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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Detroit

Detroit Free CNA Classes

Students taking the CNA course in Michigan must pass the clinical and written exam before they can work in a professional environment. The positive aspect of the city of Detroit is that it hosts numerous state-run programs for people who would like to obtain the necessary skills to work in the healthcare sector. Seventy-five hours of training must be completed and students are obligated to register for the Prometric test once the requisite class time has been finalized. Students who pass the exam will receive a license valid for two years and will be registered in the state Nurse Registry. You must achieve a minimum score of seventy percent to qualify.

Hazy Institute

Six principles of care are the focus of the 75-hour state-approved CNA program. The instructors teach students to measure the blood pressure of the residents, respiration, temperature, and pulse rate. Essential communication, personal care, communication, and grooming are also primary. The applicant will have to provide Hazy Institute with a chest x-ray, background check, TB skin test, and must pass the 8th-grade reading test. After the classes, candidates are eligible to take the state CNA certification exam. The fees for tuition are $500, including the cost of textbooks and materials. However, some students receive financial aid, and there is a payment plan for students who cannot pay the fees all at once. These programs enable aspiring CNAs to obtain funding for their education, especially those who cannot afford the entire tuition. Interested individuals have to show financial need and meet the required GPA.

Health Care Solutions and Career Group

You can train to become a CNA in just two weeks at the Health Care Solutions and Career Group. Basic level patient care education is provided in the course; emphasis is placed on excellent care along with passion. The school is offering classes during the day and in the evening for the convenience of students who would like to be a part of the course. The cost of tuition is $575 which covers lab sessions, textbooks, class time, and clinical supplies. There is a one-day pre-examination course that all students must attend if they plan to sign up for the state certification examination. The cost of the exam is $176.50. A TB test, background check and approval from the Institute must be granted before acceptance into the program. Health Care Solutions and Career Group provides excellent training to aspiring nursing assistants. Graduates are well prepared for the state licensing exam and prospective employment in various healthcare facilities.

Greater Horizon Training Institute

Greater Horizon Training Institute offers flexible training for 13 days all-day training or 19 days of training in the evening. There are 90 hours of contact during which the students obtain the skills needed to pass the state exam to perform competently on the job. Graduates will be given a certificate for completing the program at the Institute and will be ready to take the exam for CNA’s in Michigan. Sudents who apply must test for TB and should be able to comprehend and read English. You can contact the Institute to learn about free CNA classes in Detroit. Greater Horizon Training Institute usually provides free CNA training through their financial aid office. They have several scholarship programs that allow students to secure financial support for their CNA education. These applicants have to demonstrate financial hardship and should present excellent grades to have a better chance of getting the scholarship.

Free CNA Classes by Red Cross

The CNA program offered is one of the best and most popular in the healthcare sector. The training period at the Red Cross Michigan is designed for completion in 4 to 8 weeks, as approved by the state. The training program offered by the Red Cross is for students who would like to excel in the nursing field and has been ongoing for more than 100 years. The organization has experienced educators who understand how to convey, teach, and help students practice proper care. Students who pass the program are thoroughly prepared to offer their skills in nursing homes, hospitals and clinics. Numerous educational tools are included in the program to make it interactive and progressive. There are flexible schedules for students who are working while training for a CNA license. The cost of the course is $900, and financial aid is available for these free CNA classes in Detroit. Before being accepted into the program, you must attend the orientation, have a high school diploma, provide a background check, take the Red Cross physical exam, and pass aTB test.

Arnold Home

Arnold Home is one of the healthcare facilities in Detroit that offers free CNA classes. The program is granted to individuals willing to work in this medical setting for a specified period. Arnold Home needs several CNAs who can provide quality nursing care to patients. Thus, they have been offering free CNA classes to entice Detroit residents to pursue this healthcare profession. The CNA program combines classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experience. It can be completed in a few weeks, becoming an opportunity to start a stable career in the nursing profession. Since the free CNA class provides direct employment within the facility, passers of the state licensing exam can work right away and receive an excellent compensation package. Interested applicants can submit their application to the nursing home’s human resources department, together with other essential documents like a high school diploma, criminal background check and physical exam results.

Northwest Continuing Care Center

Northwest Continuing Care Center provides free CNA classes in Detroit to entice more people to work in the facility. The program is a short course training that includes classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experience. Individuals under this program will be taught several nursing concepts and competencies essential to CNA practice. Since it can be completed in a few weeks, students can take the state licensing exam right away and work at Northwest Continuing Care Center for at least the specified period. Applicants of the program have to meet the requirements and demonstrate financial need and excellent academic performance. The care center screens applicants and selects deserving candidates who can work for them and meet the demands of the profession. Getting a free CNA class at Northwest Continuing Care Center affords the great privilege of becoming a healthcare provider in a span of weeks.

