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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Columbus

Columbus Free CNA Classes

The Ohio Department of Health provides free CNA classes in Columbus for those interested in pursuing a healthcare career. The program has been approved by the state and ensures that CNAs receive the knowledge and skills required to care for patients. It is essential that prospective CNAs complete the entire training before taking the nurse’s aide certification examination. According to federal law, it is imperative that students receive a minimum of 75 hours of STNA knowledge. Out of these hours, 16 must be given to hands-on practice, and 59 devoted to learning essential nursing skills in the classroom. Those who pass the state examination in Ohio become State Tested Nurse Aides.

Premier Choice Health Services

The CNA class at this facility is an STNA-approved training program that rigorously prepares students to take the CNA examination within the course of two weeks. The class is quick as new students are enrolled every two weeks out of which 99% pass. There is a 95% job placement rate. The best part of this program is that day and evening classes are offered so that students can fit them into their busy schedules. The course is conducted by experienced instructors who make sure that students receive the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this career and provide high-quality care to the patients. Upon completing the training, graduates can take the state exam at Premier Choice Health Service and receive a license to work in nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. The tuition for the course is affordable and costs $385 including textbooks and other lab materials.

Buckeye Health Agency, LLC

Buckeye Health Agency is an approved STNA program conducted by the Ohio Department of Health. The two-week certificate program provides 75 hours of clinical training which includes: CPR training, infection control, introduction to healthcare jobs, caring for patients, etc. To join the program, applicants must be at least 17 years of age and have good knowledge of reading and writing English. Students with a high school diploma or GED have a greater chance of succeeding in this course. After completion of the program and examinations, graduates are regarded as CNAs within the state of Ohio. To take the CNA test, applicants much bring two forms of ID, a completed application form, deposit, and meet all healthcare requirements to complete the clinical portion of the training. You can ask here about free CNA classes at Buckeye Health Agency.

Alia Healthcare

Alia Healthcare is a CNA program that consists of 75 hours of clinical and classroom training approved by the state of Ohio. This course is offered during the day, evening, and even on the weekends with different durations and costs. There is an accelerated day class that allows students to finish the course within just ten days. Classes are conducted on Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Part-time classes go for three nights weekly for approximately four weeks. The classes are from Mondays through Wednesday from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Those who plan on taking the course on the weekend must attend for six weeks plus undergo an additional week of clinical skills. The topics included in the course include the roles of a nurse’s aide, death and dying, hygiene, infection control, interpersonal relationships, etc. The tuition for day classes is $399 and for evening or weekends, it is $499. This cost is inclusive of tuition, application fees, clinical fees, and registration.

Columbus State Community College

The Columbus State Community College offers a three-credit CNA certification program that supplies students with the skills and knowledge required to care for patients in long-term health care facilities. This is a 76-hour training program that involves 60 hours of lectures/labs followed by 16 hours of hands-on training in a clinical setting. Once the graduates pass the state examination, they are listed on the state registry as certified CNAs. To enroll, applicants must follow the procedures of the community college and meet the math and English requirements. The tuition cost is $259 plus $93 for textbooks and other supplies. Columbus State Community College provides several scholarship programs to those who cannot afford to pay the entire CNA cost. These programs provide financial support to economically-disadvantaged students. Thus, it allows them to study free and pursue a better career in the healthcare field.

Frontier Health Care

The STNA program at Frontier Health Care offers 75 hours of training to those in search of a job as a CNA in a long-term healthcare facility. Here, the curriculum consists of 59 hours of training plus an additional 16 hours of clinical experience. Throughout the program, students will learn the basics of  the CNA job such as recording vital signs, transferring patients, bathing, feeding, changing bed linens, helping with grooming, etc. To enroll , students are required to provide a copy of their medical exam and a 2-step PPD that has been performed within the last 12 months. The total cost for te course is $395 including textbooks and other materials. However, individuals can obtain financial support from private organizations that help financially-challenged students. These groups often cover the cost of the training, which helps them secure the covetted free CNA program in Columbus.

Larock Healthcare Academy

Students who enroll at Larock Healthcare Academy receive high-quality skills and knowledge by experienced instructors who train them for the state certification exam. Here they learn basic nursing personal care skills they needed to pass the state examination. This is a state-approved curriculum that involves 83 hours of classroom plus clinical instruction to ensure that graduates have all the knowledge needed for the profession. The tuition is $395 plus textbooks and other supplies. Students who want to undergo a free CNA class can submit an application for a scholarship. The Academy has several programs to cover the costs of those who cannot afford the complete training. These scholarships are often limited, but they can be an excellent opportunity to study without paying. Larock Healthcare Academy looks for students committed to finishing the program and show financial need and a good academic record.

