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CNA Training & Classes | November 15, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Oregon

CNA Classes in Oregon

Due to the past economic recession, many residents in Oregon are still left jobless. Although the country is recovering and companies are beginning to thrive, the number of unemployed individuals is significant. Thus, residents are advised to consider working in a healthcare institution as this field is growing and requiring more people. Certified nursing assistants are among the in-demand healthcare providers in the state of Oregon. They work alongside nurses; LPN’s and doctors to provide quality care to patients in need of medical services. Luckily, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is not complicated or time consuming. As long as you complete a program from an approved facility and pass the certification exam, you will be immediately registered and become eligible to work as a nursing assistant anywhere in the state.

There are several venues offering the CNA training program. Universities, colleges, community colleges, vocational schools and even some hospitals or nursing homes are providing this course for a specified period. Some of them have an expensive tuition fee while others are low cost and free. Thus, individuals who prefer toobtain free CNA classes in Oregon can inquire at the institutions listed below.

Institutions with Paid & Free CNA Classes in Oregon:

Lane Community College

Lane Community College has a CNA training course that includes 83 hours of classroom and laboratory instruction as well as 75 hours of clinical setting. Students in the program will learn the basic nursing principles and skills to work as a nursing assistant. They will be trained under the supervision of a CNA or a Registered Nurse in a healthcare facility like a nursing home or hospital. Once they finish the program, they will be eligible to sit for the certification exam. The CNA training program at Lane Community College is not free unless you qualify for a scholarship or grant. The scholarship program requires students to be academically excellent and financially needy. This means that potential applicants must demonstrate financial need to be considered. They have to be currently enrolled at Lane Community College and should possess an excellent academic standing in their previous education.

SW Oregon Community College

SW Oregon Community College offers a basic nursing assistant training course. This includes five credit hours of classroom instruction and four credit hours for clinical rotations. Students in the program will experience hands-on training in an approved healthcare facility. They will be taught basic nursing skills like toileting, feeding, bathing, vital signs taking and many others. A Registered Nurse will asupervise to ensure safe care practices during the clinical rotation. The CNA training program in SW Oregon Community College is a great opportunity to sit for the certification exam and work as a nursing assistant in the state. Students interested in a free CNA course can apply at the school’s financial aid office. The scholarship programs often provide partial or full funding for a CNA education. Only selected candidates qualify for this type of opportunity.

Central Oregon Community College

The Central Oregon Community College offers a CNA training course for interested individuals wanting to work in a healthcare facility. However, the college requires  students to apply for admission before they are trained. They need to receive approval from the school to enroll and gain the possibility of becoming a nursing assistant in due time. The program includes classroom instructions, laboratory training, and clinical rotations. Students will learn a broad range of skills to be well equipped for the certification exam and a career in the healthcare field. These individuals will receive adequate knowledge and the skills essential to CNA practice. Nevertheless, students who are looking for a free CNA class must submit an application at the financial aid office. Recipients of the scholarship program are often selected based on their financial status and academic standing. Privileged individuals receive full tuition assistance to finish the nursing assistant training at no cost.

Aidan Senior Living

Aidan Senior Living has free CNA classes in Oregon offered to successful individuals who apply. This usually does not require previous working experience in the healthcare field or a related degree. People will be screened for employment and trained under the management of Aidan Senior Living. They will be taught the basic nursing skills and knowledge needed to pass the certification exam. Once they complete the program, they are usually offered employment for several months or years. Candidates undergoing a free CNA class at Aidan Senior Living are required to work in the facility for a specified period. This is done in exchange for the free training obtained. The free training course is available at the financial aid office. Interested applicants can apply for scholarship programs to lessen the cost of the CNA education. These scholarships will cover partial or full funding.

Marquis Care

The paid and free CNA classes in Oregon at Marquis Care include knowledge-based classroom lectures and skills training in the facility. This usually takes place whenever the facility needs more nursing assistants to care for their patients. Typically, a written exam and interview will be conducted before admission. They will screen the applicants because they offer employment once the certification exam has been passed. A Registered Nurse or a Certified Nursing Assistant will supervise the students during the clinical rotations, who are expecgted to complete a specified number of hours for lectures and clinical rotations. Students taking a free CNA class can submit their application at the facility’s human resources department. Certain requirements are needed to be considered for the program, including a proof of financial need and an excellent academic record. Candidates are selected based on employment criteria and the availability of slots for the nursing assistant position.

