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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Best CNA Programs in Los Angeles

Nowadays, CNA programs can be obtained from different places. Whether it is a community college, university, training center or healthcare facility, you can graduate as a nursing assistant and be allowed to take the Los Angeles State certification exam. Certified Nursing Assistants receive a good annual salary and can apply to medical facilities like nursing homes, hospitals or long-term care institutions. If you want a stable career and live a fulfilling life at the same time, this profession might be for you. CNA’s are in demand and employment opportunities are enormous. In fact, you can climb up to a higher position if you study further. Just make sure to take the CNA program at an accredited school or healthcare facility in Los Angeles. You will have great future ahead. Choose among these CNA programs available in the state of Los Angeles.

Best CNA Programs in Los Angeles:

West Los Angeles College

West Los Angeles College has a one of the best CNA Programs in Los Angeles that allows students to take the state certification exam. This program lasts for nine weeks and is divided to 54 hours of lectures and 108 hours of clinical experience. Individuals who want to undergo the training should submit a criminal background check, physical exam, immunization record, malpractice insurance, drug screening test and a high school diploma or a GED. They have to be fully committed in the program because the institution requires 100% attendance in all classes and clinical experiences in order to graduate and become eligible for the certification exam. West Los Angeles College has several licensed instructors to supervise and provide the training program. Students should expect to pay at least $46 per unit for the tuition, and they have to be prepared for addigtional expenses for books, uniforms, supplies and the state exam.

East Los Angeles College

The CNA training program at East Los Angeles College is a quick and intensive course for individuals wanting a career in the healthcare field. There are requirements to gain admission, including a high school diploma or GED, immunization record, chest X-ray result, drug screening test and criminal background check. The course enables students to be fully prepared for the state certification exam and potential employment. They will go through a number of hours of classroom lectures, hands-on training and clinical practice. Licensed medical instructors will train the students how to handle patients with different behaviors, diseases and beliefs. They will also discuss the importance of nutrition, manual handling, CPR, first aid and many others. Financial aid and scholarships are available for individuals who cannot afford the program, but they are often limited to a few students per course.

Charles R. Drew University

Charles R. Drew University provides one of the best CNA Programs in Los Angeles for individuals with an interest in the career. This short course program has both classroom instruction and clinical practice in which students learn the basic knowledge and skills of the profession. The good thing about the CNA program is that it takes a few weeks to finish and has flexible schedules. Individuals currently employed or living far from Los Angeles can opt for an evening or weekend class. Students must have 100% attendance in order to graduate. They also have to pass the written, oral and skills demonstration exams provided during the training. Charles R. Drew University has a good name when it comes to medical courses; thus, students are assured of getting a quality education. They also assist in providing employment to CNA graduates who pass the certification exam.

Career Development Institute

The Career Development Institute in Los Angeles has excellent CNA programs in Los Angeles. This institution ensures that students receive a good education and adequate clinical experience. They have classroom lectures, hands-on skills training and clinical rotations in an accredited healthcare facility. Licensed medical instructors are available to train students during the entire course. Although the CNA course can take place any time of the year, interested applicants are advised to enroll beforehand and know the requirements of the program well in advance. Normally, they require a high school diploma or GED, immunization record, criminal background check, drug screening test and X-ray examination. Once the program is completed, the institution will assist their students with the certification exam. Fees for tuition, books, uniforms and supplies vary per year. Scholarship grants are available for those in need.

Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University is now providing a CNA training program in Los Angeles. If you have the passion and drive to work with nurses and doctors, and provide healthcare services to patients in different age groups, you are qualified to undergo this short course. You must be 18 years old, with a high school diploma or GED and no criminal background. Golden Gate University will train every aspiring CNA to become a licensed healthcare professional in the state. They have several instructors qualified to teach the material. They also have an accredited healthcare facility that will be the primary venue for the student’s clinical practice. Financial aid and grants are available from the institution but it only accepts a limited number of students per training program.