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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Michigan

CNA Classes in Michigan

Certified Nursing Assistants are healthcare professionals who typically provide primary care to patients. They are working with nurses, LPN’s, doctors and other members of the healthcare team to ensure that quality services are provided at all times. However, becoming a CNA is not a long process. Some schools and healthcare facilities offer a training program that lasts for a couple of weeks or months. Although some of them are quite longer than usual, the credits it has can be used for further education. That is why taking and completing the CNA program can be a gateway for several opportunities.

Nevertheless, the training program itself can be obtained without paying anything. There are a lot of free CNA classes available in the state of Michigan, and these programs will lead you to the certification exam. Passing the exam means becoming eligible to work as a CNA because the state regulates this profession. It can be your ticket to work in different healthcare facilities. Thus, you can start earning and having a stable career. Just take note that every institution providing free CNA classes in Michigan have its requirements or qualifications which can either allow you or prohibit you from taking the program.

Schools with Free CNA Classes in Michigan:

Aress Networking Academy

The Aress Networking Academy has been offering CNA classes in the state of Michigan for quite a few years now. The program lasts for two weeks and is offered on Mondays and Fridays. Students who wished to enroll in the program should ensure to complete the requirements before classes. They have to pass a criminal background check, health screening, immunizations and many others. Normally, the cost of the program is $595, but there are scholarships and grants provided for qualified individuals. The scholarships and subsidies of Aress Networking Academy lessen the cost of the program, although there are opportunities that allow students to avail a free CNA training. Students interested in this free CNA course should possess excellent academic grades. They should also demonstrate a financial struggle to be considered for the free CNA course.

Greater Horizon Training Institute

The Greater Horizon Training Institute offers a free CNA program through their scholarships and grants. Individuals who want to work in the healthcare field can enroll at this institution and apply for a scholarship program to lessen the cost of nursing assistant education. The CNA program at Greater Horizon Training Institute can be completed in 13 days if taken the full time or 19 days if taken part time. Students in the program will go through hours of lectures and hands-on clinical exposure. Like any other CNA programs, training for this course requires commitment and dedication. The free CNA program will need the scholars to excel academically. They also need to pass the state certification exam after completing the program successfully. Availing a scholarship program at Greater Horizon Training Institute can be done through their financial aid office. Slots for the scholarship is often limited, but securing a free training is an excellent opportunity to become a Certified Nursing Assistant for free.

Hazy Institute of Learning

Hazy Institute of Learning is offering a free CNA training program to individuals who qualify for the scholarships. The program is a short course training that can be completed in two weeks. Students will have to go through 75 hours of combined classroom lecture, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experience. Aside from that, these individuals will be trained by expert faculty and staff who have years of expertise in the clinical field. The free CNA training program of Hazy Institute of Learning can be acquired through the school’s financial aid office. Interested individuals have to meet certain requirements to be considered for the program. They have to be financially incapable of paying their tuition costs and should meet the required cumulative GPA. The CNA training program of Hazy Institute of Learning is a quality training that prepares graduates for the state certification exam. However, students under a scholarship program have to maintain good performance all throughout the course.

Kellogg Community College

Kellogg Community College offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that covers 80.5 hours of classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experience. The program prepares students for the state certification exam and potential employment. Kellogg Community College ensures to provide a quality training program that makes students competent and qualified to work in various healthcare settings. The average CNA cost is $675 excluding the fees for uniforms and immunization, but students who cannot pay the tuition can apply for scholarship programs offered at the community college. The scholarship programs enable students to study a CNA course for free, but interested applicants have to make sure that they meet the qualifications including the required cumulative GPA and an inability to pay the costs of the program. Kellogg Community College has several scholarship programs available and students who wished for a free CNA training program can secure one anytime soon.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Michigan:

Autumnwood of Livonia

Autumnwood of Livonia is one of the established nursing homes in Michigan with free CNA classes. This is usually done to suffice the institution’s need for CNA’s. Qualified individuals are offered employment right after passing the certification exam that is why they need applicants who are physically fit and mentally capable of undergoing the program. Typically, the program is made of lectures and skills training, with clinical exposure in the nursing home institution. Students will be supervised by a Certified Nursing Assistant or a Licensed Practical Nurse. To apply for the free CNA class is just like applying for a job. Interested individuals have to meet the criteria of the program and should agree to work within the facility after passing the state certification exam.

