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CNA Training & Classes | January 20, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Miami

Free CNA Classes in Miami

A unique aspect of getting CNA certification in Miami is that you do not have to be a part of a state approved training session before you attempt the final examination. However, it has been recommended by the Florida Board of Nursing that you receive training ahead of time. Miami is considered to be the home to various training programs that differ regarding money. An extensive network of hospitals located all across Miami is known to provide free CNA classes in Miami for those candidates who will stay as employees at the institute. Not being able to pass the exam on the first three attempts will eventually disqualify you from being a candidate of reexamination. Therefore, you should consider enrolling at one of the CNA training institutes mentioned below.

Genesis Vocational Institute

The free CNA training classes in Miami at Genesis Vocational Institute is known to train students in various aspects of patient care under the supervision of a qualified nurse. The curriculum is known to prepare the graduates and make them eligible to sit and pass the examination. The lectures are known to cover physiology, basic anatomy, emergency procedure, medical terminology, HIV/AIDS information, CPR, nutrition, post-operative care, and so much more. You will need to be a part of forty hours of training at a medical facility to be provided with the opportunity to put your skills into practice. Such training will be made with supervision from a clinical instructor to ensure that quality nursing care is given to potential clients. GVI is considered to be a licensed testing facility for the examination so that the students can attempt the test at their school. However, before the certification exam takes place, students have to complete the program first and be sure to remember all the concepts and skills training conducted during the CNA class. Once they pass the exam, these individuals can start working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

Florida Vocational Institute

The students who get enrolled in a training program at this institute are known to obtain a better understanding of all the aspects of long-term patient care. They can learn all the techniques to feeding, assisting the patients, monitoring, and bathing patients. Also, they learn how to perform CPR along with different emergency processes when required. The training lasts up to 168 hours and has 128 lectures and laboratory along with a forty hours externship at a healthcare facility. The students have to wear proper medical uniform through the training for seven weeks. The fee for tuition at this institute is $780, which includes the cost of books, supplies, registration, and various other charges. The examination will cost you an extra $140. The school is known to recommend the students to buy a guide for the health aide and nursing assistant training for a price of $75 to assist them in preparing for their examination. However, students can apply for scholarship programs available at Florida Vocational Institute. It is best to talk to the financial aid office to know more about the financial assistance provided to financially challenged CNA students.

Life-Line Med Training

The students can receive assistant training for five weeks while students who attend the classes on a part-time basis will require a total of six weeks to complete the training. The classroom, clinical, and lab training will impart all the needs of students to become entry level nurses at long-term care facilities. The students will have to attend all of the classes and the clinical training classes to graduate. The clinical training will require the students to finish forty hours of classes in a week at a medical facility. You can contact the institution to receive more information about the class schedules, tuition, and even receive financial aid to obtain free CNA classes in Miami. Although the CNA training program of Life-Line Med Training has an individual cost, students who are financially challenged yet academically excellent can study for free by applying for a scholarship. There are quite some funding opportunities available for students finishing a healthcare course, but this financial assistance is limited. Only a few candidates will receive a tuition assistance for the program, and these students have to be currently enrolled full-time in a CNA program provided by Life-Line Med Training.

International Academy Training Center

The International Academy Training Center is known to provide evening, morning, and weekend training in Spanish, Creole, and English. The open door policy at the school is known to provide entrance to CNA candidates, even those students who do not possess a high school diploma. However, the students need to provide a demonstration of a comprehension and reading competency. The curriculum is known to prepare the students for the examination and do well on the job. You will need to cover forty hours of hands-on experience at a health care facility. The students will also need to work as a part of staff under the guidance of qualified nurses. You can obtain more information about the center by contacting them and receive financial aid to become eligible for free CNA classes in Miami. Students who want to avail a free CNA class must show a proof of financial hardship and an excellent academic track record to be considered. They also need to submit the necessary documents asked from the training center’s financial aid office. Moreover, graduates of the CNA training program can take the state licensing exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in different medical facilities.

D.A Dorsey Educational Center

D.A. Dorsey Educational Center is known to provide a ten months course that will prepare the students to work as CNAs. There are part-time and full-time options available to avail, and they meet the requirements of busy adults. The applicants will need to provide a GED equivalent or a high school diploma, math tests, reading tests, and language tests. Upon finishing the program, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to pass the exam. The CNA training program of D.A. Dorsey Educational Center is taught by expert clinical instructors who have licensed nursing assistants or Registered Nurses. Finishing the program is an excellent credential to start a career in the healthcare field. However, students have to meet the minimum grade requirements and must be able to attend the entire classroom and clinical training. Nevertheless, the CNA training program can be a way to start a career in the healthcare field. Students can also avail a free CNA class through the center’s scholarship opportunities.

Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology

Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology offers a CNA training program that prepares the students to work as a nursing assistant in hospitals, long-term care facilities or any related healthcare settings. These individuals will also be made for taking the state licensing exam. The CNA training program of Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology is a blend of classroom instruction led by qualified instructors, and a hands-on experience in a local clinical setting. Students will be taught various nursing concepts and skills training such as the necessary medical procedures, taking vital signs, familiarization on medical terminologies, disease process, and many others. There is also a 40-hour externship training in a long-term care facility wherein clinical instructors supervise these aspiring nursing assistants. Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology is committed to providing academic and clinical excellence. The facilities are equipped with medical equipment and advanced technology tool, and instructors are all experienced and skilled professionals. Graduates of the program receive adequate training and will become competent health care providers. Meanwhile, students who wished to avail a free CNA class can seek for scholarship opportunities available in the financial aid office. These awards may be limited, but it covers the tuition cost and other related expenses.

Camelot Healthcare Training Institute

The Camelot Healthcare Training Institute offers a six-week CNA training program which allows the graduates to become eligible for the state licensing exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in various healthcare facilities. The program is consist of 80 hours of combined classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical training, wherein students are trained to assist the Registered Nurses in medical procedures in a nursing home or hospital setting. To enroll in the program, interested applicants must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, with a satisfactorily related work experience with positive job references. It is also required for prospective students to pass the state criminal background investigation and drug screening. The CNA training program is a rigorous and short course training that is led by licensed healthcare professionals who are passionate, committed, and expert instructors. Students who want to earn a certificate in the program successfully have to complete the training with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and must complete 40 hours of theoretical instruction and 40 hours of clinical practice. In other words, students should not create any absences to be qualified for graduation. Nevertheless, graduates of the CNA training program will be eligible to sit for the state certification exam.

Lighthouse Medical Academy

Lighthouse Medical Academy is offering a CNA training program which integrates hands-on clinical training to the typical classroom lectures. Students in the program will be equipped with knowledge and skills to prepare them for the state licensing exam and future employment in Miami and its neighboring areas. They will be trained under the expertise of clinical instructors who have years of experience in the nursing profession. Aside from that, they get to enjoy the advanced facilities and training equipment of Lighthouse Medical Academy. The CNA training program has a small class size to make the instruction more personalized. Applicants have to take note that only a few candidates are accepted into the program. Thus, applying must be done beforehand to be considered for the selection process. The program requires the applicants to be at least a high school graduate or GED equivalent holder, with a clean criminal background check and negative drug screening result. The CNA training comes at an individual price, but the Academy is also offering a free CNA training to selected candidates. The application for the free CNA training can be obtained at the school’s financial aid office, and students are chosen based on their academic track record and financial capabilities.

South Florida Community College

The CNA training program of South Florida Community College can be completed in four months or 165 contact hours, and graduates will be eligible to take the state licensing exam to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in a physician’s office, home health, long-term care or acute care healthcare facilities. The CNA training program combines classroom lectures, and hands-on clinical experiences wherein various concepts and skills are taught such as vital signs, personal care, medical terminologies, effective communications, and interpersonal relationships. Students have to complete the training and be sure to attend the classes without absences. South Florida Community College is an open-access and higher learning institution that provides a learning-centered environment through quality training, programs, and services. Students develop a sense of leadership, competence, and excellence, making them prepared for the licensing exam. Applying for a CNA training program is selective and competitive, due to the limited class size and a high number of applicants. However, selected candidates are privileged to be trained by the best instructors. A free CNA training can also be obtained at South Florida Community College through the school’s financial aid office. These scholarships will help financially challenged students to study a CNA training at no cost.

South Tech Academy

South Tech Academy in collaboration with its partner districts, provides technical education specifically designed to make sure that student becomes a successful contributor to the community. The CNA training, which is a short healthcare course to enter the healthcare workforce, is a tuition-free program that allows students to become a qualified nursing assistant in Miami. Interested applicants have to apply for the program and must meet the requirements to be considered for admission. A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement, but students have to undergo a criminal background check, fingerprinting, and drug screening. They also have to be at least 16 years old. There will be a selection process done to ensure that the right students are chosen for the program. However, being accepted for the free CNA training requires the students to attend the classes regularly and perform well in both classroom and clinical aspects of the program. The CNA training program immerses the students in an actual clinical setting with supervision from a clinical instructor. To graduate from the course and become eligible for the state licensing exam, students have to remember all the concepts and skills taught including the basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, nutrition, infection control, and many others.

Manatee Technical Institute

The CNA training program of Manatee Technical Institute aims to prepare the students for employment and advanced training in the healthcare field. Interested applicants have to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a clean criminal record, and a negative drug screening result. The CNA training program provides the students with the essential skills to provide basic patient care with supervision from a Registered Nurse in a variety of settings. Completing the program also prepares these individuals to pass the state licensing exam to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The program can take five weeks of completion, from Monday through Friday, at 7:45 AM to 2:30 PM. Students have to attend the classes regularly without absences. They are also required to meet the grade requirements to graduate from the program. Manatee Technical Institute provides a quality nursing assistant training program to aspiring healthcare providers. The tuition fee is free to students who are qualified for a scholarship program, but other related costs like books, uniforms, and certification exam fee may not be covered. Students who want to take the free CNA course have to visit the school’s financial aid office for more information about such opportunity.