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CNA Training & Classes | January 17, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Missouri

CNA Classes in Missouri

There are a lot of individuals nowadays who are unemployed and are having a hard time seeking for a job. Fortunately, there is a perfect pathway to gain a stable career in the state of Missouri, and that is through a CNA training program. The program allows you to learn the basic skills of becoming a nursing assistant. It can be finished in a few weeks covering classroom sessions, laboratory training, and skills enhancement. Once it is finished, a certification exam follows after that. Typically, the nursing assistant program is not challenging and complicated compared to bachelor’s degree. However, it can be used as a stepping stone to gain more credits for becoming a Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Nursing Assistants in Missouri have excellent compensation compare to unskilled jobs. It is a stable career to consider even though there are challenges that might be encountered along the way. Nevertheless, several healthcare facilities are looking for nursing assistants nowadays, so you never get unemployed in the state of Missouri. Most of the training programs are paid, but there are scholarships and grants available as well. Take time to know where the free CNA classes in Missouri are obtained.

Schools with Low Cost or Free CNA Classes in Missouri:

Moberly Area Community College

The Moberly Area Community College is offering a CNA training program that prepares potential individuals for employment in a healthcare facility. This program is made up of classroom instruction for 80 hours and supervised clinical practice for 100 hours. All in all, students have to complete 16 sessions to take the certification exam. This exam will entitle them to work eligibly as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Missouri, especially in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities and many others. The estimated cost of the program is $850, but scholarships and grants are provided to those who apply and qualify. The school’s financial aid office is often the place to obtain a scholarship or financial aid grants. Requirements may vary, and candidates should meet the criteria to receive assistance. Availing the free CNA training program of Moberly Area Community College is possible as long as students pass all the tests and interviews for the scholarships.

Metropolitan Community College

The Metropolitan Community College is also having a CNA training program consisting of 175 hours of clinical training and classroom lectures. This program covers the basic nursing principles and skills needed for every student to pass the certification exam and become a qualified nursing assistant. Classes are usually offered from January, March, June, August and October with an estimated cost of $965. Scholarships and grants are available for those who qualify, but it is often limited to some students per training. A clinical rotation will also take place during the program to practice the skills in handling actual residents or patients. Students who want to avail the free CNA class can apply at the school’s financial aid office. The college has various scholarship programs and financial aid grants where accepted students receive assistance throughout their nursing assistant education. The coverage of the scholarship programs may vary, but it is often an excellent option to pay nothing for a CNA education.

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri funds deserving students who are studying a nursing assistant training program. Several scholarship programs are available including the Fund the Drive for Nurses Scholarship and the Gene and Donna Sweeney Scholarship. These two kinds of scholarship programs enable students to receive sufficient financial support while studying a nursing assistant training course. It covers the tuition cost and other related fees like books, uniforms, medical supplies and certification exam expenses. However, the coverage of the program depends on the type of scholarship that a student avails. Excellent academic record and financial struggle are usually the main factors of getting a CNA training funding, but it still depends on the school’s financial aid office which offers scholarship programs from various sponsors. The University of Missouri is an excellent training ground for a healthcare course like the CNA training. Free CNA classes are offered every year, but interested students have to apply and ensure to meet the program criteria.

East Central College

East Central College is also another popular school in Missouri that offers free CNA classes to students facing a financial crisis. The College has been providing high-quality nursing education to aspiring students at a reasonable price, particularly those who like to start a career in the healthcare field and who wished to advance their college credentials. The free CNA training of East Central College can be obtained at the school’s financial aid office. Applicants have to meet the eligibility criteria, including a proof of financial struggle and an outstanding academic performance. Accepted candidates are usually screened through interviews and examinations. The school’s scholarship programs are limited and granted to deserving students who have the passion and drive to become a health care provider. Interested individuals have to show their competitiveness and commitment because requirements of the scholarship programs vary. There are instances that they base their decisions on academic grades, and there are also times that they base it on financial hardships.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Missouri:

Appleton City Manor

For individuals to become Certified Nursing Assistant, a free CNA training program by the Appleton City Manor is available. This healthcare facility is in need of several CNA’s at the moment that is why they are inviting interested individuals to take the program and become employed in their nursing home. The training program includes lectures, skills training and clinical rotation which is completed in a few weeks. Once it is finished, they will assist their students for a certification exam allowing them to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The Appleton City Manor only accepts applicants who can commit to working in their facility for a specified period. This would mean that the free CNA training program is exclusively provided for their candidates who can potentially work in their facility.

