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CNA Training & Classes | November 18, 2018

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CNA Classes in Little Rock AR

CNA Classes in Little Rock AR

CNA studies can take a lot of time. In some cases even years. So it is best to know what awaits for you. Certified nursing assistant job is not going to be walk in the park. It is a difficult profession and certainly not for everybody.

But CNA profession comes with several benefits as well. Job security and career prospects are just some of them. You will be helping patients to get better and also develop your own skills as a medical professional. On top of that you can become a full time nurse in the future.

Nearly all Little Rock CNA classes lasts around 160 hours, of professional medical training . This doesn’t contain the time period you must devote in clinics for practical class training.

Little Rock CNA final test is a examination you need to take, after completing the Qualified CNA training and coursework. This comprehensive exam gives you the skills to begin being employed as a CNA professional. The evaluation is a classroom held final test and could also include oral section. At some stage in the examination you will be asked to display your medical knowledge while the instructors are observing you.

Each state has their own standards for CNA-s, that is why the Certified nursing assistant training and coursework varies a good deal. Even though some many CNA-nurse programs are short there are areas where the professional medical training may take up to 12 months. Once you become qualified in one state, it doesn’t necessarily suggest you will be licensed in another state. When you change employment, you’d probably have to get further educational training.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is a great career option for anyone seeking to work in the healthcare industry. The first step to becoming one is to take a CNA course and have at least 76 hours of training. Aside from mastering technical skills, a CNA must develop a compassionate nature in caring for patients. In nursing facilities, CNAs serve as the residents’ primary caregivers which is why people skills are essential to performing varied tasks.

In Arkansas, there is an ever-increasing demand for CNAs and several schools offering CNA programs. There is also a projected job growth in the healthcare sector in Arkansas, which means a lucrative career for those who are willing to work as CNAs in the State of Arkansas.

Medlinc, Inc.

The goal of the CNA Training at MEDLINC, Inc. is to prepare students for state certification as CNAs by providing them with relevant training in the classroom, and in a hospital setting. Instructors are licensed by Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education to teach nurse assisting to students. The curriculum, which is approved by the Arkansas Office of Long Term Care, includes all the essential preparation essential to allowing students to function efficiently in different medical settings. The school has a dedicated computer laboratory and library, lecture room, and a fully functional hospital room for students’ clinical rotation. The program consists of 90 hours of training including both theory and practice. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate from the school.

A high school diploma or a GED is a prerequisite for taking the course. Applicants must be 16 years or older at the time of application.

MEDLINC also provides Continuing Education Units to professionals seeking to complete continuing education requirements.

Dr. Emma K Rhodes Education Center

Emma Rhodes Education Center has developed a CNA program that focuses on providing students with an educational training leading to an entry-level position in the field of healthcare.  During the 74 hours of classroom and lab instruction, students will learn resident care such as providing medical care and helping patients with daily activities such as bathing and dressing. Students will then proceed to a clinical training under the supervision of licensed nurses wherein they will demonstrate their CNA skills with a fellow student or mannequin. Some of the required skills are performing a physical assessment on patients, taking vital signs, and giving injections.  

Students have the option to take a day or night class to complete the course. Morning classes run for three weeks, while night classes run for four weeks.

First Step CNA Academy

First Step CNA Academy’s CNA training is designed to allow students to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for patients by adequately addressing their needs and monitoring any changes in their health condition. During the 90-hour training, students will learn how to provide competent and safe nursing care, perform CPR, use medical equipment for transporting patients, and document patients’ nutritional needs. The program is approved by the Arkansas Office of Long Term Care and accredited by the SBPCE.

Day classes meet every Monday through Tuesday at 8:30 am- 4:30 pm.

Students who finish the program will receive a certificate of completion and CPR certification and will be eligible to take the state CNA exam for state certification. Funding is available for qualified students.

Southeast Arkansas College

At Southeast Arkansas College, students learn to provide direct care for patients in their homes or health care institutions through the Nursing Assistant/Home Care Aide program. Specific topics of instruction include assisting patients with living activities that they may have difficulty in doing such as cleaning and bathing, dressing, transferring between the wheelchair and bed. Students will also learn how to perform fundamental CNA skills including observing and recording vital signs, understanding biological and physiological issues, utilizing proper body mechanics, and correct usage of medical devices.

The school has a dedicated home laboratory setting, and a hospital type laboratory where students can learn and practice essential CNA skills. They will experience caring for residents of long-term care facilities during the clinical rotation.

Students who will finish 48 contact hours will receive a Home Care Aide Certificate of Completion, while individuals who complete the entire program will receive a Nursing Certificate of Proficiency and will be eligible to sit for the written and practical CNA examination.

Interested individuals can take the 8-week program during Fall, Spring, and Extended Summer semesters. There are Saturday classes that run for ten weeks.

Applicants are required to follow general admission procedures, and to have a reading score of 70 on the Accuplacer exam.

St. Vincent Health System

Taking the Certified Nurse Aide Certificate Program in St. Vincent Health System can provide students with knowledge and skills they need to pass the state licensure examination. Students receive training in performing routine tasks, monitoring patients’ overall health condition, and looking after residents’ medical needs.

The 10-week program emphasizes on teaching medical procedures and protocols for different emergency situations. Upon completion of the program, students will receive CPR certification and CNA certificate of completion, which is a prerequisite for taking the state licensure exam. They will also be eligible to take the state certification as a Nurse Aide.

Students need to complete 64 hours of theory, followed by 60 hours of clinical practice in an extended care facility. Evening classes meet two times a week at 5:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m, and on Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  

Students are also given the option to continue their learnings through the school’s Patient Care Technician Certificate Program, where they can build on the necessary skills of a Nurse Aide. The program focuses on developing students’ technical skills, as well as their communication skills to enable them to interact with residents of acute care hospitals appropriately.

Free Little Rock CNA Classes

If Little Rock CNA Classes are too expensive for you, you should explore free Little Rock CNA classes possibilities out there! Free Professional CNA coursework is usually offered by local nursing facilities or medical centers.

Little Rock CNA Classes online

Lots of people are interested in Little Rock CNA Classes online. While it’s easy to get portion of the training done online, you’ll still have to have practical work experience in order to qualify as Licensed CNA. Therefore after you’ve done your Little Rock CNA classes online, you’d also need take around 60 to 70 hours of supervised on site training and coursework. Online training and coursework provides a great opportunity for those who don’t have much time and would wish to carry out part of their class work from home.