Oakpointe Villa Nursing Centre

Oakpointe Villa Nursing Centre has a free CNA training program open to individuals who can potentially work in this facility for a specified period. Due to the increasing shortage of CNAs in Detroit, this nursing center trains and educates interested applicants who have no qualifications as a nursing assistant but are willing to complete the training program. They screen the candidates and choose those who meet the requirements of the center and the state Board of Nursing. After the selection process, qualified candidates go through hours of classroom lectures and skills training covering the concepts essential for CNA practice. These individuals will be exposed to the different areas of the nursing center with supervision from a clinical preceptor. They will be able to handle actual patients with various healthcare needs. All students in the CNA program experience theoretical discussions and hands-on clinical practice at the same time.

Detroit Job Corp Center

One of the sources of free CNA classes is the Detroit Job Corp Center. The center has been providing vocational training programs to young individuals aged 16 to 24 to help them secure a stable and well-compensating career in the state, particularly in the healthcare field. The free CNA training program runs for a couple of weeks after which graduates can take the licensing exam, the ticket to a career as a nursing assistant in different medical facilities. Senior high school students and secondary school graduates are welcome to apply. Accepted individuals will be housed in the job corp center and provided with uniforms, textbooks, supplies, and training allowances. The good thing about the CNA training program of Detroit Job Corp Center is that it helps graduates get a stable job after passing the exam. It is an excellent opportunity to start as a CNA and pursue other nursing programs that can enhance one’s professional career.

Henry Ford Community College

Henry Ford Community College offers an affordable CNA training program to individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. The CNA training program is a short healthcare course that can be completed in a few weeks. It combines theoretical instruction with hands-on clinical practice to provide adequate knowledge and skills to prospective nursing assistants. Henry Ford Community College offers quality CNA education to future healthcare providers. Other than having expert clinical instructors, the college also boasts modern facilities that hasten the student’s learning and develop high-caliber nursing skills. Students with financial struggles can apply for scholarship programs to lessen the cost of the CNA training. Various scholarship programs are available in the community college to support financially needy students taking the CNA course. Applicants can submit an application at the financial aid office. Potential candidates are screened, and individuals with financial hardship and excellent academic performance are chosen first.

Wayne County Community College

Wayne County Community College has a low-cost CNA training program that enables graduates to work in various healthcare facilities. The program starts with hours of classroom lectures that cover basic nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, nutrition, activities of daily living, and many others. Skills training will then take place in a simulation lab where every student is taught the skills necessary for the CNA profession. Students then undergo hours of hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility to enhance their abilities and learn to care for actual patients with different needs. Students experiencing financial struggles can apply for free CNA classes. The community college has several scholarship programs that provide financial support to those undergoing a CNA training program. These programs are often limited, but qualified candidates get full support for their tuition. The free CNA classes of Wayne County Community College thus require assessment of the student’s financial status and academic grades.

Crockett Vocational/Technical Center

Crockett Vocational or Technical Center is offering a CNA training program that allows graduates to work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities as qualified nursing assistants. The program is a combination of lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experience in a local healthcare facility. It allows students to gain substantial knowledge and the expertise necessary for the profession as all students are trained, supervised, and supported in their career and educational goals. Crockett Vocational/Technical Center is equipped with modern facilities and expert clinical instructors who will nurture the student’s skills and talents to prepare them for the state licensing exam and future employment. The free CNA classes at this technical center can be obtained by applying at the financial aid office where several scholarship programs are available. Applicants have to demonstrate financial hardship and an excellent academic record to be considered for a scholarship.

Genanscot Services

Genanscot Services has a CNA training program that enables individuals to work as a healthcare provider in various medical settings. The institution has excellent facilities and expert clinical instructors who will nurture the knowledge and skills of aspiring CNAs. The CNA training program of Genanscot Services is a combined format of classroom lecture, skills training, and hands-on clinical experience, which allow students to be prepared for the state licensing exam. Free CNA classes can be obtained through the institution’s financial aid office. These no-cost classes are granted to deserving individuals who demonstrate financial need and excel academically. Genanscott Services provides these free programs to entice Detroit residents to pursue a career in the healthcare field. It is given to help the unemployed and people who cannot find a stable job. Interested applicants must submit the necessary documents including a high school diploma, criminal background check, and physical examination. They also have to undergo interviews and exams as part of the screening process.

Check out these free CNA classes in Detroit and sign up, so you can advance your career opportunities for a more secure future.

List of all the State Approved CNA Classes in Detroit

Detroit, MIAmerican Red Cross Southeastern Michigan Region100 Mack Avenue313-833-4440
Detroit, MIGenanscot Services17800 E. Warren313-647-9860
Detroit, MIGreater Horizon Training Institute 619 Griswold, Suite 1520313-871-2600
Detroit, MIHealth Care Solutions And Career Group15800 West Mcnichols, Suite 233313-270-4550
Detroit, MIHelping Hands Training Programs For Cena’s Llc430 Mack Ave.313-585-8723
Detroit, MILaersi Era Medical Training Llc5555 Conner Ave.313-571-3398
Detroit, MIMichigan Career & Technical Inst.2600 Garland St.269-664-9255
Detroit, MIN.u.r.s.e.s. (Ecorse High School)27225 W. Outer Dr.313-577-8605
Detroit, MIOdyssey Educational Center18455 James Couzens Hwy.313-341-7512
Detroit, MIWayne County Community College8200 West Outer Drive313-943-4493