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CNA Training & Classes | October 16, 2018

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CNA Classes in Texas

CNA Classes in Texas

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You need to obtain a CNA certification if you want to be a Certified Nurse Aide in Texas. As soon as you got it, you will be eligible to pursue your career in this healthcare profession.

To begin with, it is important that you choose the best CNA classes in Texas. The state requires a minimum of 75 hours; 51 hours of which is for classroom sessions and 24 hours is for clinical training. It is important that you pass the training program because there will be a certification exam afterwards. The classes will cover topics on personal care, long term care for seniors, infection control, mental health, basic restorative care, basic nursing skills, resident’s rights, residents independence, emergency procedures and basic communication skills.

After the CNA classes, a competency exam will follow and this is provided by the state. You will be given three chances to pass the exam and if you fail the third time, you will be asked to re-train. However, if you successfully passed the exam, you will be certified and your name will be listed on the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. Just make sure to provide a background check and fingerprints in order to be qualified to take the test. You will not get a CNA job if you are not certified because employers will always look for your name in the Registry list. Hence, it is important to take the training program seriously and review prior to the exam.

Moreover, the renewal of certification or license is done every two years. The state of Texas requires all Certified Nursing Assistants to have a minimum hours of working experience in order for you to keep your licence. This is to ensure that CNAs are competent and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. If you cannot present this, you will be asked to undergo a training again and take the certification exam once more.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant provides you with several opportunities. Aside from the fact that it is financially rewarding, you will also grow and learn from this job.

CNA Salary and Job Outlook in Texas

CNA Salary in Texas

CNA Salary in Texas 1

Texas is one of the states with highest number of nursing assistants working in the healthcare field today. The number is over 80,000 and growing. Becoming a CNA in Texas allows you to earn an average annual salary of $24,500 according the Bureau of Labour Statistics.  CNA certification is also an opportunity to move towards other, even better paid, medical careers like RN or LPN. However, before you do that, you need to undergo CNA training first and take the competency exam given by the state.

Some of the healthcare facilities in Texas that you can work for are Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning, Coastal Bend College, Coronado Nursing Center, Academy School of Careers, Accurate Care Health Institute, PRCC Nurse Aide Training Program, Trinity Valley Community College, Austin Community College, and Healthcare Careers Alliance.

CNA Work Experience in Texas

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