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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Lubbock TX

Free CNA Classes in Lubbock TX

A Certified Nursing Assistant provides the primary nursing care to patients with supervision or guidance from a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. Their role in the healthcare field requires compassion, commitment and strong work ethics in order to ensure safety and provide a solid nursing care to patients coming from a diverse group. Certified Nursing Assistants have a significant role at any medical facility. They also have a good salary that is why, the state is offering free CNA classes in Lubbock, Texas to accommodate interested individuals for this profession. The free CNA classes in Lubbock, Texas are provided by different schools and healthcare institutions. Ask these schools and see how you can get started with the training program for nursing assistants.

Destiny Staffing Career Center, LLC

Destiny Staffing Career Center, LLC is one of the staffing agencies that conducts CNA training for individuals interested in this kind of profession. The CNA training program will help prepare the graduates for the certification test and the demands of their career in the future. It has 75 hours of classroom lecture and clinical program which covers various topics like the basic nursing principles, patient’s rights, feeding and nutrition, patient transfers, emergency procedures, laws and ethics and personal hygiene. Students have to have a complete attendance to graduate. They have to participate in the clinical experience which will take place in a different facility. Applicants for the program should ensure to present a criminal background check, TB clearance, drug screening and immunization record in order to gain admission. Free CNA classes can be availed at this staffing agency but it is not being offered from time to time. However, Destiny Staffing Career Center, LLC has a flexible payment plan for individuals who cannot pay it all at once.

Three Star Nurse Aide Training

One of the best assets in Three Star Nurse Aide Training is the instructors who are grounded with caring and compassion, enabling them to share it to their students who want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The nursing assistant training program of this institution is composed of 75 hours of classroom lectures, hands-on laboratory and guided clinical experience in a community nursing facility. Although Three Star Nurse Aide Training does not require their applicants to have a high school diploma, they still want them to have an eight grade minimum English reading and comprehension in order to be accepted for the program. A criminal background check, immunization card, drug screening, physical exam and TB clearance are also needed to gain admission. Students in the program can also choose daytime or evening class schedules depending on their convenience. There is a smaller class size for a personalized teaching and review classes so interested students have to apply as soon as possible in order to reserve their slot. Scholarship programs are also available for those who wished to have a free CNA class.

Kaplan College

The nursing assistant training program of Kaplan College aims to provide the students an opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to become a qualified CNA. This program runs for 6 weeks and is composed of 120 hours; including 42 hours of didactic training in the classroom wherein the instructors use presentations, lectures and discussions to impart the essential nursing principles. The course allows the graduates to work in home health agencies, specialized clinics, hospitals, and long term care facilities. During the clinical training, students are supervised by the school’s instructors. They have to attend the 40 hours of clinical practice and 38 hours of hands-on laboratory training in order to graduate from the program. Tuition cost is $1,294 inclusive of the supplies, textbooks and registration fee. Students who wished to have a low cost CNA training can apply for a scholarship program or financial aid grants. Nevertheless, a flexible payment plan can be availed by everyone who wants to pay the tuition fee in an installment basis.

South Plains College

South Plains College has a nurse assistant training program that allows the graduates to receive a Certificate of Proficiency and a chance to take the certification exam provided by the state. The curriculum of the program is designed in a way that students become equipped with the profession since they need to learn various nursing concepts and skills. Classroom lectures, hands-on laboratory experience and clinical practice are combined, allowing the students to familiarize the roles and duties of nursing assistants. The program can be completed in 3 to 4 months depending on the commitment made by the student. Applicants have to submit a record of complete immunization, Hepatitis B, TB test and chest X-ray.