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CNA Training & Classes | January 17, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Massachusetts

CNA Classes in Massachusetts

Certified Nursing Assistants in Massachusetts are one of the privileged healthcare professionals who receive a good salary bracket. Most of the time, they enjoy a stable career and an opportunity to advance their profession through further studies, and they also have these benefits that no other employees enjoy. However, some people are not aware of the CNA training program. They do not know that it takes a few weeks to complete it with some students receiving their allowances during the training. There are even free CNA classes in Massachusetts available in the state which can be a way of receiving an education without paying anything.

If you are interested in this kind of program, several schools and healthcare institutions are offering free or paid classes. This takes place in any month of the year with requirements that are not difficult to obtain. The course will teach you the basic nursing knowledge and skills to be fully equipped as a nursing assistant. Once it is completed, you will then be eligible for the certification exam that allows you to be in the Nurse Aide Registry of the state and makes you work at any health care institutions legally.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Massachusetts:

Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has been offering free CNA classes in Massachusetts. Individuals interested in this kind of training should qualify the employment requirements as they will be offered a job contract after passing the certification exam. They will be trained to become a nursing assistant and undergo numerous lectures and skills training for their profession. On top of that, qualified individuals should ensure to commit working in their facility for a minimum of six months as part of the agreement. The free CNA training program of Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is an excellent opportunity to become a nursing assistant without paying anything. The program starts with lectures and skills training, which is then followed by hands-on clinical practice.

Abbott House Nursing Home

There is also a free CNA program at Abbott House Nursing Home. Interested individuals have to be qualified for the program as they will be offered employment right after. Requirements include a high school diploma or GED, a clean criminal record, a negative TB screening result, a record for immunization and many others. They should also pass the interview, and written exams are given before admission. The CNA training program in Abbott House Nursing Home is a combination of classroom theory, laboratory training, and clinical rotation. Students will be exposed in a clinical setting so that they will know how to handle real patients at different age groups, characteristics, and health concerns. The free CNA training program of Abbott House Nursing Home is state approved. Students can work at any health care facilities after working at the institution for a specified period. However, since the free CNA course of Abbot House Nursing Home obliges the graduates to work in their facility, applicants have to meet the agreement before getting into another type of work as a nursing assistant.

Westborough Healthcare Center

Free CNA classes in Massachusetts can also be obtained from Westborough Healthcare Center. The institution has been offering this kind of program to invite more nursing assistants in their facility. Shortages of CNA’s have been their problem through the years because of the increasing older adults in need of long-term care. Thus, they are offering a training program that leads to immediate employment right after. It can be tough for those who have no medical background but eventually, they will learn how to manage the elderly and provide the care they needed on a daily basis. The free CNA training program at Westborough Healthcare Center is a good option to avail a healthcare program that leads to potential employment. Accepted candidates are trained and assisted all throughout the program including the state certification exam.

Oakwood Nursing Center

Oakwood Nursing Center provides training and employment for interested and qualified individuals. The program usually takes a few weeks to complete covering different topics and skills training all throughout. It will be a combination of lectures and clinical rotation that will equip the students with knowledge and expertise for the training program. Once the program is finished, they will be assisted to a certification exam that can provide them with a license to work as a qualified nursing assistant in Massachusetts. The free CNA classes in Massachusetts Oakwood Nursing Center happens now and then, usually whenever they need more nursing assistants to fill in their facility. However, it is important to take into account that the free CNA training program of Oakwood Nursing Center is offered to qualified individuals who can work for them after completing the course.

Colony Center for Health & Rehabilitation

Colony Center for Health & Rehabilitation is a reliable source of free CNA classes in Massachusetts. Individuals who want to work as nursing assistants can apply for the program and expect an offer of employment after passing the state certification exam. The free CNA training program is a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experience by which students gain the right amount of knowledge and skills for the profession. The Colony Center for Health and Rehabilitation will make it a point to hone the skills of students and inculcate knowledge on various nursing concepts. However, the free CNA training program at this institution requires applicants to be at least a high school graduate with a criminal background check and physical examinations. Since the program is limited as it is considered a direct employment, interested individuals have to competent enough to undergo the training. They have to pass various interviews and exams which will determine their acceptance for the program.

Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

A free CNA training program can be availed at Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The program aims to help the residents of Massachusetts secure employment, and at the same time, have more nursing assistants in the facility who can provide quality nursing care to patients. The program is similar to other CNA programs in the state as it covers hours of lectures, skills development, and hands-on clinical training. Individuals who are accepted into the program will go through this kind of training to prepare them for the state certification exam, and make them qualified healthcare providers in the country. Getting an admission for the free CNA training program is often not easy. The slots are limited by which only a few individuals are trained. Nevertheless, accepted applicants have to make it sure that they work in the facility after completing the program and becoming certified nursing assistants.

Braintree Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Braintree Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center offers a free CNA training program for individuals who want to work at the facility. The program aims to answer the need for nursing assistants because accepted people are offered with employment after becoming certified. The CNA course also combines classroom lectures with hands-on clinical experiences. Students can learn essential knowledge and skills that are needed in the profession. To apply for the free CNA training at Braintree Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, interested individuals have to submit the necessary documents including a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They should also undergo a physical exam and criminal background check as part of the requirements. Accepted applicants of the program do not need to pay anything for the course. They simply need to complete the CNA training program, pass the certification exam, and work at the facility for a specified period.

Schools with Free CNA Classes in Massachusetts :

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston

The free CNA class of Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston is a 6-week program covering classroom theories and skills training. Students will be taught about the different nursing skills needed for their profession. This includes proper grooming, toileting, feeding, assisting in ambulation, input and output monitoring, vital signs taking and much more. There will also be a clinical rotation happening after the lectures are completed, and laboratory training are done. Students under the program can choose their schedules. They can take a daytime class or an evening class option which allows them to work and fulfill other responsibilities. Availing a free CNA class at Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston can be done by inquiring at the institution’s admission office. Most of the time, the free program is not offered all the time, but students who get the chance to be under this kind of training receive the best experience from the institution.

Bristol Community College

The Bristol Community College offers free CNA classes in  Massachusetts at their institution. It covers lectures, skills practice and clinical placement that enable the students to learn the basic nursing knowledge and skills. They will also have a CPR certification and dementia training which gives them an opportunity to handle patients with intellectual disabilities. Typically, the training program costs $762, but scholarships and grants are available in their admissions office. The scholarship programs of Bristol Community College enables students to undergo a CNA training at no cost. The most common requirements are good grades and financial hardships. This means that applicants for the program have to demonstrate financial struggle to cover the cost of the training program and should excel academically.

North Shore Community College

North Shore Community College offers a scholarship program for senior students graduating at Lynn Alternative High School, Lynn English High School, Lynn Vocational Technical Institute or Lynn Classical High School. The scholarship program, which is Believe in Lynn Scholarship, enables students to receive $1500 financial assistance annually. The money can be used to pay for the CNA training program at North Shore Community College. Interested students have to submit an application for admission at North Shore Community College together with the other requested documents. The free CNA training program is offered to individuals who excel academically and who have demonstrated a financial struggle. Accepted applicants have to maintain good grades all throughout the program including the hands-on clinical practice. North Shore Community College has been providing quality nursing education to aspiring healthcare professionals. Graduates will be qualified nursing assistants who have the capacity to meet the healthcare needs of a diverse population.

University of Massachusetts

Students who are enrolled at the University of Massachusetts can apply for a scholarship program to study a CNA program for free. One of the scholarship programs offered by the university is the Hebrew Senior Life Gerontological Nursing Scholarship. This kind of scholarship covers the entire fees and tuition cost for up to three students pursuing a nursing assistant training program. The chances of getting this kind of scholarship are minimal because of the limited number of students granted for the program. However, having a scholarship like this makes the CNA education easier and hassle free. Candidates for the program should be currently enrolled full-time at the University of Massachusetts and should agree to work at least two years at Hebrew SeniorLife. A competitive GPA and outstanding clinical practice are important to receive the benefits of the program continuously. The chances of getting a Hebrew SeniorLife Gerontological Nursing Scholarship may be narrow, but this kind of program enables individuals to earn college credits without paying anything.