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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Kentucky

CNA Classes in Kentucky

It is not difficult to find employment as a CNA in Kentucky. Since several healthcare institutions are looking for new nursing assistants, you can easily get hired once you have the license to work as a CNA. This demand is increasing annually because of the number of patient admissions and fewer individuals are interested in working in healthcare facilities. Therefore, if you want to enjoy stable employment with good pay, you can train to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Kentucky in just a few weeks. The training program usually includes lectures and skills demonstrations essential for the certification exam and your ensuing profession. While it can be physically demanding to work as a CNA, but the fulfillment is priceless.

There are several free CNA classes available in the state offered to those who cannot pay the tuition due to financial issues. The free class is designed to entice new people to work in the medical field. While it is provided for free, it entails a commitment to work for a couple of months or years. Before enrolling in free classes, it is suggested that you have the passion to help the sick.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Kentucky:

Bourbon Heights Nursing Home

Bourbon Heights Nursing Home has free CNA classes in Kentucky that allow students to gain employment after the certification exam. This usually happens every year because the facility lacks nursing assistants to care for the residents who need long-term care and assistance. The program is made up of lectures, hands-on training, and clinical experience which take a couple of days to complete. Students qualified for the program will have to submit and pass the requirements for employment. If there is a background of crime or a communicable disease, the applicant will be denied entry into the program and a position in the Bourbon Heights Nursing Home. The screening process to get into the free CNA class of Bourbon Heights Nursing Home is selective. Applicants are chosen based on their qualifications and credentials as potential nursing assistants of their facility.

Berea Healthcare Center

The free CNA classes in Kentucky of Berea Healthcare Center are offered to those who wish to work in their facility as a nursing assistant. This is an excellent opportunity to have a stable income and career in the healthcare field because the institution provides work after passing the certification exam. The CNA course will cover basic nursing concepts in classroom lectures and skills training in their laboratory training. Students will handle actual residents in the facility and provide care on scheduled work shifts. This is a short course that leads to employment, so successful students will be offered a job in Berea Healthcare Center. Applicants of the free CNA training program have to be prepared for rigorous training. Since the institution wants to accept candidates who can potentially work for them, they usually look into the candidate’s commitment and desire to become a nursing assistant. Interviews and exams will be conducted as part of the screening process.

Beaver Dam Nursing and Rehab Center, Inc.

Beaver Dam Nursing and Rehab Center, Inc. has free CNA classes in Kentucky every year. The program is offered to individuals with an interest in working in the facility after the training process and certification exam. Although there are other nursing homes in Kentucky offering such free training, jumpstarting one’s career at Beaver Dam Nursing and Rehab Center, Inc. is a great choice. They will teach the primary concepts of caring for residents with a challenging behavior, and they ensure to guide students in the art of patient care. A licensed nurse or CNA will be responsible for supervising the students over the required span of time. Thus, they will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for their job in the process. It is important for candidates to remember that the free CNA training program requires them to work in the facility for a specified period in exchange for the state-approved course.

Baptist Hospital Northeast

Baptist Hospital Northeast has a free CNA class that can be a great venue for employment as a nursing assistant. Individuals living in Kentucky who want to have a stable career and excellent compensation can take this free class and finish it in a span of days. They will be trained how to handle a resident, especially those who need long-term care. Students will be assisted with their certification exam. Thus, they can graduate from the program without financial worry as the program offers a training allowance. Baptist Hospital Northeast provides the best training program for potential nursing assistants. The screening process to enroll in a free CNA course may be challenging, but candidates who successfully pass it are privileged to earn college credit. These individuals qualifyto take the state certification exam.

Schools with Free CNA Classes in Kentucky:

Madisonville Community College

Madisonville Community College offers a free and low-cost CNA training program in Kentucky. They are one of the local institutions that provides an excellent education to students without the need to pay. The CNA training program will cover hours of lectures and hands-on training in their laboratory room. Students will learn to handle actual residents to practice their skills in a healthcare setting. Students who want to take a free CNA class should visit the financial aid office to know more about the scholarships available. These scholarship programs as a rule look for students enrolled full-time in the College who demonstrate financial need and excellent academic grades. Nonetheless, students can apply for one or more scholarships to have a greater chance of securing funding for the nursing assistant training program.

Ashland Community and Technology College

Ashland Community and Technology College is offering a free CNA classes in Kentucky that cover 80 hours of core competencies in lectures and clinical experiences. Currently, the classes cost around $497, but scholarships and grants are available. Individuals who wish to take the program will be supervised by a licensed nurse or CNA during the entire clinical experience. They will handle residents or patients providing the primary care associated with Certified Nursing Assistants. Working in a healthcare facility is rewarding and challenging. Individuals seeking a free CNA course should meet the criteria of the scholarship program for which they want to apply These programs usually select candidates in a financial crisis and who excel academically. Due to limited funds for financial assistance, the financial aid office of the college screens applicants according to their qualifications.

