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CNA Training & Classes | January 17, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Colorado

CNA Classes in Colorado

For quite a long time, Colorado has been searching for Certified Nursing Assistants to keep their health care facilities capable of providing services to some patients. Even if several individuals become CNA’s every year, the state still needs more nursing assistants who can take care of old and young patients, whether with a disability or not. Free CNA classes are now offered at different facilities to compensate the need for healthcare services. These free classes might not be available all the time, but schools and nursing facilities are providing CNA programs to increase employment in the state.

If you are one of the people in Colorado seeking for a permanent job, becoming a CNA might be the profession you have to consider. This is a well-compensating career to find because CNA’s receive an excellent compensation package, along with other benefits on health, holidays and many others. Other than this, job opportunities for CNA’s are also vast that is why; one can apply from one institution to the other.

Approved Nursing Homes offering Free CNA Classes in Colorado:

Mountain Meadows Nursing Center

Nursing homes like Mountain Meadows Nursing Center are one of the best facilities to get free CNA classes in Colorado. They usually pay the individuals who undergo the program as the facility itself is experiencing a shortage of nursing assistants. However, this can only be provided to those who qualify. Persons who have plans of working outside the facility will not be accepted for the training, and those who agree to work for them will be offered a sure employment right after passing the certification exam. The Mountain Meadows Nursing Center is an excellent venue for CNA training, so interested individuals for free classes should grab this opportunity before its slots become full.

Columbine Health Systems

The Columbine Health Systems also has free CNA classes in Colorado for people who qualify for their employment requirements. Usually, they offer the scholarship to those who agrees to work in their institution after the entire program, so interested individuals have to make sure that they will be serving Columbine Health Systems for a particular period. The complete CNA training is paid, including the employment opportunities right after. Thus, unemployed individuals can take it as a privilege to have a stable career in the state of Colorado. People who want to make use in the free CNA classes of Columbine Health Systems can inquire in their human resource department where the hiring process takes place. Various requirements will be asked from applicants, and it usually includes a high school diploma or GED equivalent, physical exam, and criminal background check.

St. Vincent Hospital

In St. Vincent Hospital, a free nurse aide training program is provided to Colorado residents who wanted to work at their facility. Just like any other facilities, they offer lectures, skills training and hands-on experience to all their students so they will learn how to handle the patients in whatever kind of cases they may have. Once the program is done, students will be assisted in their certification exam to work eligibly in their facility. Being employed at St. Vincent Hospital is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field. The compensation package and bonuses are excellent, allowing every employed nursing assistant gain a stable employment in Colorado. More information about the free CNA training can be obtained from their human resource department.

Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado

The Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado offers a program called welfare-to-work. This kind of program is a great initiative of the institution to help unemployed individuals seek employment after gaining a substantial amount of training and hands-on experience. One of the welfare-to-work programs offered by Goodwill is the CNA training program. The CNA course will enable its beneficiaries to receive training that will make them qualified to work as a nursing assistant in various healthcare settings. This kind of program is composed of a lecture, laboratory training, and clinical practicum. Individuals accepted for this course will have a clear understanding of what the nursing profession is all about and how to deliver the primary responsibilities of nursing assistants. Students in this program will not pay anything for the tuition or fees. The Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado will cover all the potential expenses of the program. In fact, they even help their graduates secure a permanent employment after passing the state certification exam.

Front Range Community Boulder

The Front Range Community Boulder is also an excellent source of free CNA training. Individuals who find it hard to seek a stable career can apply for a free CNA course at this institution. The program can be completed in a few weeks, and it covers mainly the concepts and skills that every nursing assistant should know. A combined classroom lecture, laboratory training, and clinical experiences will be given to students. To apply for a free CNA training program at Front Range Community Boulder, interested applicants have to know its availability and the corresponding requirements. These individuals should present themselves as the most deserving people for the free CNA course because only a few applicants are accepted for the program. Among the requirements of the scholarship program is at least 18 years old or above, a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a physical exam, a complete list of immunization, and a criminal background check.