Aberdeen Center

There is a free CNA class in Aberdeen Center every year, and successful applicants should be prepared for employment. They have to pass the written exams and interview to take the program without paying anything. The program covers lectures and skills training including vital signs taking, bathing, grooming, feeding, input and output monitoring and many others. It also includes medical terminologies for students to understand the words used by professional nurses, LPN’s and doctors within the institution. The free CNA program of Aberdeen Center is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field. Individuals should be prepared to work for the facility for a specified period before accepting the free CNA training. Otherwise, they will be asked to pay the entire training cost if the agreement is not met.

Bay Shores Nursing Care Center

Individuals who want to be a nursing assistant can apply at Bay Shores Nursing Care Center. Even without the license to work as a CNA, the institution will provide training that qualifies them to take the certification exam. This training program will cover some hours of lecture, skills development and clinical rotation which happens within the facility. Once it is finished, students will take the certification exam for free and be offered an employment after that. This program is exclusive only for those who commit to working at Bay Shores Nursing Care Center for a specific number of months. Thus, individuals who want to apply for the free CNA training have to agree to work within the facility. They should also have to perform well in their training program to be accepted for employment.

Sanctuary at Alexander

The Sanctuary at Alexander needs a lot of nursing assistants that is why they offer free CNA classes in Michigan within their facility. This free program can be availed by anyone who passed the criminal background check, health screening and who has a high school diploma or GED, but there will be a written exam and interview during the process of selection. Qualified applicants will undergo hours of classroom lectures and laboratory training. They will also have a clinical rotation within the facility so that they will experience an actual handling of elderly residents in need of long-term care. Once they finish the program, students will go through a certification exam which allows them to be eligible to work as a CNA in the state.

Eaton County Medical Care Facility

Eaton County Medical Care Facility has been offering free CNA classes in Michigan to qualified applicants. These applicants will be entitled to employment after the program thus, giving them an opportunity to get a job in a few weeks time. Usually, they screen the applicants before sending them to training. Their qualifications are based on the facility’s needs so if you want to apply, you have to have a clear criminal background check, a high school diploma, and a good health screening result. Successful candidates will become a Certified Nursing Assistance once they pass the certification exam. The free CNA classes are only offered to individuals who are accepted for the nursing assistant position. The facility will train and prepare these individuals, especially in the state certification exam.

Gogebic Medical Care Facility

For residents in Michigan who want to work in the healthcare field, Gogebic Medical Care Facility is offering a free CNA training program. The program is only granted to applicants who are accepted to take the nursing assistant position in the facility. This would mean that interested individuals have to apply at Gogebic Medical Care Facility and if not yet a Certified Nursing Assistant, they will provide a state approved CNA training program. The program does not charge anything to applicants, but these individuals should agree to work within the facility after completing the coursework and passing the certification exam. The free CNA training offer of Gogebic Medical Care Facility is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are unemployed. A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is the minimum requirement of the program, but candidates have to go through a rigorous selection process because they have to be physically and mentally fit for the nursing assistant position.

Tendercare Health Center – Birchwood

The TenderCare Health Center at Birchwood is offering a free CNA training program for their accepted applicants. Since the facility is currently in need of nursing assistants who can provide primary nursing care to patients, they offer free training for those who have not yet possessed a nursing assistant training certificate. The free training can only be availed if an individual is accepted to work for the facility. Interviews and examinations are done to applicants of the position and the program. The facility wants to ensure that their students meet the qualifications of the state. Thus, they require their candidates to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, a physical exam, and a complete list of immunization. All of these requirements should be submitted to the facility for evaluation. Once an applicant agrees to work in the facility after the program completion and certification exam, the Tendercare Health Center at Birchwood will immediately offer employment.