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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Boston

Free CNA Classes in Boston

Many people nowadays are finding themselves without a job due to the economy over the past few years. Business experts have been reporting that those not having any luck should consider going back to school. Anyone who has even the slightest interest in assisting people as a healthcare worker should consider free CNA classes in Boston. Many training courses have been formulated to train the appropriate skills to support various medical professionals. In nursing homes, hospitals, and various healthcare institutions, nurses and doctors are responsible for prescribing, diagnosing, examining patients and instructing families in proper treatment. In this healthcare environment, CNAs assist the medical staff by taking vital signs and patient histories and explaining treatments to  patients along with educating families about disease and illnesse prevention.

The free CNA classes in Boston can be taken for seven and twelve weeks depending on the school or organization. You can expect around one hundred hours of clinical rotations along with seventy-five hours of basic CNA classes. If you are worried about not having graduated from high school, there is no need as you are not required to have a GED or a high school diploma to qualify at many institutions to receive free CNA certification in Boston.

Boston Red Cross

Boston Red Cross is considered to be an excellent place to obtain your CNA training and become equipped with all the necessary skills to work in a healtcare facility. Through this organization, you will be provided with a four-to-eight week training program. You will be taught the basic skills required to take take care of patients in long-term facilities, private home settings, and nursing homes. You will experience hands-on clinical training with supervision from a Registered Nurse. The good thing about taking a CNA program with Boston Red Cross is that you get to be trained by expert healthcare professionals who have years of experience in the medical field. You can take advantage of their modern facilities and equipment, especially in preparing for the state licensing exam. The Boston Red Cross will make sure that all students are well-prepared and competent after their CNA training. Through the years, the institution has been getting high passing rates on the licensing exam, making them statistically one of the best places to undergo CNA training program.

North Shore Community College

North Shore Community College offers a dual certification program as a Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide, a 100-hour training approved by the state Department of Health Services. The program fulfills the classroom hours on the campus and the clinical experience in a local healthcare facility with supervision from Registered Nurse instructors. Students have to take and pass the certification examination to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, and they will receive a certificate as a Home Health Aide. The program will teach basic nursing skills necessary for the profession, including taking vital signs, patient care basics, moving or turning patients, bed bath, bed making, feeding, medical terminology, emergency procedures, and many others. Individuals who want to undergo this kind of program have to be at least a high school graduate or a GED equivalent holder. They also have to pass a criminal background investigation, drug screening, and TB test. The CNA training program has a small class size. Thus, applicants have to submit their applications well before the deadline closes. North Shore Community College offers an affordable CNA training program in Boston, but students hoping to find free CNA class can visit their financial aid office for scholarship programs and grants.

Holyoke Community College & Natural Sciences

Holyoke Community College & Natural Sciences is offering a Nurse’s Assistant training program equivalent to 6 credits. To gain admission, interested individuals have to undergo a background check and drug screening, and show an immunization record. It is mandatory to attend the student orientation before the start of the program with permission of health services. The Nurse’s Assistant training program is often the best initial plan to start a career in the medical profession, as it focuses on the principles and values of the healthcare field. Students will develop their career path through a solid foundation of knowledge given by the clinical instructors. They will become proficient in basic nursing assistant tasks with the help of classroom lectures, clinical practice, media demonstrations, and small group activities. Upon completing the program, graduates will sit for certification exam to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant in healthcare facilities. Holyoke Community College & Natural Sciences is an excellent training ground to become a healthcare provider; students wishing to have a free CNA class must visit the financial aid office.

Middlesex Community College

Middlesex Community College offers a Nurse Assistant certificate training which prepares students for an entry-level career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Successful completion of the program allows students to sit for the Massachusetts nurse’s assistant certification exam. The Nurse Assistant certificate training combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. It covers various topics and skills training such as personal patient care, lifting and turning patients, patient rights, infection control, vital signs, stress management, medical terminologies, safety, record keeping, mental health care, and many others. The 24-hour hands-on clinical practice will be held at a local facility with supervision from a clinical instructor who is a Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant. To gain admission to the Nurse Assistant certificate training, interested applicants must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also need to pass a literacy exam and complete a SORI/CORI check. The program demands that every student lift and move a weight of 50 pounds due to the nature of the profession. Students who on a scholarship at Middlesex Community College will pay no or a lower tuition.

