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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Collecting Stool Specimen

1. If the resident requires assistance for voiding, provide it.
2. Remove the container lid carefully and place it on a flat surface without touching its inside.
3. Either place the resident on a bed pan, or provide a special specimen pan for the toilet.
4. The resident should be instructed not to dispose of toilet tissues into the pans, and you should provide a disposable bag for the soiled tissues..
5. The call light should be placed within reach..
6. After the process is completed, assist the patient from the bathroom, or remove the bedpan from beneath them.
7. Perineal care is to be applied.
8. After putting on gloves, use a tongue depressor to transfer about two tablespoons of stool specimen to the corresponding specimen container.
9. After this, wrap a paper towel around the depressor and dispose of it in the corresponding container.
10. After removing the gloves, carefully replace the lid onto the specimen container, trying not to touch the insides
11. Clean the bedpan thoroughly and store it for further use in the drawer at the bedside.
12. The disposable bag of tissues is to be placed in the biohazard disposing container
13. After attaching the corresponding label, take the specimen to the desired final destination.
14. The stool elimination is to be added to the daily stool count.