Fair View Nursing Home

The free CNA classes in Fair View Nursing Home is offered whenever they need more CNA’s to fill in their lack of labor force. When you are one of the qualified applicants, you will undergo a few weeks of training that includes classroom lectures, skills enhancement, and clinical experiences. This takes place in a few weeks so successful individuals can take the certification exam. The good thing about having the free CNA classes in Missouri is that you receive training allowances and a chance to get employment. Once an individual is offered a job, he/she will be required to work in Fair View Nursing Home for a particular period as part of the contract. If the contract expires, individuals can either apply to other nursing homes or continue working at Fair View Nursing Home. The free CNA class at this facility should be considered for people who want to start a career in the health care field. The application process may be stringent but once accepted, candidates enjoy a free of charge training and a direct employment offer.

General Baptist Nursing Home

General Baptist Nursing Home can also be a source of free CNA training in the state of Missouri. This healthcare facility needs several nursing assistants, so they offer free training with a sure employment. Even though there will be an interview and written exam, successful applicants will receive several benefits like training allowances, books, and uniforms. They will also be assisted in the certification exam which typically takes place right after the training. Individuals who completed everything including the certification exam will be offered a job as a kind of return service for the healthcare facility. This is part of the contract since they receive free training and allowance from the facility. Applying for a free CNA training program at General Baptist Nursing Home is an excellent opportunity to earn a certificate in the nursing profession and gain a stable employment in the facility. Candidates are provided with what they need, especially during the training.

Ackert Park Skilled Care Community

Ackert Park, Skilled Care Community, offers a free CNA training program in the state of Missouri which also prepares individuals to become part of the heath care team. Applying for the training program requires candidates to be at least a high school graduate or a GED equivalent holder. These individuals should also be free from any criminal records and communicable diseases. The free CNA training program covers hours of lectures, skills training, hands-on clinical exposure. Students are trained to be a nursing assistant at Ackert Park Skilled Care Community, but they are also screened according to their qualifications and performance during the training. Finishing a CNA training program allows individuals to take the certification exam. People who passed the exam are often offered employment as part of the agreement between the facility and the students. Thus, candidates who want to take the free CNA program of Ackert Park Skilled Care Community should be prepared to work in the facility for a specified period.

Bent-Wood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Bent-Wood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers free CNA classes in Missouri with direct employment offer after passing the certification exam. The CNA program covers both classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experiences, preparing individuals to become competent and equipped in the nursing profession. Students are trained by the facility’s licensed health care providers who have years of expertise in the clinical field. These individuals are also assisted in the certification exam which is an exam that allows them to become Certified Nursing Assistants. However, acceptance to the free CNA class is not easy, considering that Bent-Wood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center screens their applicants based on their qualifications. Since they offer direct employment after passing the exam, they only accept candidates who are physically and mentally prepared to take the challenges in the health care profession. The facility also base their acceptance on the program on the vacancy of nursing positions and the number of individuals who met the minimum criteria of the CNA training.

Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Missouri Baptist Medical Center has been hiring nursing assistants who can provide excellent nursing care to patients in the facility. Regardless of having a certification or not, the medical center offers free CNA classes to accepted applicants. The Missouri Baptist Medical Center offers a state approved CNA training program which allows graduates to take the certification exam. Candidates for the program are often screened correctly based on their qualifications and criteria of the CNA position. Interested individuals have to be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also have to undergo a physical exam and criminal background check as part of the process. Taking a free CNA training program at Missouri Baptist Medical Center is an excellent opportunity to work as a nursing assistant without the need to pay anything. In fact, the institution provides all the needs of the candidates, including their books, uniforms, medical supplies, and living expenses.