Blue Mountain Nursing Home

Blue Mountain Nursing Home’s free CNA classes in Oregon are offered now and then. This program allows individuals to become a nursing assistant in the state of Oregon without pay tuition. Usually, the nursing home will offer employment after the candidate passes the certification exam, and individuals who take the program must complete it without absence. The schedule includes lectures, skills training, and clinical rotations. Upon passing the exam, the new CNA’s have to work at Blue Mountain Nursing Home for a certain period as their contracts specify. Blue Mountain Nursing Home offers the best training experience for potential nursing assistants. Availing the free training is an excellent opportunity to obtain a degree and stable employment within the facility.

Clatsop Community College

Clatsop Community College provides a state-approved CNA training program to students who want to become a nursing assistant. The program combines classroom lectures, with laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice. Students are trained to prepare for the state certification exam. These individuals will be supervised by a clinical instructor with years of experience in the healthcare field. The good thing about Clatsop Community College is that they offer free CNA classes to students in financial need. Qualified candidates can apply for any of four full scholarship programs available at the school’s financial aid office. However, recipients of the scholarship must agree to work at Clatsop Care Center for at least six months and not less than twenty-four hours per week. The agreement also states that interested students have to undergo a criminal background check and physical examination. These requirements have to be met to be considered for the free CNA training program at Clatsop Community College.

Oregon Nurses Foundation

Due to the shortage of CNAs in Oregon, the state’ Nurses Foundation provides financial support to deserving candidates who possess the drive and compassion to become a nursing assistant. The organization awards $1000 every year to qualified candidates pursuing an undergraduate or graduate nursing degree, including the CNA training program. Students who need financial assistance should be a resident of Oregon and currently enrolled at a nursing level in any of the approved schools in the state. The Oregon Nurses Foundation often looks for important factors in potential candidates. These include leadership capabilities, a career objective, and academic achievement. The application must be submitted by the end of March every year. Availing this kind of scholarship is a great help to study the CNA course for free. However, candidates have to show their competitiveness and academic excellence other than the need for financial support.

Springdale Job Corps Center

Every year, the Springdale Job Corps Center invites high school graduates to undergo free training programs in their facility. The programs includes a CNA course for those who wish to work in the healthcare field as nursing assistants. These students will go through rigorous training which includes classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice. Candidates for the program receive free lodging, uniforms, textbooks, manuals, medical supplies, and training allowances. They will be trained by licensed healthcare providers like Registered Nurses or Certified Nursing Assistants. The selection process of the free CNA training program of Springdale Job Corps Center is often limited. Candidates fortunate enough to undergo the short course receive all the benefits of the free training program. These individuals are even provided with full assistance for their certification exam and potential employment in local healthcare facilities. Springdale Job Corps Center aims to help qualified people secure a stable job after graduating from high school.

Avamere Twin Oaks of Sweet Home

Avamere Twin Oaks of Sweet Home has a free CNA training program that allows candidates to secure a CNA training certificate and a job contract within the facility. The free program takes place every year, and interested residents can submit an application at the human resource department. Avamere Twin Oaks needs several nursing assistants to care for their patients who have diverse healthcare needs. These nursing assistants must be knowledgeable and skillful in performing various CNA procedures. Thus, the facility provides excellent CNA training program that equips students in becoming competent nursing assistants in the state of Oregon. The free program is often granted to candidates who agree to work in the facility for a specified period. Avamere Twin Oaks also considers the academic track record, financial need, leadership skills, and other personal characteristics of every applicant. They want to make sure that deserving candidates are granted the free CNA training program in their facility.

Fair View Transitional Health Center

Residents in Oregon seeking a free CNA class can apply at Fair View Transitional Health Center. The facility is consistently hiring potential CNAs who can deliver quality nursing services to patients. Since there is a shortage of these healthcare providers, Fair View Transitional Health Center offers a free CNA class that includes a training allowance, uniforms, textbooks, and medical supplies. Candidates for the program will go through rigorous training that incorporates classroom lectures with hands-on clinical practice. Students are supervised by a clinical preceptor who also serves as a mentor. Graduates of the program are usually required to work in the facility for a specified period in exchange for the free training. This offer is an excellent opportunity to receive a CNA training at no cost and obtain secure employment in the state of Oregon. Interested applicants can submit an application at the human resources department.