Elizabeth Community and Technology College

Elizabeth Community and Technology College is offering one of the best CNA training programs in Kentucky. Residents who want to jumpstart a career in the healthcare field can take a CNA course and be eligible for the state certification exam. The CNA program of Elizabeth Community and Technology College is of equal quality vis-a-vis their other nursing courses. Students get individualized training because of the smaller class size. Educational and career goals are achieved since the faculty makes sure that their students are ready to enter a career in nursing. Apart from this, various teaching strategies are utilized to  the requisite knowledge and skills. The combined theoretical instruction and clinical experiences together equip students to be competent in selecting a career in the healthcare field. The expected cost of the CNA program at Elizabeth Community and Technology College is affordable, but individuals who wish to follow the free nursing assistant courses can inquire at the institution’s financial aid office to determine the availability of scholarships and financial aid grants.

Bowling Green Technical College

When it comes to quality nursing assistant training, Bowling Green Technical College proves to be one of the best nursing schools in Kentucky. With years of experience in the medical field, the institution takes pride in producing qualified nursing assistants who can deliver quality care to a diverse group of the population. The CNA training program is comprised of theoretical instruction coupled with skills training in the school’s state-of-the-art simulation lab as well as hands-on clinical experiences in local health care facilities. This kind of training will make students knowledgeable about the various nursing concepts essential  ptoroviding care and making assessments. It also fosters the advancement of skills because students can practice in a simulation lab and eventually attain experience thorugh hands-on exposure in a clinical setting. The CNA training program at Bowling Green Technical College can be availed throughout the year. Individuals with financial hardships can apply for scholarships to secure a free CNA training program.

Henderson Community College

Henderson Community College has a nursing assistant training program that qualifies graduates for the state certification exam. The program can be finished in a few weeks, with classroom-based education and hands-on clinical experiences. Students get the chance to undergo various teaching strategies helpful in fostering the requisite knowledge and skills for the nursing profession. Henderson Community College has a solid reputation in transforming individuals into competent health care professionals. The college has state-of-the-art facilities and modern equipment that enhance the students’ nursing skills. Students are also exposed to patients a local healthcare facility Henderson Community College offers affordable nursing assistant training in the state of Kentucky. Individuals who want to avail themselves of free CNA classes can apply at the school’s financial aid office where scholarship programs are offered. The free CNA class provides students with a quality training program at no cost.

Bluegrass Community and Technology College

Taking a nursing assistant training program at Bluegrass Community and Technology College enables graduates to work in the healthcare field. The program combines classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practicum. Students will be taught the various concepts and skills essential to nursing assistant practice. They will be supervised by a preceptor with great experience in the medical field. The CNA training program of Bluegrass Community and Technology is a reliable course that can jumpstart a graduate’s career in the healthcare profession. Individuals who want to take the free CNA class should inquire at the school’s admission or financial aid office. Scholarship programs are offered to deserving students, but iavailability is often limited. Students in the nursing assistant training program must maintain good academic standing and a strong place in their clinical practicum.

Kentucky Healthcare Training Institute

Kentucky Healthcare Training Institute offers free CNA individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. The program conists of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical practice. Students are required complete the designated hours of theoretical instruction and clinical practice to graduate and become eligible for the certification exam. The CNA training at Kentucky Healthcare Training Institute is state approved, and students can earn college credits that they can use in pursuing an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Moreover, the program  meets the standards of the Board of Nursing. Students are equipped with essential knowledge and skills useful in caring for patients in different healthcare settings. The minimum requirement of the CNA training at Kentucky Healthcare Training Institute is a high school diploma or GED equivalent. In addition, interested applicants must meet other qualifications mandated by the school.

All Kentucky State Approved CNA Programs

Ashland, KYAshland Community & Technical College1400 College Dr.606-326-2000
Edgewood, KYGateway Community & Technical College790 Thomas More Parkway859-441-4500
Elizabethtown, KYElizabethtown Community & Technical College600 College Street Road270-769-2371
Glasgow, KYBowling Green Technical College129 State Ave.270-651-5673
Hazard, KYHazard Community And Technical CollegeOne Community College Drive606-436-5721
Henderson, KYHenderson Community College2660 S. Green Street270-827-1867
Hopkinsville, KYHopkinsville Community College720 North Dr.270-707-3700
Lexington, KYBluegrass Community & Technical College470 Cooper Drive859-246-6200
Louisville, KYJefferson Community & Technical College109 East Broadway502-213-5333
Madisonville, KYMadisonville Community College2000 College Drive270-821-2250
Maysville, KYMaysville Community & Technical College1755 U.s. Highway 68606-759-7141
Owensboro, KYOwensboro Community & Technical College4800 New Hartford Road270-686-4400
Paducah, KYWest Kentucky Community & Technical College4810 Alben Barkley270-554-9200
Pineville, KYSoutheast Kentucky Community And Technical College10350 Us Hwy 25 E606-337-3106
Prestonsburg, KYBig Sandy Community & Technical College1 Bert T. Combs Drive606-886-3863
Somerset, KYSomerset Community College808 Monticello Street606-679-8501