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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Maryland

CNA Classes in Maryland

Maryland has been one of the top places of employment for Certified Nursing Assistants. Most of their healthcare facilities are in need of CNA’s because of the aging population. In fact, it is expected that in a few years, even more CNA’s will be hired to cater to long-term care needs. Hence, becoming a CNA can lead to a stable career nowadays. The good thing about becoming a CNA is that it only takes a few weeks to complete the program. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma or GED; even if you have not finished a college degree; you can take the program and pass the certification exam.

CNA classes are often provided for a fee, but there are free classes available at different institutions. Some nursing homes and long-term care facilities offer the course to attract future employees to join their organization. If you want to take part in this opportunity, you can undergo a free program and be employed right after. This is a great chance for the unemployed to pursue a stable career in Maryland, because Certified Nursing Assistants are well paid. They also enjoy health and vacation leave benefits; making a CNA program the first step towards a successful career in the healthcare field.

Institutions with Free CNA Classes in Maryland:

Caroline Center in Maryland

The free CNA training program at the Caroline Center in Maryland is given exclusively for women who wish to work as a nursing assistant in the state. This is not provided for everyone because qualified students are often those who cannot afford the entire program, but they have the passion and desire to work in the healthcare field. Various topics and skills training form the program, including vital signs taking, medical terminology, feeding, bathing, grooming, therapeutic communication and many others. Students will be exposed to a healthcare setting to learn how to handle real patients in a nursing home, hospital or healthcare facility. The free CNA training program at Caroline Center is scheduled through the school’s financial aid office; interested candidates will have to meet the requirements to be considered for evaluation.

Montgomery College

Montgomery College has scholarships and financial aid assistance for those who wish to become a Certified Nursing Assistants. They screen the applicants to determine worthy recipients, and it is important to be physically fit and free from a criminal record. Successful candidates for the free CNA class will learn basic nursing skills needed to serve for a variety of patients. They will undergo skills training vital to primary care. They will be fully supervised by the school’s Registered Nurse or CNA with proper guidance. Once they finish the program, the certification exam takes place right after. Montgomery College has an excellent track record in providing CNA training programs to aspiring health care providers. Graduates of the program will be prepared to work in various health care facilities in Maryland.

Cecil Community College

A free CNA program in Maryland is offered by Cecil Community College in a combination of theory classes and clinical experience. The lectures in total run around 80 hours, and the clinical training is on average 59 hours. To qualify for the program, candidates are requested to submit a high school diploma or GED, criminal background check, immunization record and TB test result. Once they pass this initial set of requirements, they will be invited for an interview and evaluative exam. Typically, the program costs around $800, but students under the free CNA class will not pay a fee except that of the certification exam. Those who want to apply for a free CNA class should inquire at the school’s financial aid office where scholarship programs are available. These aid programs will provide partial or complete funding to privileged students. However, only select individuals with  financial need and an excellent academic track are granted financial assistance, depending availability.

Allegany College

Allegany College has been providing a Certified Nursing Assistant training program for individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field. The program is available throughout the year, accepting a limited number of students to maintain  a small class size. A smaller class size promotes more personalized instruction. Thus, the educational and professional needs of nursing assistant students at Allegany College are well met. The goal of the institution is to provide the best training experience for students. The school not only takse pride their expert faculty and staff, but they also have an environment highly conducive to learning. Students go through hours of lectures and clinical experiences. While undergoing the course, they are supervised and guided by clinical preceptors. Individuals aiming to avail themselves of the free CNA classes of Allegany College must remember that the program has certain criteria to meet. This includes academic, physical, mental, and economic requirements of the free training program.

Anne Arundel Community College

Anne Arundel Community College is a fine school in Maryland that offers free CNA classes to deserving students. The free program can be availed by applying  to a scholarship fund maintained by the financial aid office. Most of the scholarship funds are granted to particular students, who are either financially strapped or excel academically. Whatever the criteria, these scholarship programs enable the college student to pay nothing for his/her CNA training. In regard to the nursing assistant training program, students can complete the required number of hours through lectures and clinical practice in a span of one term. This condensed training provides an ample amount of knowledge and skills to aspiring CNAs who want to work in the healthcare field. It prepares graduates for the state certification exam, and especially future employment. Anne Arundel Community College provides a quality training program to local students in Maryland.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Maryland:

Alice Manor Nursing Home

There are free CNA classes in offered at Alice Manor Nursing Home in Maryland because the institution is in dire need of qualified nursing assistants. The increasing growth of patient admissions requires more healthcare workers for the clients. If an individual is qualified for the program, he/she will be offered employment right after passing the certification exam. However, he/she must first complete the training program, which covers many hours of lectures and clinical experience. Undergoing a free CNA class at Alice Manor Nursing Home is an excellent opportunity to gain a certificate in the healthcare field and a stable career in the facility. The home screens every applicant thoroughrly. Thus, candidates must be competent and be willing to work at Alice Manor for a specified period.

