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CNA Training & Classes | January 20, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Arkansas

Arkansas CNA Classes

The healthcare field in Arkansas has several job opportunities for Certified Nursing Assistants. Due to the increasing number of aging individuals, the state is now having a hard time accommodating and providing healthcare services to them. This is the reason why CNA’s and other members of the healthcare team are in demand. The Certified Nursing Assistants are tasked to assist nurses and doctors about the patient’s health. They are the primary caregivers who will provide basic care like grooming, brushing, bathing and many others. Thus, they play a vital role in the healthcare field.

However, to become a nursing assistant, a training program from an approved facility should be completed. Some schools and healthcare institutions providing these training programs, but if you want a free CNA class, you can always get one in Arkansas. Just a little research and patience are needed to avail the free of charge classes from an approved facility.

Approved Training Centers for Free CNA Classes:

South Arkansas Community College

South Arkansas Community College is offering free CNA classes in Arkansas for individuals who qualify for the program. It is usually a 15 credit course with classes held on Mondays to Wednesdays, from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon. During the program, students will undergo first aid training, CPR, lifting and moving, morning care and many others to hone their skills and allow them to be familiar with the work of a CNA. They will also go through some hours of lectures to provide proper knowledge about the nursing concepts and appropriate patient care. The free CNA training in South Arkansas Community College is not offered now and then, so if you want to catch up this limited offer, inquire at their admissions office and know how to be included. South Arkansas Community College has a good reputation regarding their nursing programs. They have been consistently producing qualified nursing assistants who are capable of providing care to patients with different healthcare needs. Individuals who are accepted for the free CNA course will experience the best classroom and hands-on clinical instructions. The school has a conducive learning environment, and their faculty is experienced licensed professionals who are available at all times for any concerns.

Phillips Community College

The free CNA class of Philips Community College has ten credits of study, divided into classroom lectures, clinical experience, and laboratory sessions. The free program is usually not offered all year round so one must be alert in availing the free classes. Students who took the program will have the same privilege to paying students as they can access the school’s facilities. They have to finish the entire program before taking the certification, and exposure from a nursing home or any healthcare facility is required to be eligible for the exam.

University of Arkansas Community CollegeThe University of Arkansas Community College is offering free CNA classes in Arkansas with seven credit hours. It includes the typical classroom lectures, laboratory training, and clinical exposure, usually done in a couple of weeks. Individuals who successfully obtained the free classes will have to undergo the entire training program before taking the certification exam. They will be supervised by a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse during the clinical training, and this is done in an accredited healthcare facility of Arkansas.

Arkansas Northeastern College

Interested individuals can avail free CNA classes at Arkansas Northeastern College. This kind of training is an eight-week program with 90 hours of training from the Arkansas Department of Health, which covers several nursing instructions through discussions, lectures, videos and skill demonstrations. Usually, the cost of the program is $876, but one can avail a free of charge training through their admissions office. The Arkansas Northeastern College may not have a yearly free CNA classes in Arkansas, but if a student successfully avails it, he/she will be privileged to undergo the program inclusive of immunizations, textbooks, and uniforms. Nevertheless, the free CNA training program of Arkansas Northeastern College helps adults, high school graduates, single mothers, and unemployed individuals to secure employment at any healthcare facility. Requirements are equally the same with the regular training program, but a financial hardship looked as a factor for granting the free CNA course. Thus, the free CNA course is limited and usually given to deserving individuals who show commitment to the program.

Northwest Arkansas Community College

There is a one semester free CNA class offered by Northwest Arkansas Community College throughout the year. The program is similar to other nursing assistant classes, but it is often limited so one must ensure to enrol beforehand to gain admission. The good thing about the training program is it prepares the students for their nursing assistant job in a nursing home, hospital or long-term care facility. Usually, they will learn some skills like bathing, proper grooming, vital signs taking and many others, which are essential for every CNA in Arkansas. Together with the skills training is a laboratory training and class discussion covering topics like anatomy, physiology, nursing fundamentals and many others. Individuals who want to avail the free training program for nursing assistants have to be prepared to meet the demands of the profession. They should also demonstrate a financial struggle and good academic grades that exceed beyond the minimum requirement. Northwest Arkansas Community College provides the best training program for aspiring healthcare professionals. About the free CNA course, students have to ensure that they perform excellently all throughout the course.

