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CNA Training & Classes | December 16, 2017

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CNA Classes in Western New York

In Western New York, several schools and healthcare facilities are now offering CNA classes in order to invite more individuals to work in this kind of field. Most healthcare institutions like hospitals or nursing homes need CNA’s to fill in their lack of labour force that is why, there is no doubt why some of these facilities are offering paid or free training program. However, to be a nursing assistant, one must complete the program from an accredited institution. The certification follows after the training has been done and all other requirements are complied. Normally, passing the exam is a necessity in order to work as a CNA but it will not be that difficult as long as the lessons are reviewed well and skills are presented perfectly. Several facilities are waiting for more qualified nursing assistants thus; if you want to be one of them, try to check the CNA classes provided by the following institutions.

Schofield Residence

Schofield Residence is one of the healthcare institutions in Western New York offering a paid CNA training. With the increasing number of patient admissions in their facility, they require more nursing assistants to fill in their need. Individuals who applied and become qualified for employment will go through a 100 hour training program in their own facility. They will go through a written exam and clinical test first in order to ensure that they can read and write very well and free from communicable diseases. CNA classes take place once a year and applications are accepted six weeks before the class. The training will cover five weeks of classroom lectures, skills demonstration and actual clinical experience. They will be supervised by a Certified Nursing Assistant or a Registered Nurse during the clinical rotation.

CNA Classes in Western New York in New Hope Education Center

New Hope Education Center is providing CNA training programs and other short courses for individuals living in the state of Western New York. They have new facilities to cater the needs of aspiring CNA’s who wished to study and become qualified nursing assistants later on. The training program is not limited for fresh high school graduates but is also available for adults who are unemployed or who planned to switch careers. They will be supervised and trained by qualified instructors who are Licensed Nurses and Nursing Assistants. Like any other CNA programs, students will go through classroom lectures, skills training and clinical rotation in an approved healthcare facility. This training will allow every student to know the fundamentals of nursing and other principles needed for their profession. Most importantly, students will also have a good overview about the certification exam because they will have skills simulation and one on one training about the concepts taught.

Kingsborough Community College

Kingsborough Community College has a CNA training program for aspiring students in Western New York. This program is comprised of three courses which is quite different from other training courses. The first course is about the basic concepts of the CNA profession. Students will develop a sense of awareness about the ethical and legal issues surrounding the medical profession and they also come to understand the psychological and physical needs of every patient. The second course on the other hand, is about the CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation training which will be granted by the American Heart Association (AHA) upon completing the course. The third and last course trains the students about how to care to patients with various mental impairments like dementia. They will have 30 hours of clinical experience supervised by the institution’s reliable instructors. The length of the program is two months or 132 hours and tuition fee cost is $700.

CNA Classes in Western New York in York College

York College offers a CNA Classes in Western New York that includes courses in anatomy, physiology, nursing care, basic patient rights, mental health and many others. This training program can be completed in two months time. Students in the program should prepare at least $1,299 for the tuition fee and they also have to be a holder of a high school diploma or GED. The school ensures that students in the program will have an opportunity to know the profession more as they will be exposed in a clinical setting. Moreover, classroom lectures and skills demonstration will be taught along the process in order to prepare these aspiring CNA’s for their certification exam. If you wish to become a nursing assistant in New York, take the program at York College. They also have other courses like EKG technology and phlebotomy training in case you are interested.

Lehman College

Lehman College is also having a CNA training program that covers one month or less, depending on the type of schedule obtained by the student. High school graduates or GED holders are needed for the course and a tuition fee of $995 is necessary for the entire program. The training prepares every aspiring CNA for their certification exam. It will cover the basic principles of nursing like anatomy, physiology, patient care, nutrition and many others. Skills will also be demonstrated in order to ensure that these individuals are prepared for their hospital and nursing home internship.