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CNA Training & Classes | March 23, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Riverside CA

Free CNA Classes in Riverside CA

Certified Nursing Assistants are one of the greatest assets in the healthcare field. They are often called as the primary caregivers because they give primary nursing interventions to patients like bathing, feeding, grooming and many others. The way to become a nursing assistant is through a certain program offered at different schools and healthcare institutions. If you do not have the necessary funds for this program, there are free CNA classes in Riverside, California which you can take and complete to become eligible for the licensing exam. These classes will teach you how to become a qualified nursing assistant and the concepts behind every nursing skills performed. Just go through these institutions and see how you can start enrolling with the free CNA classes in Riverside, California.

Glen Oaks College

Glen Oaks College is offering a nursing assistant training program that can be completed in three months. Graduate of the training program will earn a certificate on HHA and Restorative Nurse Assistant with an additional three weeks of study. The curriculum of the program prepares the students for their California Certification exam. Course topics that will be discussed are patient rights, patient care procedures, body mechanics, vital signs, weight and measurements, emergency procedures and rehabilitative nursing. Students will also learn various skills on medical and surgical asepsis, charting and assessment, prevention management and handling death and dying. Applicants of the program have to be 18 years old or above with a high school diploma or GED. They need to pass the entrance aptitude test and be physically and mentally healthy to be fit for the job. Tuition cost is $1,850 with extra fees for uniform, textbooks and state certification, but scholarship programs can be availed for those who qualify.

Just Harmony Nursing Services

Just Harmony Nursing Services is one of the non-profitable organizations that offers a number of allied health programs including the nursing assistant training program. This kind of course prepares the students for their role in the healthcare field, and it allows them to be equipped in the certification exam. The program gives emphasis on direct patient care to residents or patients in hospitals and long term care facilities. Students will be able to acquire a number of nursing skills through the combined didactic lectures, clinical experience and hands-on laboratory. Course topics include critical thinking, resident comfort, anatomy, physiology, restorative care, recording and reporting of data, cultural sensitivity, death and dying, and communication skills. Once the program is completed, graduates will have an opportunity to take the certification exam. Scholarships and financial grants can also be obtained depending on the slots available.

Platt College

Platt College is offering a nursing assistant training program that comes in several objectives. First, they wanted to equip their students with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to assume the CNA role. Second, they aim to give the students a better understanding on safety and effective communication, resident’s rights and infection control. Third, they also wanted to prepare their students for the state certification exam in order to gain employment later on. Course facilitators will help the students achieve these objectives through hands-on laboratory training, classroom lectures and clinical experiences. Students can also choose a day or evening class, depending on the availability of slots and their convenience. The good thing about Platt College is they offer the training program through a part time or full time study. Part time CNA training program can be completed in 14 weeks while the full time program can be completed in 7 weeks. Applicants have to be 18 years old or above, with a high school diploma or GED. Tuition cost is $995 but students can always apply for scholarship programs or financial grants.

Best American Healthcare University

Best American Healthcare University is also offering three convenient schedules for their nursing assistant training programs. Students can choose a weekday morning schedule which meets from 6:30 to 3:30pm for five weeks while the weekday evening schedule meets from 4:00pm to 9:00 pm for 10 weeks. Meanwhile, the Sunday program allows students to meet from 6:30 to 3:30 pm for five months. Applicants of the program should submit a high school diploma or GED along with their CPR certification, physical examination result and proof of TB testing. An online registration form should be completed in order to start the enrollment process. The tuition cost can range from $1,350 to $1,400. Financial grants are not available at the moment but the school is offering a flexible payment scheme which can be done in five months.

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