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CNA Training & Classes | November 15, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Mississippi

CNA Classes in Missisippi

Unemployed and underemployed individuals can enjoy the opportunity of taking free CNA classes in the state of Mississippi. CNA’s are Certified Nursing Assistants who work alongside nurses, LPN’s and doctors, providing primary care like bathing, toileting, grooming, feeding, vital signs taking and many tasks. They are usually called whenever the patient or the resident needs help, or if family members are inquiring about their health status. The good thing about becoming a CNA in Mississippi is that you have a stable career and a rewarding experience. You can always find employment in hospitals, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities anywhere in the state because these institutions are in continual need of CNA’s.

Becoming a CNA is a simple process. As long as you take and finish the program, regardless if paid or free of charge, you will be eligible for the certification exam. This exam will lead to nursing assistant registration, allowing you to work legally in the state of Mississippi. It also gives you the benefit of entering a career in the healthcare field and advancing it further through additional study.  It is best to find a school suitable for your CNA education.

Schools with Free CNA Classes in Mississippi:

Northeast Mississippi Community College

The Northeast Mississippi Community College has a CNA training program every year. The program covers 120 hours of lectures, skills training and clinical rotation in an accredited health care facility. Individuals who wish to undergo the training should prepare to pay $350 for tuition, CPR certification, and textbooks. However, scholarships are often granted to qualified individuals. They can be obtained through the admissions office; anyone wanting to take the program at no or a low cost should apply beforehand and submit the requirements right away. Joining the free CNA program requires that students show financial need and excellent academic standing. The scholarships at Northeast Mississippi Community College are only offered to deserving individuals who meet the criteria and who excel in both the classroom and clinical training.

East Mississippi Community College

A CNA training program can be obtained at the East Mississippi Community College. This institution offers a course consisting of 100 hours; 84 hours of which are for classroom lectures with the remaining 16 committed to clinical practice. The training program cover basic first aid training, CPR certification, vital signs taking, medical terminologies and many areas. Students enrolled in the program will pay $450 for the course and $101 for the certification exam. However, scholarships and grants may be obtained at the school’s admissions office. Availability is often limited to a few students, and these qualified candidates pay little or nothing at all. The scholarships and financial aid grants offered at East Mississippi Community College are an excellent opportunity to study in a nursing assistant training program without cost. The program is granted to students of the college in need financially who have earned remarkable grades.

Itawamba Community College

Itawamba Community College offers a free CNA training program through the Dana Grissom Cockrell Memorial Endowed Scholarship. Individuals interested in working in the healthcare field can study a CNA course and earn eligibility to take the state certification exam. The nursing assistant training program can be completed in a few weeks, and it enables graduates to become equipped for the profession through classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experiences. Students who cannot afford to pay the tuition can apply for a scholarship such as the Dana Grissom grant. The community college has several programs for individuals pursuing a career in the nursing field. However, the scholarship program is only for residents of Itawamba County enrolled full-time. A minimum GPA of 2.5 will be a determining factor, as well as great need for financial support. Itawamba Community College has been providing quality CNA training program in Mississippi for some time, and applying a scholarship is a good option for worthy candidates.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Mississippi:

Belhaven Senior Care, LLC

Nursing homes like Belhaven Senior Care, LLC are offering free CNA classes in Mississippi for potential employees. This usually happens every year because of the CNA shortage that the facility is experiencing. Interested persons should apply and indicate why they want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. They will then be contacted to submit the needed requirements and undergo the program in this facility. Once they finish the program, applicants will take the certification exam which makes them eligibleto be a nursing assistant in the state. However, they must commit a few months or years of working at Belhaven Senior Care, LLC as a return service for the free training obtained. Applicants of the free CNA class at Belhaven Senior Care, LLC should be prepared to work in the facility even before applying. Although the work commitment takes a bit longer, the employment opportunities offered are excellent in the long run and provide better career stability.

