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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Plano TX

Free CNA Classes in Plano TX

It is not difficult to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Although the job itself is challenging, you can always take free CNA classes in Plano, Texas offered at different times of the year. Completing a CNA program allows you to qualify for the certification exam to give you an opportunity to secure a stable job in the healthcare field. Note that there is a high unemployment rate in the state. The free CNA classes in Plano, Texas are given on a limited basis, so it is best to apply to gain admission.

Brightside Institute

Brightside Institute is offering a nursing assistant training program that prepares students for the certification exam and employment in a healthcare facility. Students learn the concepts, principles and skills needed to function as an effective entry level healthcare provider. They will undergo hours of classroom instruction, instructor-guided practice in a laboratory setting, and supervised clinical practice. This strategy ensures that students are prepared for the demands of the profession. They will acquire skills over a few weeks of training. Prospective students have to be 18 years old or above, with a high school diploma, a satisfactory criminal background check, a driver’s license and social security card. Brightside Institute is also offering an accelerated weekday classes that meets from Monday through Friday. Tuition is $800 to $900 inclusive of a stethoscope, gait belt and reading materials. Scholarships may cover entry fees but do not include textbooks, the state exam fee and uniforms.

Sira Career Training

Sira Career Training is offering an approved CNA training program for individuals who want to be nursing assistants in the state of Texas. The course can be completed in four weeks, broken into 48 hours of classroom lectures, 40 hours of clinical practice and 12 hours of laboratory work. The curriculum covers the core modules like basic nursing skills, social skills, restorative services, introduction to long-term care, mental health, infection control, resident’s rights, vital signs monitoring and many others. Individuals who have a busy schedule or work commitments can choose their preferred schedule, either a daytime or evening class, depending on the availability of slots. Students in the program will learn various skills and nursing concepts needed in the profession. They will be exposed to different healthcare facilities, allowing them to be ready for the certification exam and employment. Tuition cost is $800 and scholarship programs can be availed to lessen the expenses.

CE Global Health Education Network

CE Global Health Education Network is offering a CNA training program that can be completed in four to five weeks, depending on the student’s chosen class schedule. The instructors put emphasis on safe and effective nursing care to patients while giving them respect and dignity throughout treatment. To gain admission to the program, applicants have to be 18 years old or above, with a high school diploma or GED, driver’s license and social security card, having passed a criminal background check, TB test and physical exam. The program starts with classroom lectures covering the basic nursing principles including infection control, vital signs monitoring, restorative and rehabilitation care, safety and emergency procedure, patient rights, communication, interpersonal relationship and personal hygiene. Over time, students will develop the essential skills for the profession. The day time classes can be finished in five weeks and the weekend classes can in six. Applicants have to pay $200 for the registration, but scholarships and financial aid grants allow for a free CNA course.

Other Schools offering Free CNA Classes in Plano, Texas:

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