Brightwood Center

Brightwood Center has been offering free CNA classes for potential employees. Because only a few job hunters are taking a career in the healthcare field, they offer such a program to attract more individuals to become nursing assistants. The program covers lectures, hands-on training, and clinical exposure. Students will be supervised by a CNA or a Registered Nurse to provide proper care for patients. Before they can graduate from the course, they must be equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to prepare for the certification exam. The free CNA training program of Brightwood Center is only offered if there is a vacancy for nursing assistants in the facility. While waiting, candidates can submit their applicatiosn anytime at the human resource department.

Bay Ridge Healthcare Center

The free CNA class of Bay Ridge Healthcare Center is designed to cater to the needs of nursing assistants. The program is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field because students will be taught the requisite nursing skills to become a qualified nursing assistant in the state of Maryland. Once they start the program, there will be on-going lectures, hands-on training and actual patient handling through its duration. This is to ensure that every skill is taught and every bit of knowledge is applied correctly. Students in the CNA program will be prepared to undergo the certification exam. The facility will make sure they are competent and skilled to provide quality nursing services to potential patients or clients. Interested individuals for the free CNA training can submit their applications to the human resource department of Bay Ridge Healthcare Center.

Western Maryland Hospital Center

The Western Maryland Hospital Center is in need of healthcare professionals like nursing assistants. Because of the shortage of CNAs, the facility is offering a free training program for applicants who successfully pass the screening process. Western Maryland Hospital Center is an excellent training ground for healthcare professionals who are starting their careers. However, they only accept those who are passionate about the healthcare field and can work in the facility for a specified period. Candidates for the free program should possess at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent. even if the applicant is a high school or college graduate, he/she must also pass a physical exam and criminal background check. Western Maryland Hospital requires applicants to be free from any criminal record or communicable disease. Interested applicants are expected to meet these qualifications to be considered for the free program.

Deer’s Head Hospital Center

Deer’s Head Hospital Center has a free CNA training program that prepares graduates for potential employment. The program is similar to other CNA programs in Maryland as it covers theoretical instruction and hands-on clinical training. Interested individuals are asked to submit an application at the institution’s human resource department. Aside from meeting the stated criteria of the program, applicants should be prepared to work at the facility for a specified period as part of the agreement. It is important that aspiring CNAs remember that this agreement cannot be breached. Otherwise, they will be obliged to pay the entire training costs. However, the program is an excellent opportunity to be a part of the growing healthcare team. Accepted candidates are privileged to secure employment at Deer’s Head Hospital Center. Working as a CNA is a stable and fulfilling career. Thus, taking the free program is a good option to make.

Egle Nursing Home

Egle Nursing Home is one of the nursing homes in Maryland that offers free CNA classes. The program can be availed depending on a vacancy in the CNA staff. However, interested individuals should inquire at the facility’s human resource department to get their application in the pile. The program requires candidates to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent without a communicable disease or criminal record. Accepted applicants will go through academic instruction and hands-on clinical exposure within the Egle Nursing Home. These individuals will be trained under the supervision of the best instructors and healthcare professionals. Students are also provided with the necessary items they need including uniforms, books, medical supplies, and related living costs. Completing the program enables them to take the state certification exam. Passing the test allow individuals to secure employment after certification. Applying for the free CNA training program at Egle Nursing Home is an excellent opportunity to jumpstart a career in the healthcare field.

