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CNA Training & Classes | January 17, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Kansas

CNA Classes in Kansas

Kansas is hiring a lot of Certified Nursing Assistants because of the increasing adult population in need of long-term care. Individuals who are planning to have a stable career can choose this as an option because nursing assistants are well paid in Kansas, and they usually have the chance to upgrade their skills, pursue further education and receive a higher pay in the future. The training program for this kind of profession takes weeks only, so it is not going to be a burden for those who are unemployed and who have financial obligations. CNA’s in Kansas can work in any healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and many others. They can even work as a private caregiver to individuals who prefer to stay at home than in long-term care facilities. Thus, working as a Certified Nursing Assistant provides endless career opportunities.

Nevertheless, there are some free CNA classes in Kansas. People who are interested in this profession but are unable to pay their tuition fee can apply for scholarships from schools and healthcare facilities, with guaranteed employment soon after passing the certification exam. It might not be available for everyone, but free CNA classes in Kansas can be availed anytime and at any facility.

Schools offering Free CNA Classes in Kansas:

Johnson Community College

The Johnson Community College provides a CNA training program in Kansas. Aside from their low-cost programs, they also have scholarships for interested individuals who cannot afford to pay their tuition fees. The scholarships often cover the cost of the training, depending on the funding available. Nevertheless, the program has five credits divided by 96 hours of classroom lectures and clinical instruction in an acute care facility or long-term care institution. Most of the time, the Johnson Community College requires their students to complete the school’s requirements to gain admission. Students have to be a high school graduate with no criminal record, tuberculosis and other types of communicable diseases. They also have to present professional liability insurance as well as an immunization record. Overall, students have to be fit for the CNA training to make them qualified for the certification exam.

Coffeyville Community College

The 4-credit nursing assistant program of Coffeyville Community College usually costs around $240, but there are scholarships and grants available for qualified students. This may not be offered all year round because of the limited availability, but anyone can inquire at the school’s admissions office. The CNA training program is a 90-hour course designed to equip the students with knowledge and skills for nursing assistants. They will be taught about different nursing concepts and be trained for the skills like vital signs taking, patient care, activities of daily living, input and output monitoring and many others. Upon completion of the course, students will then be eligible for the certification exam. Applying for a scholarship program is a perfect way to avail free CNA classes in Kansas. Coffeyville Community College provides these financial aid opportunities to increase the number of healthcare providers in the state. Candidates have to meet the criteria to be considered for a scholarship program.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Kansas:

Bethel Healthcare Center

Bethel Healthcare Center is in need of nursing assistants who are passionate, kind and caring. If this is something that interests you, a free CNA program is offered in their facility. This kind of program allows an individual to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Kansas because it teaches a lot of concepts and skills needed for the certification exam. The free CNA class also provides direct employment upon passing the exam. This can answer to someone’s unemployment problem because even the training will enable the student to gain an allowance. This is why it can be a great privilege to take the program for free and become employed right after. However, individuals interested in the free CNA training program have to agree with the contract details of the facility. Bethel Healthcare Center accepts candidates who can work for them in a certain period, and who can provide the best health care services to patients. Thus, they screen the applicants correctly and select those who deserve the training and position.

Cambridge Place

Cambridge Place also has a free CNA classes in Kansas happening now and then. This is conducted in a few days with direct supervision of a Licensed Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant. The program covers lectures, skills training and clinical experience in Cambridge Place. It will be a good experience for those individuals who have no jobs at the moment because becoming a nursing assistant in the state of Kansas provides vast opportunities and great compensation package. The program takes place in a couple of days so right after finishing it; a certification exam will be given to work eligibly in the institution. This does not take long, and it can be a stepping stone for a career in the healthcare field. However, the free CNA training program is only for individuals who are willing to work in the facility for a specified period. Applicants are screened according to their credentials, and they are evaluated based on the program criteria. Individuals interested in the free CNA course should be ready to work within Cambridge Place and should give the desire to care for patients.

Alma Manor

The Alma Manor is a great source of free CNA classes in Kansas. Similar to other institutions, it allows the students to gain the necessary skills of a nursing assistant. They will be taught on the different aspects of nursing including the skills that every CNA should have. Although the process of admission is rigorous, successful applicants who qualify for the program will be employed in Alma Manor upon passing the state certification exam. A CNA in Alma Manor receives higher wages compared to other types of jobs. In fact, the healthcare field is one of the most stable industries nowadays. Hence, taking the free CNA class in this institution has enormous opportunities at hand. However, the application process of the free CNA training at Alma Manor is selective. Only the applicants who meet the criteria of the facility and the program are invited to undergo the short course training.

Butler County Community College

The Nursing Assistant training program at Butler County Community College provides the best training for aspiring healthcare professionals. The program is a short course training that includes academic instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical experiences. Students who want to work in the healthcare field as nursing assistants can undergo a CNA training program at Butler County Community College, which is offered all year round. The program is taught by the college’ expert faculty and staff who have years of experience in the healthcare field. Students receive an individualized training which prepares them for the state certification exam. Individuals who want to take the CNA course at Butler County Community College should be at least a high school graduate with a diploma or GED equivalent. Other requirements are posted in the school’s admission office. Nevertheless, students who want to avail a free CNA class can apply for scholarships or financial aid programs, with academic grades and financial status as the main components for evaluation.

Cowley County Community College

Cowley County Community College has free CNA classes to residents in Kansas who are struggling to find a stable career. The program enables graduates to work in various healthcare settings by passing the certification exam which is given after completing the course. The CNA training program is comprised of classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experiences. Students receive hours of theoretical instruction before putting them into clinical practice with supervision from a preceptor. Aside from that, they will be trained by expert faculty who have years of experience in the clinical field. Availing the free CNA class at Cowley County Community College is a great privilege to earn a college credit in the nursing profession. Admission requirements should be met to be considered for acceptance, but applicants have to take note that the program accepts few students per term due to the small class size followed by the college.

Allen County Community College

Allen County Community College is offering a free CNA class in the state of Kansas. The program allows graduates to work as nursing assistants in healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and many others. At the end of the course, students have to take and pass the certification exam which is an examination to work eligibly in any healthcare setting. The CNA training program of Allen County Community College is approved by the state Board of Nursing. Students receive a substantial amount of training from the best faculty of the institution. Hours of academic instruction is dedicated before the hands-on clinical practicum. Students have to complete every phase of the training to graduate and receive the corresponding college credits of the program. Nevertheless, students of the program should also excel academically and in the clinical setting to obtain a certificate of completion. The CNA course can be completed in a few weeks, but it will take longer for students choosing a part-time education.

Newton Medical Center

Newton Medical Center is continuously hiring nursing assistants who can care for a diverse group of patients. Interested individuals who are not yet Certified Nursing Assistants can still apply. The medical center provides a state approved CNA training program for their applicants who can be potential nursing assistants. The program is similar to any other nursing assistant training programs. It is combined with hours of lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice at Newton Medical Center. Students will be guided and supervised by the institution’s training officers who have also licensed healthcare professionals. These individuals will also be assisted in taking the state certification exam. However, the free CNA program of Newton Medical Center is not for everybody. Successful students who completed the program and passed the state certification exam will be offered a work contract. This means that only individuals committed to working in the medical center for a particular period are considered for the admission process.