Holmes County Long Term Care Center Durant

Even if you do not have college credits for  previous healthcare course, you can take free CNA classes in Mississippi at Holmes County Long Term Care Center. This facility hires applicants with or without certification as a nursing assistant. So if you are not yet certified, they will provide a training program that allows you to take the certification exam and become a CNA. However, applicants must agree to work in the facility right after becoming a CNA. This commitment will serve as fulfillment of the contract between the CNA and the facility and will satisfy their needs for nursing assistants. Individuals who want to take the free CNA course at Holmes County Long Term Care Center Durant should be prepared to work in the facility.

Golden Living Center-Meridian

The Golden Living Center can be a source of free CNA classes in Mississippi. Individuals interested in this program must have a high school diploma or GED, a clean criminal record, and proof of immunization and a negative TB test result. They must agree to work in the facility right after certification. This can be a good opportunity to gain employment because the Golden Living Center provides both the free training and a career upon certification by the Local Registry of Mississippi. The free CNA training at Golden Living Center Meridian is a good start to working in the healthcare field. Other than theoretical concepts, students will be taught essential skills and be provided with hands-on clinical exposure leading to potential employment Graduating  from the training course allows individuals to be well prepared for the demands of the profession.

Baptist Memorial Hospital

A free CNA training class can be obtained at Baptist Memorial Hospital. The program provided is for qualified individuals wanting to become nursing assistants in the state of Mississippi. The good thing about the program is that it provides immediate employment upon passing the certification exam. This can be a great opportunity for unemployed individuals who are not yet eligible to work as a CNA. Everything is paid and training allowances are also provided. To apply for the free CNA training program, individuals must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent They should be free from any communicable disease or criminal offense. The application process for the free CNA training program at Baptist Memorial Hospital is selective, and only a few applicants are rewarded with entree.

Care Center of Laurel

The free CNA class at Care Center of Laurel is a good opportunity to find direct employment. The institution is in need of nursing assistants, and individuals suitable for the position are trained over a couple of weeks. The CNA training is approved by the state, which means that graduates of the program can take the certification exam and become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Mississippi. Getting into this kind of pathway is a good option as it lets individuals become CNAs without paying anything for the privilege. However, Care Center of Laurel requires students to work in the facility for a period of time as part of their agreement. They will benefit from the study program while they are offered employment right after certification. They just have to apply and wait for the result of the admission process; all applicant are screened thoroughly based on their qualifications.

Highland Home

Highland Home is offering a free CNA class to potential nursing assistants. Candidates of the program should apply at the institution and wait to be shortlisted. The CNA training program of Highland Home provides direct employment to individuals who complete the program and pass the state certification exam. This mean that people interested in applying for the free CNA program must be prepared to work in the facility. The CNA training program takes weeks to complete and in cludes classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experiences. Students will be well repared to work in any healthcare facility, particularly the Highland Home. These individuals are also assisted with their state certification exam, essential to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. To apply for the free CNA training program, interested individuals should submit an application at the human resource department.

Ashland Health and Rehabilitation

Ashland Health and Rehabilitation is offering a free nursing assistant training program enabling individuals to become CNAs. The program takes weeks of study, typically comprised of lectures and hands-on clinical experiences. People under the CNA program will be trained by a licensed healthcare professional who will instill the appropriate knowledge and skills needed in practicing the profession. The CNA training program of Ashland Health and Rehabilitation is approved by the state and is provided for free for persons ccepted for admission. Applicants have to take note that after the program culminates, they will be offered employment in the facility as part of the terms and conditions of the free CNA course. Thus, the free CNA training program comes with direct employment after passing the state certification exam. Interested applicants must be willing to work at Ashland Health and Rehabilitation after becoming a certified nursing assistant.

Grenada Living Center

A free CNA training program is offered at Grenada Living Center. Individuals who have the passion for caring for the elderly can apply at the facility, with or without a certification as a nursing assistant. Grenada Living Center will provide the CNA training program for free to qualified individuals. They will conduct classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experiences that foster knowledge and teach the skills needed by aspiring healthcare professionals. However, people who want to avail themselves of the free CNA training must meet the program criteria. The number of individuals accepted for the program depends on the availability of slots for the nursing assistant position. This means that applicants are screened based on their credentials and qualifications. They should also be prepared to work in the facility after completing the program and passing the certification exam. Working at Grenada Living Center is a good start to gain excellent professional experience in the healthcare field.