All Maryland State Approved CNA Programs

Accident , MDNorthern Garrett High School 86 Pride Pkwy301-746-8668
Annapolis , MDGenesis Healthcare Spa Creek35 Milkshake Lane410-269-5100
Annapolis , MDAnnapolis Area Christian School 716 Bestgate Rd410-519-5300
Annapolis , MDAnne Arundel County Dept. Of Health 3 Harry S Truman Pkwy410-222-7095
Arnold , MDAnne Arundel Community College/pct 101 College Pkwy410-777-2222
Baltimore , MDEdmondson-westside High School 501 N Athol Ave410-396-0685
Baltimore , MDMergenthaler Vocational-technical 3500 Hillen Rd410-396-6496
Baltimore , MDMilford Mill Academy 3800 Washington Ave410-887-0660
Baltimore , MDPatterson High School 100 Kane St410-396-9276
Baltimore , MDReach! Partnership Middle-high School 2815 St Lo Dr443-642-2291
Baltimore , MDVivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy 100 N Calhoun St443-984-2831
Baltimore , MDBaltimore City Community College 2901 Liberty Heights Ave410-462-8300
Baltimore , MDCommunity College Of Baltimore Co. 17201 Rossville Blvd410-682-6000
Baltimore , MDCoppin State University 2500 W North Ave410-951-3000
Baltimore , MDAmerican Health Career Institute 2520 Pennsylvania Ave443-438-4546
Baltimore , MDAmerican Red Cross 4800 Mt Hope Dr410-624-2000
Baltimore , MDCaroline Center 900 Somerset St410-563-1303
Baltimore , MDHealth Focus Nrsg Asst. Training 4900 Belair Rd410-488-6600
Baltimore , MDI.t. Works 1217 W Fayette St410-727-3947
Baltimore , MDMaryland Center For Adult Training 2901 Druid Park Dr # 303410-728-0679
Baltimore , MDTop Knowledge Healthcare Institute Cna 22 Light St Suite 405410-528-1600
Baltimore , MDFuture Care Of Irvington 22 S Athol Ave410-947-3052
Baltimore , MDGenesis Healthcare -franklin Woods 9200 Franklin Square Drive410-574-4631
Baltimore , MDMaryland State Dept. Of Education 200 W Baltimore St410-767-0100
Baltimore , MDIdf-independent Dialysis Foundation 840 Hollins St410-468-0900
Baltimore , MDCommunity Colleges Of Baltimore Co.800 South Rolling Road443-840-2222
Bel Air , MDHarford Community College 401 Thomas Run Rd703-978-3535
Bel Air , MDHarford Technical High Amoss Center 200 Thomas Run Rd410-638-3804
Bladensburg , MDBladensburg High School 4200 57th Ave301-887-6700
Bowie , MDDavita4861 Tesla Dr Stes G-h866-544-6741
Brooklyn , MDGenesis Healthcare -hammonds Lane 613 Hammonds Ln410-636-3400
Cambridge , MDDorchester Career & Tech Center 2465 Md-16410-901-6950
Cambridge , MDGenesis Healthcare -chesapeake Woods 525 Glenburn Avenue410-221-1400
Catonsville , MDGenesis Healthcare -catonsville Commons 16 Fusting Ave410-747-1800
Catonsville , MDSpring Grove Hospital 55 Wade Ave410-402-7455
Centreville , MDQueen’s Anne County High School 125 Ruthsburg Rd410-758-0500
Centreville , MDGenesis Healthcare -corsica Hills205 Armstrong St410-758-2323
Charlotte Hall , MDCharlotte Hall Veterans Home 29449 Charlotte Hall Rd301-884-8171
Chillum , MDQuality First Career Center (Cna & Gna) 6475 New Hampshire Ave #501301-270-5105
Clinton , MDGenesis Healthcare-bradford Oaks Center 7520 Surratts Rd301-856-1660
College Park , MDGreenbelt Career Institute Ste U8a 6201 Greenbelt Rd301-982-1262
Columbia , MDHoward Community College 10901 Little Patuxent Pkwy443-518-1000
Columbia , MDLorien Nursing Home 6334 Cedar Lane410-531-5300
Crofton , MDCrofton Care & Rehab Center 2131 Davidsonville Rd410-721-1000
Cumberland , MDCenter For Career & Technical Ed 14211 Mcmullen Hwy Sw301-729-6486
Cumberland , MDAllegany College Of Maryland 12401 Willowbrook Rd301-784-5000
Cumberland , MDCumberland Health Care Center 512 Winifred Rd301-724-6066
Cumberland , MDDevlin Manor 10301 Christie Rd Ne301-724-1400
Cumberland , MDThe Lion Center For Rehab & Extended Care901 Seton Dr301-722-0754
Cumberland , MDWestern Maryland Health System515 Nemacolin Ave301-724-7666
Dundalk , MDSollers Point High School (Cna Only) 1901 Delvale Ave410-887-7075
