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CNA Training & Classes | November 17, 2018

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CNA Classes in Modesto

CNA Classes in Modesto

Anyone who would like to become certified nursing assistant, need to think about it carefully. This is not an easy job. The tasks for CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) are various and complicated.

Still, CNA profession is very rewarding. It is the kind of job that offers both personal enjoyment and various career opportunities. If you are good as a CNA, you can become a full time nurse where salaries are considerably higher.

Certified nursing assistants typically are employed in doctor’s offices, mental health practices, assisted living facilities in addition to privately owned homes.

Modesto CNA license exam is a evaluation that you must take, after completing the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) coursework. This final exam gives you the certification to begin being employed as a CNA.

Each region has their own prerequisites for Certified Nursing Assistants, that is why the CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant training differs significantly. While many the majority Certified Nursing Assistant courses are only 1 semester long there are areas where the training might take up to 12 months.

The City of Modesto is located east of San Jose and is the largest city in Stanislaus County, California. It has a population of over 200 thousand based on the 2010 United States census. It is an ideal location for aspiring CNAs to work and live with a projected job growth of 35.32% over the next decade. This forecasted increase presents an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to pursue a career as a CNA in Modesto, as it means they will have many opportunities for employment in different medical settings.

The first step to becoming a CNA in Modesto is to enroll in a state-approved training program that will prepare you for the state examination.

Avalon Healthcare Group

The CNA program at Avalon Health Care conforms to the state’s requirements for training students who wish to become CNAs in California. The state-approved program focuses on helping students develop knowledge on safety precautions and emergency procedures, caring for patients in a variety of ways, taking vital signs, and promoting wellness to patients. The school offers a 3-week accelerated program, which consists of 52 hours of classroom instruction and followed by 48 hours of clinical practice. Schedule for the first week of the program is Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, followed by 12 hours of clinical on that weekend. Students also have the option to take the class at their own pace and on their preferred locations.  The school opens a new class every month.

Individuals who are hired by Avalon for any position can take the training for free. Program cost for applicants who are not employed by Avalon includes tuition fee, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope textbook, name badge, and other study materials. They must also pay for CPR certification and state exam testing fee.

Modesto Junior College

Modesto Junior College offers a one-semester Nurse Assistant Program that helps develop students’ attitudes, knowledge, and skills to enable them to perform primary nursing care efficiently. It follows the guidelines set by the State Department of Health Services and includes 52.50 hours of theory instruction and 105 hours of clinical rotation. Upon completion of the program, students become eligible to sit for the state certification examination.

Students can register for the fall and spring semesters.

Program expenses vary, and qualifying students can apply for financial aid offered by the school.

Golden Living

Golden Living offers a free CNA training to individuals who wish to start a career as CNAs. No minimum education level or job experience is required to enter the program, but you have to be at least 18 years old to qualify for the free training. As part of the selection process, applicants must also prove their ability to read, write, and communicate in English. Spots in the program get filled as soon as they are released, so applicants are advised to pick up an application on the designated date. Once the application is completed, you need to pass the math test to be scheduled for an interview with the course instructor. Golden Living accepts 20 individuals every month for the training.

Training schedules vary among different Golden Living Centers, but classes usually meet five days a week. The course is offered in compressed time frames so students must minimize absenteeism to abide by the institution’s strict attendance policy.  

Delta College

The CNA training at Delta College conforms to Federal and State governments requirements for all CNA programs and places emphasis on training students to become competent CNAs in long-term care facilities. The course consists of classroom lecture, simulation library and 32 hours of clinical practice in a long-term care facility where students learn to perform activities of daily living, and demonstrate skills on taking vital signs, transferring patients using proper body mechanics, and following general safety procedures.

The course also includes First Aid training, and American Heart Association BLS Provider, which covers the importance of multi rescuer CPR  for, children, infants, and adults.

Students need to complete 116 hours of training and get a grade of “C” or better in the lecture, lab, and clinical portion of the program to be eligible to sit for the state competency examination.

Program cost in Delta College is lesser than other programs in the area, and the school offers financial aid for qualifying students.

Students who will participate in the clinical need to submit proof of recent physical examination, TB skin test,  influenza vaccination, and immunizations.

Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology

Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology offers Health Academy seniors a two-period CNA class that includes lecture hours, theory instruction in a laboratory, and clinical practice in a skilled nursing facility. The program follows the guidelines of the Department of Public Health of having one instructor for a maximum of 15 students. CDPH-approved registered nurses conduct the classes.

To enter the program, students must present their Social Security card, pass a TB test and physical exam, and submit fingerprints to the Department of Justice.

Bradford Career Center

Bradford Career Center provides a CNA Program that is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education and CDPH. The course combines classroom lecture and clinical training that help prepare students for employment in different medical settings. Specific topics of instruction include infection control, abuse recognition, interpersonal communication, basic anatomy and physiology, and proficiency in medical terminology.

Students can choose between the 21 Day Program and the six-week program. Theory days for the 21-day program meet from Monday through Friday starting at 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, with clinical starting at 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. Students who will enroll in the six-week program need to attend the theory portion of the program every Monday to Friday at

8:30 am to 4:00 pm, and the clinical practice on weekdays (may include weekends) at 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Free Modesto CNA Classes

If Modesto CNA Classes are too expensive for you, it is best to consider free Modesto CNA classes options out there! Free Licensed CNA training and coursework is usually given by local assisted living facilities or medical centers.

Modesto CNA Classes online

So many people are looking for Modesto CNA Classes online. Though it may be easy to get portion of the class training done online, you’ll still must have on the job work experience and know how in order to qualify as CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant. Therefore once you’ve done your Modesto CNA classes online, you’ll also need get at least 70 hrs of supervised on-site coursework.