My Tees Healthcare

My Tees Healthcare’s program trains individuals to become an STNA within 12 days classes or 17 evening classes. It has been certified by the state and meets the minimum requirements by providing 75 hours of classroom and clinical training. Students receive specialized knowledge that allows them to prepare for the state certification exam. The topics included are essential nursing skills, anatomy, rights of patients, transferring patients, taking vital signs, bathing, grooming and so forth. During the clinical portion of the course, the students have the ability to put their classroom knowledge to the test while at the same time enhancing their communication skills and level of confidence. The tuition cost is $359, but students may need to pay extra for textbooks, a medical examination, and the mandatory TB test. Undergoing CNA training at this facility enables students to be well prepared for the licensing exam.

Academia School of Nursing

The Academia School of Nursing is offering a free CNA class to deserving students who want to earn a nurse’s assistant certificate. The program takes several weeks after which graduates can work in different healthcare facilities. Interested individuals must  meet the requirements of the program including a high school diploma or GED equivalent, complete immunization record, physical exam and criminal background check. The requirements should be submitted to the school’s admission’s office to be invited for an interview and review. The CNA at Academia School of Nursing is a rigorous program that includes classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experience. Students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for the CNA profession. After graduating, they take the state licensing exam.

The Alvis House Columbus Community Reentry Center

The Alvis House Columbus Community Reentry Center is one of the providers of free CNA classes in Columbus. The facility provides numerous opportunities including ongoing job coaching, job readiness training, case management, GED classes, and employment education like the CNA training. Such programs are given to help residents of the state secure stable and well-compensating careers, particularly in the healthcare field. Individuals interested in the free CNA training program must meet the requirements and show financial hardship and solid academic performance. The institution screens potential applicants to proivde free training to those who deserve it. Selected candidates receive no-cost training including uniforms, books, supplies, and the certification exam fee. They are also assisted with the state licensing exam and future employment. Applying at the Alvis House Columbus Community Reentry Center helps applicants to obtain a long-term career in the nursing profession.

Abaco Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility

Abaco Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility is one of the healthcare facilities in Columbus that offers free CNA classes to qualified candidates. The facility is in need of nursing assistants; thus are offering free CNA classes to entice potential applicants. The free CNA classes start with classroom lectures, followed by a laboratory training and hands-on clinical practice. Accepted candidates go through a rigorous training to prepare them for the state licensing exam and become equipped to care for patients. Applicants must provide a high school diploma, clean criminal background, and a physical exam result. Most importantly, they must be willing to work in the rehabilitation center as part of the contract. Candidates who go through a free CNA training program at Abaco Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility not only receive a certificate after completing the course, but they also obtain free uniforms, books, supplies, and a training allowance.

Ohio Buckeye Region – the American Red Cross

The Ohio Buckeye Region provides free CNA training programs to qualified individuals who have the willingness to be a part of the healthcare team. This American Red Cross local chapter aims to produce new CNAs who are competent and possess the right attitude to excel in the nursing field. Thus, the institution provides a state-approved CNA training program that equips students with essential knowledge and skills. Because of the limited slots available for the free CNA class, applicants must showcase their best abilities and academic performance to have a higher chance of admittance. The Ohio Buckeye Region is equipped with modern facilities and equipment to hasten student learning. They also have clinical instructors who are experts in the nursing field. The CNA training program can be completed in a few weeks and graduates are then qualified to take the state licensing exam, entitling them to work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions.

City Year Columbus

The City Year Columbus has special programs for individuals aged 17 to 24 who want to become a nursing assistant in the state. The program incorporates hands-on clinical training and classroom lectures to enable the students become the best healthcare providers in the city. Students are trained under the expertise of clinical instructors who are licensed healthcare professionals. They are also exposed to a local healthcare facility where they provide nursing services to actual patients. The City Year Columbus provides this free training program to young people to help them secure a stable job in the nursing profession. It allows beneficiaries to receive full financial support for their CNA education. Interested applicants can submit the required documents and will be screened based on financial need and academic performance. There will be interviews and exams as part of the admission process.

There are many opportunities for people searching for free CNA classes in Columbus. So, continue your search and enroll in a class that best suits your needs.