Dundalk , MDGenesis Healthcare -heritage Center 7232 German Hill Rd410-282-6312
Easton , MDGenesis Healthcare -the Pines 610 Dutchmans Ln410-822-4000
Edgewater , MDCenter Of Applied Technology-south 211 Central Ave410-956-5900
Edgewood , MDCertified Home Nursing Solutions 500 Edgewood Rd #104443-456-6779
Elkton , MDCecil County School Of Technology 912 Appleton Rd410-392-8879
Ellicott City , MDHoward Community College & Howard County Public Schools 10910 Clarksville Pike410-313-6600
Essex , MDBaltimore Academy Of Nursing Assistants 617 Stemmers Run Rd410-391-6668
Forest Hill , MDForest Hill Health & Rehab 109 Forest Valley Dr410-893-2468
Fort Washington , MDFort Washington 12021 Livingston Rd301-292-0300
Frederick , MDFrederick Community College 7932 Opossumtown Pike301-846-2400
Frederick , MDHeart For Life Nsg. Asst Trng Pgm 5100 Buckeyestown Pike 250469-250-0279
Frederick , MDTrinity Nursing Assistant Training 186 Thomas Johnson Dr301-662-6500
Frederick , MDGenesis Healthcare-ballenger Creek Center 347 Ballenger Center Dr301-663-5181
Frederick , MDFrederick County Career & Tech Ctr 2964 7922 Opossumtown Pike240-236-8500
Frostburg , MDSterling Care At Frostburg Village One Kaylor Cir Rt36 & Rt40301-689-7500
Gaithersburg , MDCambridge Nsg. Asst. Trng. Academy (Hyattsville & Gaithersburg) 431 N Frederick Ave301-990-8311
Gaithersburg , MDMorning Star Academy 101 Lakeforest Blvd Suite 402301-977-7393
Gambrills , MDGenesis Healthcare-waugh Chapel 1221 Waugh Chapel Rd410-923-2020
Germantown , MDFresenius Med. Care-north America19851 Observation Dr #150800-881-5101
Germantown , MDMontgomery College – Takoma Park 20200 Observation Drive240-567-5000
Glen Burnie , MDFomen Nursing Asst Training Academy 201a 3547 3547 7452 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd410-553-4068
Glen Burnie , MDBaltimore Washington Medical Ctr. 301 Hospital Dr410-787-4000
Glen Burnie , MDBello Machre 7765 Freetown Rd443-702-3000
Grantsville , MDGoodwill Retirement Home 891 Dorsey Hotel Rd301-895-5194
Hagerstown , MDWashington County Tech. High School 50 W Oak Ridge Dr301-766-8050
Hagerstown , MDHagerstown Community College 11400 Robinwood Dr240-500-2000
Hagerstown , MDArc Of Washington County 820 Florida Ave301-733-3550
Hagerstown , MDPotomac Center1380 Marshall St240-313-3500
Havre De Grace , MDCitizens Care Center 415 Market St410-939-5500
Hyattsville , MDBethel Health Care Institute 5617 Ager Rd301-559-0200
Hyattsville , MDCompassionate Nursing Asst. Academy 1835 University Blvd E301-332-9699
Hyattsville , MDHeritage Care 4922 Lasalle Road301-864-2333
Hyattsville , MDQuality 1st Training Center 6475 New Hampshire Ave Ste 501301-270-5105
Keymar , MDSilver Oak Academy 999 Crouse Mill Rd410-775-1745
La Plata , MDCollege Of Southern Maryland 8730 Mitchell Rd301-934-2251
La Plata , MDGenesis Healthcare Laplata1 Magnolia Dr301-934-4001
La Plata , MDSage Point Nursing Home 10200 La Plata Rd301-934-1900
La Plata , MDCollege Of Southern Maryland 8730 Mitchell Rd301-934-7602
Lanham , MDDominion Academy, Inc. 8855 Annapolis Rd #305240-770-7774
Lanham , MDNurseone, Inc. 9470 Annapolis Rd #220301-459-8899
Largo , MDPrince George’s Community College 301 Largo Rd301-546-7422
Laurel , MDDemas Academy 9101 Cherry Ln #212240-838-1483
Laurel , MDLaurel High School 3663 8000 Cherry Ln301-497-2050
Laurel , MDAspire School Of Learning, Nursing Assistant 4862 312 Marshall Ave Suite 104301-604-3330
Leonardtown , MDDr. James A. Forrest Career & Tech Ctr 24005 Point Lookout Rd301-475-0242
Linthicum , MDUs Renal Care (Formerly Dialysis Corporation Of America) 1302 Concourse Drive Suite 204410-694-0500
Lutherville , MDGenesis Healthcare Powerback Rehab 515 Brightfield Rd410-296-1990
Manchester , MDLong View Healthcare Center 3332 Main St410-239-7139
Marlow Heights , MDHealth Training Institute, Inc. 4400 Stamp Rd #206240-455-6278
