delta College

San Joaquin Delta College offers a nurse’s assistant training program that prepares students with entry-level skills and knowledge to practice as a Certified Nurse Assistant in various long-term care settings. The course is designed to equip them to pass the licensing exam and become a CNA in the state of California. It consist of a ten-week lecture program with clinical components that take place at the college and in an affiliated healthcare facility, with supervision from a licensed instructor. To enroll in the program, students must meet the program requirements of San Joaquin Delta College including a high school diploma or GED equivalent, physical examination, criminal background check and fingerprinting. Full-time students who wish to avail a free CNA course can visit the school’s financial aid office for scholarship opportunities. These programs usually cover the cost of tuition, but it may not pay for related expenses such as books, uniforms, medical supplies, and the certification exam fee. The scholarship programs entitle students to take the CNA program for free, but they are limited and requires students to be financially challenged and academically excellent.

Golden Living Training Center

If you are prepared to explore a rewarding career in the nursing profession, Golden Living Training Center offers a free Certified Nurse Assistant program to qualified individuals. The training program will help you take your career aspirations to the next level. There is no previous experience or college diploma required to enroll. As long as you are at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma and capable of comprehending, communicating, writing, and reading English, you are qualified to enter the selection process. Applicants of the free CNA program must attend the class regularly and demonstrate dedication and a willingness to study hard. Graduates are qualified to sit for the state licensing exam to be able to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Selected candidates of the free CNA training program can choose their schedules, but classes normally require a full-time commitment, which includes classes five days a week. Completing the course and meeting the grade requirements are important to earn a certificate after the training program.

NorthBay Nursing Institute

NorthBay Nursing Institute provides a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that allows graduates to work as a qualified CNA in a healthcare facilities. The school strives for excellence in producing nursing assistants who are knowledgeable, skillful, and caring individuals willing to make a difference in someone else’s life. It also aims to assist financially-challenged students who want to become a nursing assistant but are not capable of paying the tuition and related costs. The CNA training program can be completed in 21 or 32 days, depending on the type of commitment made. The school offers affordable payment plans to CNA students, and scholarship programs are also available to allow needy applicants secure free training. Finishing the program makes graduates eligible for the state licensing exam. However, every student must complete the training and meet the minimum grade requirement to graduate from the course. Graduating from NorthBay Nursing Institute not only provides eligibility to start a career as a nursing assistant, but it also prepares students to become a qualified healthcare provider in Sacramento.

Fairfield-Suisun Adult School

The CNA training program of Fairfield-Suisun Adult School is a well-recognized 250-hour course that covers basic nursing concepts and skills, with comprehensive classroom instruction and guided clinical training in a local healthcare facility. The California Department of Health Services approves this course and graduates can take the state licensing exam after completing the program successfully. Due to the high demand for the CNA program in Fairfield-Suisun Adult School, interested applicants are advised to register early and submit the documents required. The CNA training program is quickly filled by students from different backgrounds and experiences because of the stable career provided. Certified Nursing Assistants are greatly needed in various facilities including hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Students who cannot afford to pay for the course can apply for scholarship programs to help them secure a free CNA training in Sacramento. Interviews and exams will be conducted before the training program. Thus, applicants have to show the best of their capabilities to be considered. It is also mandatory for selected candidates to attend an orientation and perform well in both the classroom and clinical aspects of the training.

List of All the State Approved CNA Classes in Sacramento

Sacramento, CAAmerican Red Cross1565 Exposition Blvd707-577-7611
Sacramento, CAAmerican River College4700 College Oak Dr.916-484-8176
Sacramento, CACenterpointe Learning Institute7917 Bruceville Road916-662-9408
Sacramento, CACharles A Jones Career & Education Center5441 Lemon Hill Avenue916-433-2600
Sacramento, CACuram College Of Nursing6520 44th Street #312916-669-8400
Sacramento, CAKash Career College1333 Howe Avenue Suite 100916-978-0700
Sacramento, CAMary Seacole Nursing Care Training Academy7500 Elsie Ave. Ste.103916-525-5179
Sacramento, CASacmed Training3443 Ramona Ave, Ste 25916-226-5427
Sacramento, CASacramento County Elk Grove Adult/valley8401 B Gerber Road916-686-7709
Sacramento, CASacramento Job Corp.3100 Meadowview Road916-394-0770
Sacramento, CASeeds College Of Sacramento2251 Florin Road Suite 12916-267-0271
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