Colleges offering free CNA Classes in Colorado:

Red Rocks Community College

The free CNA class of Red Rocks Community College has 107 hours of training, with afternoon and evening classes available. It is not usually offered all year round, so individuals who want to avail it should ask their admissions office beforehand. The CNA class is a combination of classroom lectures, laboratory training, and clinical exposure and it will be supervised by a Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant. The free classes may cover tuition fees, books, and other paraphernalia but it will not include the certification exam. To avail the free CNA class of Red Rocks Community College, interested individuals have to inquire at the financial aid office. There will be requirements needed, and students have to meet all of them to be considered for the scholarship funding.

Pikes Peak Community College

Pikes Peak Community College has an Associate of Applied Science Degree that includes a training program for Certified Nursing Assistants. Their CNA training program is often provided with a fee, but there are free classes available at their financial aid office. This is not different to any other class because students will learn the basic nursing skills intended for CNA’s. They will be taught different concepts and principles, including a laboratory training that can make them equip to work at any health care facilities. Pikes Peak Community College has several opportunities for those wanting to work in the healthcare field. Grants, scholarships, and any financial aids are available all year round. Students who want to study for free should be proactive in applying any of these scholarship programs.

South Denver School of Nursing Arts

The South Denver School of Nursing Arts has a CNA program that covers 104 hours of classroom instruction and 24 hours of clinical experience. The class size is often limited to 10 students, so anyone who wants to avail the free CNA classes in Colorado should apply beforehand. Students under the program will learn different skills like Basic Life Support, First Aide Training, Vital Signs taking and many others, and they will be exposed to a healthcare facility near the area. Taking a CNA program at South Denver School of Nursing Arts is an excellent opportunity to advance one’s study. The free CNA classes can be obtained through a scholarship program offered by the school’s financial aid office. Individuals who want to avail this kind of free training should meet the requirements to be considered for funding.

Trinidad State Junior College

Trinidad State Junior College offers a Nursing Assistant training program that can be completed in one semester. This program can be a stepping stone for a career in the healthcare field as it allows graduates to take the certification exam and become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The program is worth 9.5 credits and combines classroom lectures with laboratory training and clinical experiences. Students in this program will have a better understanding of the profession, especially that they are exposed in a clinical setting after the required hours for lectures and skills training. These individuals will be taught and supervised by the college’ faculty who are licensed healthcare professionals. Meanwhile, the typical cost for the CNA training program at Trinidad State Junior College is $1594 including the fees for textbooks, medical supplies, and certification. However, individuals who show good academic standing and financial hardship can apply for scholarship programs. These programs will allow them to take the CNA course for free or at a lesser cost.

Arapahoe Community College

When it comes to free CNA classes, Arapahoe Community College is a reliable source. The institution offers a 6-credit CNA training program for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the healthcare field. Other than the traditional classroom lecture and laboratory training, the program requires 72 hours of clinical experience in an affiliated hospital, hospice or skilled care facility. The program director often announces clinical assignments at first few weeks of training. Additionally, students in the program will be trained to be a primary provider of nursing care to patients at different age groups. They will be exposed in a clinical setting where there is supervision from a preceptor. On top of that, these individuals will be trained to equip them with knowledge and skills necessary for the profession. The free CNA classes can be availed at the financial aid office of Arapahoe Community College. Interested applicants have to meet the requirements and should show a financial struggle to be considered.

Community College of Denver

The Community College of Denver is offering free CNA classes through their scholarship programs. Individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field can take this course and become eligible for the state certification exam. The program is made up of four credits which can be used in enrolling at a university or college. It covers seven weeks of classroom lectures, skills training, and clinical practicum. Students in the CNA course will be trained and supervised by a clinical preceptor. Since the program has a small classroom size, students get a personalized learning. Educational and professional needs are met, and any problems that arise are addressed accordingly. Applying for a free CNA training program is also selective because of the limited number of slots available. Applicants have to show that they are not capable of paying the related costs of the training. They should also present good academic standing to be considered. The free CNA classes are offered all year round, depending on its availability.