Mchenry , MDGarrett College 687 Mosser Rd301-387-3000
Newark , MDWorcester Technical High School6290 Worcester Hwy410-632-5050
North East , MDCecil Community College 1 Seahawk Dr410-287-1000
North East , MDCecil College 1 Seahawk Dr410-287-1000
Oakland , MDSouthern Garrett High School 345 Oakland Dr301-334-9447
Oakland , MDDennett Road Manor 1113 Mary Dr301-334-8700
Oakland , MDOakland Nursing And Rehab 706 E Alder St301-334-2319
Owings Mills , MDPrecise Academy 10806 Reisterstown Rd #3b443-303-2335
Oxon Hill , MDCrossland High School 6901 Temple Hill Rd301-449-4800
Parkville , MDGenesis Healthcare -cromwell Center 8710 Emge Rd410-661-5955
Prince Frederick , MDCareer & Tech Ctr/calvert Public Schools 330 Dorsey Rd443-550-9940
Randallstown , MDGenesis Healthcare -patapsco Valley 9109 Liberty Rd.410-655-7373
Ridgely , MDCaroline Career & Technology Center 10855 Central Ave410-479-0100
Riverdale , MDGenesis Healthcare -crescent City 4409 E West Hwy301-699-2000
Riverdale Park , MDThe Nursing Assistant Academy 5811 Baltimore Ave #101240-770-8251
Rock Hall , MDKent County High School 5608 Boundary Ave410-778-1595
Rockville , MDMontgomery College 51 Mannakee Street240-567-5000
Rockville , MDGenesis Healthcare -shady Grove 9701 Medical Center Dr301-315-1900
Rockville , MDMontgomery County Department Of Health & Human Services, School Health Services Division1301 Piccard Dr240-777-0311
Rockville , MDDsi (Operated By Us Renal)11800 Nebel St301-468-3221
Rockville , MDMontgomery County Schools 850 Hungerford Drive240-740-3020
Salisbury , MDParkside High School (Cna Only) 1015 Beaglin Park Dr410-677-5143
Salisbury , MDParkside High School-health Occupations 2424 Northgate Drive Suite 100410-677-4400
Salisbury , MDWor-wic College 32000 Campus Dr410-334-2800
Salisbury , MDAnchorage Healthcare Center 105 Times Square410-749-2474
Salisbury , MDGenesis Healthcare Salisbury Center 200 Civic Ave410-749-1466
Salisbury , MDWor-wic Community College 32000 Campus Dr410-334-2800
Severn , MDCenter Of Applied Technology North 800 Stevenson Rd410-969-3100
Severna Park , MDGenesis Healthcare -severna Park Center 310 Genesis Way410-544-4220
Silver Spring , MDMontgomery College Refugee Training 7995 Georgia Ave240-567-5775
Silver Spring , MDCare ‘xpert Academy, Llc 13321 New Hampshire Ave #205301-384-6011
Silver Spring , MDKnowledge First Institute 11510 Georgia Ave301-933-7474
Silver Spring , MDPerpetual School Of Nursing Assistant 1734 Elton Rd301-434-8636
Silver Spring , MDPremier Healthcare Institute 10240 New Hampshire Ave301-755-3234
Silver Spring , MDGenesis Healthcare Fairland Creek Center 2101 Fairland Rd301-384-6161
Silver Spring , MDGenesis Healthcare -layhill 3227 Bel Pre Rd301-871-2000
Suites 1&, MDGandhi’s Institute Of Health Found. 6666 Security Blvd410-281-1845
Suitland-silver Hill , MDSuitland High School 5200 Silver Hill Rd301-817-0500
Temple Hills , MDHealthcare Training Solutions 4400 Stamp Rd Ste 206240-455-6278
Towson , MDVision Allied Health Institute 1045 Taylor Ave443-520-0801
Towson , MDBaltimore County Public Schools 6901 Charles Street443-809-4554
Waldorf , MDNorth Point High School For Science, Tech And Industry2500 Davis Rd301-753-1759
Waldorf , MDGenesis Healthcare-waldorf Center 4140 Old Washington Rd301-645-2813
Walkersville , MDGenesis Healthcare Glade Valley Center 56 W Frederick St301-898-4300
Westernport , MDMoran Manor Nursing & Rehab. 25701 Shady Ln Sw301-359-3000
Westminster , MDCarroll County Career & Tech Center 1229 Washington Rd410-751-3669
Westminster , MDCarroll Community College 1601 Washington Rd410-386-8000
Westminster , MDWestminster Health Care1234 Washington Rd410-848-0700
Westover , MDJ. M. Tawes Technical High School 7982a Tawes Campus Dr410-651-2285
Windsor Mill , MDStein Academy 3610 Milford Mill Rd410-922-4910
Wye Mills , MDChesapeake College Todd Performing Arts Center 1000 College Cir410-822-5400