Perry County CNA Training Center

Free CNA classes in Arkansas by Perry Country CNA Training Center are offered all throughout the year. Individuals who are interested in the program should have a high school diploma or GED, immunization record, criminal background check and other requirements asked from the institution. They will be trained under the supervision of a CNA, Registered Nurse or LPN so they will learn the basic nursing concepts and skills that every nursing assistant should possess. After the completion of the program, there will be a certification exam which should be passed to work as a CNA. The free CNA training program of Perry County CNA Training Center is given to a limited number of students who are struggling financially. However, the academic grades are also considered in applying for the free CNA course. Interested individuals have to ensure that they have earned good grades or have met the cumulative GPA required from them, and should also demonstrate a financial hardship.

East Arkansas Community College

East Arkansas Community College provides a CNA training program that provides instruction and experience to prepare students for their career in the medical field. The 7-credit program covers classroom instruction, laboratory skills training, and clinical experiences. Students are trained with the best faculty who are Certified Nursing Assistants or Registered Nurses. The skills training takes place in the college’ state of the art simulation lab where nursing equipment are prepared for students to practice and learn various skills. Clinical practicum, on the other hand, will vary but takes place within the local area. Individuals who are under a scholarship program may be able to avail free CNA classes in Arkansas. The college provides free CNA classes to students who qualify and who perform academically. This kind of scholarship program is available at the school’s financial aid office. Interested applicants should meet the requirements to be considered for the free classes.

CNA School of North East Arkansas

For individuals who want to be a part of the healthcare team, taking a Nurse Assistant training program is a perfect option to make. The CNA School of North East Arkansas offers a CNA training program which can be completed in less than a year. The program covers nursing theoretical coursework, skills training, and clinical exposure in an approved healthcare facility. Students will be trained under the supervision of the institution’s expert faculty. These individuals will go through various skills training and clinical practicum to equip them in the certification exam and potential employment. The CNA School of North East Arkansas also offers free CNA courses to financially incapable students who are also performing academically. This free CNA training can be availed all year round, but it has a limited number of slots, so interested students have to apply beforehand. Undergoing a free CNA class at CNA School of North East Arkansas is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field.

Montgomery County Nursing Home

Montgomery County Nursing Home is one of the healthcare institutions in Arkansas that offer a free CNA training program. This kind of program is an initiative of the school to attract more nursing assistants. Individuals who want to work in the healthcare field, particularly at Montgomery County Nursing Home, can apply as a nursing assistant and avail the free CNA course of the facility. Accepted applicants will go through hours of lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experiences. The minimum requirement of the program is a high school diploma or a GED equivalent, but it is also important to be free from any criminal record and communicable diseases as part of the criteria for acceptance. Montgomery County Nursing Home will assist their graduates to pass the certification exam, and they also offer direct employment after successfully passing the exam. This would mean that individuals who avail the free training program should be prepared to work for the facility after getting the certification.

Sheridan Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Sheridan Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is also an option to obtain a free CNA class. The facility accepts high school graduates who can work in a complex and ever-changing healthcare system. The free CNA class involves direct employment after passing the certification exam. Thus, individuals who want to take the program should be willing to work at Sheridan Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for a specified period. Like any other CNA training, the facility will provide classroom lectures combined with skills demonstration and hands-on clinical experiences. Individuals accepted for the program will be taught various nursing concepts and competencies that are within the scope of a CNA practice. They will be guided all throughout the CNA training and will be exposed to an actual patient where they provide primary care. Sheridan Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s free CNA training is not available at all times, but anyone who considers the facility as a potential employer can apply for the program.