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CNA Training & Classes | November 15, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Connecticut

CNA Classes in Connecticut

Several career opportunities are awaiting residents of Connecticut who choose to become a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant. This profession is fulfilling and highly-compensating, considering the economic recession and the number of unemployed individuals nowadays. Aside from this, the training program for CNA’s does not take long so one can seek employment in less than a year.

However, CNA training programs are not free. Most schools and nursing institutions offering them ask for tuition, books, uniforms, and the certification exam fees. But, there is hope for individuals who cannot afford the entire program. Some schools and institutions in Connecticut are offering free CNA classes to qualified individuals. This free training is often granted with direct employment right after passing the certification exam; it is a great opportunity for those who want to learn. Certified Nursing Assistants in Connecticut receive excellent compensation, and the opportunities are ample. Thus, if you want to start a career in the healthcare field through the CNA profession, you can choose any of these institutions offerring free CNA classes.

Schools Offering Subsidized and Free CNA Classes in Connecticut:

Sheriden Woods Health Care Center

Sheriden Woods Health Care Center is one of the healthcare facilities that provides free CNA classes in Connecticut. Individuals who want to work  at this facility can take the training program at no cost as long as they agree to be employed after passing the certification exam. Sheriden Woods Health Care Center is a great venue to undergo the CNA training program because of their complete facilities and expert professionals who supervise the students. They aim to educate aspiring nursing assistants and at the same time provide employment to people who wished to work in the healthcare field. However, the free CNA training program of Sheriden Woods Health Care Center is not for everyone. Only applicants with excellent credentials are hired and accepted for the free training. Interested candidates have to pass all the interviews and exams given.

Bullard-Haven Regional Vocational Technical School

The free CNA program of Bullard-Haven Regional Vocational Technical School is a 10-week course covering a couple of hours of classroom lectures, lab instruction and clinical training in acute care and long-term geriatrics facilities. The course is available three times annually, so anyone wishing to take the free CNA classes in Connecticut has the opportunity to enroll any time of the year. The fall, winter and spring, classroom hours will take place from 8 am to 12 pm, with clinical hours in assigned facilities. Upon completion of the course, students will be entitled to take the written and skills examination for entry into the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry. Take note that the free CNA classes of Bullard-Haven Regional Vocational Technical School can be obtained through a scholarship program. Students can apply for a scholarship that will fund the CNA nursing training program. Essential requirements should be met including a high school diploma or GED equivalent, an outstanding cumulative GPA, and proof of financial need.

Quinebaug Valley Community College

The Quinebaug Valley Community College has a free CNA course that provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills for the profession. The program includes classroom lectures, laboratory training, and clinical experience that take place within three months. Usually, the program cost is $1,099 inclusive of books and related materials, but students who take the free classes will not pay anything except for uniforms, watch, scrubs, and the certification exam. Once the program terminates, the institution will facilitate the students for their exam, which consists of both oral and written portions. The free CNA training program of Quinebaug Valley Community College can be availed through a scholarship program. Since there is a need for nursing assistants, several funding programs are available to entice more people to study the CNA course. Most of the scholarship programs are given to students who demonstrate financial need and a desire to complete the program.

Naugatuck Community College

The free CNA classes in Connecticut by Naugatuck Community College are provided by different course schedules to meet the student’s own needs. Employed individuals or those who have commitments can choose the best one suitable. The training will be entail classroom discussion, lectures, applied learning and laboratory simulation. It will be a whole new experience for those who are not exposed to the clinical setting yet. Aside from this, there will be skills and written exams from time to time for students to be prepared for their future certification test. Free classes are not offered all year round, but the financial office has scholarships and grants for a limited period.

Tunxis Community College

Tunxis Community College offers free CNA classes in Connecticut covering 120 hours of training in a span of 12 weeks. Classes are conducted in the morning and evening, with limited students per session. There will be classroom instruction, clinical exposure, and laboratory training throughout the program to equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills needed in their future career. It is not difficult to avail oneself of the free CNA classes at Tunxis Community College because the financial aid office can provide the necessary information for scholarships and grants. Interested students simply have to fulfill the necessary requirements of the scholarship program. They should also ensure good academic standing and demonstrate financial need to be granted the free CNA training.

