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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Administering a Cleansing Enema

1. Assemble all required equipment nearby and prepare the enema solution: Maintain the water at the right temperature and use the soap, provided by the manufacturer; the tubing should be flushed with water in order to remove air; clamp the tube into a secure position.
2. Both the side rails and the bed should be raised to a comfortable for work position.
3. Help the resident assume the Sim’s position in the left side and put a bath blanket over them.
4. Beside the bed, you should place an I.V. pole and raise the side rail.
5. The tubing should be hanged at the bottom, together with the bag. The height of hanging should be 18 inches above the bed, or 12 inches above the anus of the patient.
6. Put on clean gloves.
7. The side rail needs to be lowered and a protective pad placed beneath the buttocks of the patient.
8. Exactly four inches of the tubing need to be lubricated.
9. The resident should be asked to breathe deeply in order to avoid cramping throughout the process.
10. With one hand, you need to expose the anus, while with the other, you need to apply and spin the tubing at approximately 2-4 inches. Notify the nurse of the resident experiences pain, or you feel resistance.
11. After you unclamp the tubing, allow the solution to flow. If the resident complains about uncomfortable sensations, clamp again and remove. Wait for a minute and continue.
12. The resident should hold the solution within their rectum for as long as possible.
13. The bed should be lowered and the resident assisted to the toilet; If for some reason, the resident is unable to get up, place a bedpan to collect the solution and stool; the call light should be placed within easy reach.
14. Discard everything into the receptacle designed for this task.
15. After the toileting has been completed, return to the patient.
16. Perineal care is to be applied.
17. After observation of the stool, flush the toilet or empty the bedpan.
18. After placing clean cloves, sanitize the commode or bedpan, place them in place, remove the gloves and wash your hands.
19. Return the bed to exit position as per facility policy.
20. Record any notable characteristics of the stool.