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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Classes in Providence, RI

CNA Classes in Providence, RI

With the current demand for CNAs across different states, it might be the ideal time to start a career in the medical field as an entry-level CNA. This type of work is suitable for individuals who have a passion for providing care to different patients and helping them manage their conditions with a compassionate attitude. It’s also a rewarding career because of the many opportunities it opens for other professions in the field of healthcare.

To become a CNA in Georgia, you first need to enroll in a state-approved nursing assistant course to help you develop the skills you need for a profession as a nursing assistant working alongside registered nurses in various medical settings. The state requires students to finish at a minimum of 100 hours of clinical practice and 75 hours of theory learning to be eligible to take the state examination.

Tender Care Training Center

The objective of the CNA program at Tender Care Training Center is to assist students in learning about the fundamentals of basic care and how they can contribute to creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for patients. It focuses on teaching students about the varied roles and daily routine involved in working as CNAs in in-patients and outpatients clinics, rehabilitation centers, personal care homes, assisted living facilities and long-term care facilities. The program can be completed in six weeks, including theory hours and hands-on clinical internship.

Prospective students must present a state issued ID or driver’s license, Social Security Card, and must present proof of good health condition as the training requires students to lift, transfer, and move patients.

Day classes meet from Tuesday through Friday at 8:30 am to 3:30 pm; evening classes are held from Tuesday to Friday starting at  4:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

Program cost includes tuition fee and Georgia state certification exam fee. Students must purchase their hospital scrubs and white shoes with non-slip soles for the clinical portion of the program. Tender Care Training Center offers payment plans for all courses.

Training For Life

Training For Life aims to prepare students to provide competent care to patients under the direct supervision of registered nurses. Students will develop an understanding of the legal and ethical responsibilities of the profession, procedure in caring for elderly patients and meeting their nutritional requirements and performing restorative activities. The program consists of five weeks classroom instruction where students learn about patient rights, safety procedures, and infection control. This portion is followed by one week of clinical rotation to complete the 120 hours of training required by the state of Georgia. TFL has small class sizes to allow instructors to provide individualized attention to students of varying levels.

Students can choose between morning and evening classes to suit their schedule.

Applicants must provide a valid driver’s license or state-issued ID and Social Security Card, pass a criminal background check, and submit negative TB test. Program cost includes Georgia Nursing Assistant exam fee.

TFL provides tutoring services and financial assistance to qualifying students.

Remedy Health Career Center, LLC

At Remedy Health Career Center, LLC, students receive training in basic nursing procedures and CNA practices to enable them to acquire beginning competency in the duties of CNAs. The state-approved program is designed to prepare students for the state competency examination by giving them real-world clinical experiences and introducing them to related concepts of body mechanics and safety in the class. Remedy Health Career Center emphasizes the importance of creating a non-threatening environment to allow students to make the most of the training and provide them with quality learning. Students must finish 100 hours of combined classroom-based learning and clinical rotation to be eligible to graduate from the course.

Day classes meet from Monday through Wednesday at 8:15 am to 4:30 pm, and can be completed in four weeks; evening classes run for five weeks and meet every Monday to Thursday from  5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

The CNA course is offered several times a year, so make sure to check the class availability in your area.

Payment plans may be provided when necessary.

Breath of Life Training

Breath of Life Training’s CNA course covers the training required for Georgia State Certification for CNAs. It allows students to acquire critical nursing skills and obtain practical experience to enable them to provide safe and competent care to residents of long-term care facilities. Topic covered in the program include oral hygiene, catheter care, taking vital signs, and mobility techniques. Students can complete the training in six weeks.

Classes meet from Monday through Thursday at 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Applicants are required to have a state ID, Social Security card, pass a TB skin test, recent background check and must pay the deposit and application fee before class start date.

Breath of Life Training offers payment arrangements to incoming students.

Covenant CNA School

Covenant CNA School aims to provide high-quality training to individuals who aspire to develop the knowledge and skills they need to become CNAs in Georgia. The program is ideal for people who want to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families by providing direct care and as well as emotional support. Covenant CNA School delivers consistent and rigorous training to help students acquire technical knowledge and skills necessary to pursue further education and more advanced careers in the healthcare field. Specific topics of instruction include safety, sanitation, and emergency procedures, law and ethics in patient care basic anatomy and physiology and medical terminology, rehabilitative and geriatric care, and postoperative care. The program helps students enhance their work attitudes, problem-solving skills,  as well as their overall employability skills which are all central to promoting excellent patient care. The course is offered all throughout the year.

Day classes meet from Monday to Friday for four weeks, and weekend sessions run for five weekends. Short term CNA course is also available.

Applicants must be at least 17 years old, possess a government-issued photo ID such as passport or driver’s license, and Social Security Card. High school diploma is not a requirement for this program.