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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes In Nursing Homes And Hospitals

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is a great career path to take. However, before you become one, you will have to take the appropriate training and pass the certification exam. Even though the CNA is an entry level position, the tuition fees for these programs can be quite high. So it makes sense to look for low cost or free options if you can find them.

Free CNA Classes In Nursing Homes & Hospitals

Due to the CNA shortage, there is a continuing demand for Certified Nursing Assistants and some health care facilities offer this kind of training for free or with certain payment terms. So where can one find such facilities? The best bet would be local nursing homes and large hospitals. There is a catch, however. No facility offers these types of classes completely free of charge- they usually require you to work for them afterward. The exact time you need to commit to depends largely on the facility. Keep in mind that in some cases, if you plan to discontinue the program or you do not pass the mandated certification exam, you will be obligated to reimburse the training fees.

The upside to these kinds of programs is that you do not need to go and find a job afterward. So it is 2 in 1 really. You can find many free listings in nursing homes here. Always check with the nursing home directly. Normally the free places fill up very fast so you need to be quick.

Look for Scholarships and Pell Grants

If you get in touch with your local college you can always ask them about scholarship options. Often times you can find them if you are academically gifted or fill their criteria. Government agencies are keen to get unemployed people back to work ASAP, so some of them offer financial assistance to comply with state guidelines.

Pell Grants are government sponsored subsidies that are available to those who have not yet earned a bachelors degree. Federal Pell Grant does not need to be repaid, unlike a student loan. These grants are not available to those who are incarcerated or who have committed sexual offenses of any kind.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

If you are currently unemployed then you may qualify for WIA program. This government sponsored training option is available both for youth and adults alike, who belong to low-income bracket. These types of programs are available only in certain colleges and vocational schools so you need to check the local state WIA programs like these (Texas).

Job Corps

If you are under the age of 24 you can also look for free CNA training in local Job Corps. This cost free option is available only to those who qualify and you can also get a living allowance and even an accommodation while you get your training. In order to find out if you are suitable for this type of program, please check their website for more information.