Three Rivers Community College

The Three Rivers Community College offers CNA classes designed to equip and prepare students for careers in the healthcare field. It usually covers 120 hours of instruction, including laboratory training and clinical experience that take place in their facilities and accredited healthcare institution. The free CNA classes are provided to qualified individuals, but they are often limited per training program. Recipients of scholarships and grants receive the same amount of training as paying students, but they will pay for their certification exam upon completing the program. To apply for a free CNA training program students must inquire at the school’s financial aid office and know the requirementsforf the scholarships.

American Professional Educational Services, Inc.

The American Professional Educational Services, Inc. is offering CNA classes for individuals who want to start working in the healthcare field as nursing assistants. The Nursing Assistant training program combines classroom lectures with laboratory training and clinical experiences. Students gain a substantial amount of knowledge and skills useful in the profession and taking the certification exam. The American Professional Educational Services, Inc. provides a small classroom size that allows students to enjoy individualize learning throughout the program. The faculty and staff are licensed healthcare professionals, who will help every aspiring healthcare provider achieve their educational and professional goals. Free CNA classes can be availed for students under a scholarship program. This opportunity allows individuals to earn a certificate at no cost. To know more about the free CNA classes, interested applicants are encouraged to inquire at the school’s admission and financial aid office. There are certain requirements that applicants need to meet.

Centro de la Comunidad, Inc.

Centro de la Comunidad, Inc. is a great option for individuals seeking free CNA classes. The Nursing Assistant training program is a short healthcare course that allows graduates to take the state certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The healthcare system in Connecticut is in need of a lot of nursing assistants. Thus, the free CNA classes at Centro de la Comunidad, Inc. provide multiple opportunities to graduates who need a stable career. The CNA course combines classroom instruction, laboratory skills training, and clinical practicum in an affiliated healthcare facility. Students can learn various nursing concepts and competencies they can apply in the actual setting. The free CNA class of Centro de la Comunidad, Inc is not open tor everyone. Only students with good academic standing and financial hardship are considered for this privilege. However, there are still scholarship programs for a free CNA course for which students can apply.

Educational Training of Wethersfield

The free CNA training program at Educational Training of Wethersfield is a short course program that can be completed in a few months. The program includes classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experience that foster lifelong learning and commitment in the healthcare field. Students in the program learn various concepts and skills they can use in the profession, especially to pass the state certification exam. They will be trained through the expertise of the institution’s faculty and staff who are licensed healthcare professionals with years of experience in the profession. The Nursing Assistant training program at Educational Training at Wethersfield can be availed all year round, but the free classes are only given to students who excel in academics and who cannot afford to pay the tuition and fees. The availability of free CNA classes can be obtained at the financial aid office of Educational Training of Wethersfield.

New Haven Adult Education

New Haven Adult Education offers CNA classes to aspiring healthcare professionals. The program covers both classroom instruction and skills training in a state-of-the-art simulation lab and within the related healthcare facilities of New Haven Adult Education. Students receive college credits for completing the program. The CNA course allows them to learn basic nursing skills and essential concepts useful in their profession. The institution’s faculty and staff will ensure that quality education and training are provided to students who aspire to be nursing assistants in the state of Connecticut. Individuals unable to pay for tuition and related costs can avail themselves of the free CNA class offered by New Haven Adult Education. The free training is conducgted throughout the year but is only given to a limited number of students. The free CNA classes usually entail tuition costs, uniforms, medical supplies, and certification fees.

Housatonic Community College

Housatonic Community College has a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that prepares individuals to pass the certification exam and work in various healthcare settings. The program uses classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experiences to enhance the student’s knowledge and skills in the medical field. Housatonic Community College has a conducive environment for learning and state-of-the-art facilities in which students receive a quality CNA education. The institution takes pride in having an expert faculty who are licensed healthcare professionals. Individuals looking for free CNA classes at Housatonic Community College often fail to find one. However, the college accepts third-party payments from organizations such as the Health Career Academy or CT Works. This means that students under this scholarship program can still take advantage of free CNA classes, provided they meet the requirements, including good academic grades and financial hardship.