Bunker Hill Community College

The CNA training program of Bunker Hill Community College is an eight-week intensive program that combines online lectures, in-class learning, and an off-site clinical practicum which allows graduates to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in various healthcare facilities. Graduates become a trained health professional who provides support to the nursing staff in rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, and long-term care facilities by giving primary care to patients. They will be eligible for the state licensing exam, provided by the American Red Cross. They will become competent and confident healthcare professionals who can carry out the duties and responsibilities of a nursing assistant. Applicants of the CNA training program of Bunker Hill Community College must be a high school graduate or a GED equivalent holder. They also need to pass the interviews, exams, criminal background check, drug screening, and TB test to be considered. Only a few applicants are accepted per training to provide a more personalized instruction among students. Thus, candidates must show the best of their assets including credentials, attitude, and flexibility to work various shifts. Scholarship programs and financial aid grants are available  throughthe community college to hep financially=challenged students finish a CNA course.

Arcola Health and Rehab Center

Arcola Health and Rehab Center offers free CNA training to qualified individuals who would like to work as Certified Nursing Assistants. The program provides direct employment after passing the state licensing exam. Thus, applicants should be willing to work in the facility to be considered for admission. Every candidate must be a high school graduate or a GED equivalent holder, with a clean criminal record and no known communicable disease. These individuals will be screened and selected based on their credentials, attitude, flexibility, and availability of slots. The CNA training incorporates classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice to provide adequate knowledge and skills to aspiring nursing assistants. Students have to attend classes regularly with no absences to graduate and become eligible for the state licensing exam. They also have to meet the minimum grade requirement. Arcola Health and Rehab Center will offer immediate employment while undergoing the CNA training. A nursing assistant position, however, is granted once the certification exam is passed successfully. Certified Nursing Assistants in this facility enjoy excellent benefits and compensation. Thus,  applying for free CNA training is an opportunity to secure a stable job.

Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College has a 130-hour state-approved CNA training program that prepares students to obtain employment opportunities in hospitals, homecare agencies and nursing homes. The program teaches various nursing skills through classroom lectures, skills training in an advanced nursing lab, and hands-on clinical rotations in a long-term care facility. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB test. Since the course has a small class size, students receive personalized instruction from expert clinical instructors. They can seek help anytime through email, phone, or a personal appointment. The 130-hour CNA training program includes Home Health Aide training, classroom lectures, skills practice, 4 hours of BLS of Healthcare Provider CPR training, and 34 hours of clinical experience. Students have to complete the entire program without absences to be qualified for graduation and the state licensing exam. Bristol Community College provides quality CNA training, making them one of the best institutions for aspiring healthcare professionals. They have consistently obtained a high passing rate on the state licensing exam. Thus, undergoing a CNA training in this school is an excellent opportunity to start a solid career in the healthcare field.

National Medical Academy

The National Medical Academy is a provider of free CNA classes in Boston. Individuals who want to work in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant should not miss this chance to study at no cost. Applicants have to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent to apply. They also have to pass a criminal background check, TB test, and drug screening. The CNA course is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice, provided by clinical instructors who are licensed, nurses. Students will go through rigorous training to prepare for the state licensing exam. Perfect attendance and meeting the minimum grade standard are required to graduate. The National Medical Academy will make sure that every student is well equipped, competent, and confident in providing healthcare services to patients. They will be guided throughout the training, particularly during the hands-on clinical practicum. Scholarships and grants can be availed through the financial aid office. Students who avail a free CNA training must ensure to perform well in both the classroom and clinical aspects of the training program.

Lions Center Nursing & Rehab Center

A free nursing assistant training program is available at Lions Center Nursing & Rehab Center. Individuals who want to undergo a training program and find immediate employment can pursue this opportunity which runs for a couple of weeks. The CNA training is approved by the state Department Health Services, after which graduates can sit for the certification exam. Applicants have to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They must meet the program requirements, including a criminal background check, drug screening and TB test. Selection of applicants is based on individual credentials and the availability of slots in the program. Also important are attitude and flexibility in working different shifts. This fine nursing assistant training program incorporates classroom lectures and clinical practice in the facility. Students have to perform well and must attend classes without absences. They are taught, trained, and guided throughout the CNA program to prepare them for the certification exam. Once they pass the licensing exam, they will work in the facility for a specified period in exchange for the free CNA training program.

List of All the State Approved CNA Classes in Boston

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