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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Weekend CNA Classes in Chicago

A lot of schools in the Chicago area offer nursing assistant classes. However, you should only take a CNA training program approved by the state Department of Public Health.because the state will not accept applicants who graduate from a program not included on the list of approved institutions. Thus, getting through the institution’s qualification is necessary to graduate and take the certification exam. In Chicago, most schools and healthcare facilities with CNA programs have flexible class schedules so you can freely choose the most convenient class. The schools listed below are among the venues offering weekend CNA classes in Chicago. Have a look and evaluate these state-approved institutions.

Weekend CNA Classes at Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology

Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology offers different kinds of allied health training programs including the CNA program. Students should complete 120 hours of instruction of which 80 hours is dedicated to lectures and 40 hours to supervised clinical education. The program provides flexible class schedules. Daytime and evening courses are available, including weekend CNA classes, so individuals can freely get a job or continue with their current employment. Nevertheless, the program allows students to learn basic nursing skills like assisting activities of daily living, vital signs monitoring, infection control, patient safety, rehabilitative care, body mechanics, therapeutic communication, medical terminology and many others. Applicants should make sure show proof of a high school diploma or equivalent, a valid driver’s license and medical certification demonstrating that they are physically fit to work with patients. Absences are not tolerated during the program and each student must get a grade of at least “C” in order to graduate and be eligible for the certification exam.

Weekend CNA Classes in Chicago Morton College

Morton College is one of the oldest colleges in Illinois with a number of educational programs including a CNA training program. This limited CNA course can be completed within 8 weeks of study. Interested students must be at least 16 years old and free from any criminal record. Some of the requirements for admission include malpractice insurance, current immunization record, physical examination and proof of a CPR certificate. Morton College is meticulous about training requirements and qualifications. Interviews and exams will be conducted. A positive feature of the program is the small class size. The CNA training has 80 hours of classroom lectures and 40 hours of clinical education which can be obtained at a local healthcare facility. Upon completion of the program, the certification exam will take place.

City Colleges of Chicago – Harry S. Truman College

City Colleges of Chicago – Harry S. Truman is one of the institutions in Chicago offering the Basic Nursing Assistant Program through their Continuing Education department. The program is a fast- track course that enables candidates to become a nursing assistant in 14 weeks or less. Other than day and evening class schedules, students can also take a weekend class. This flexible time schedule allows them to find jobs or continue their previous commitments. Students can learn basic nursing care of patients, especially when it comes to interpersonal and communication skills, manual handling, CPR, vital signs monitoring, first aid and many others. The City Colleges of Chicago – Harry S. Truman has the best facilities and instructors in the Basic Nursing Assistant Program. Interested applicant must complete and pass the requirements to secure a slot.

Weekend CNA Classes in Chicago Phalanx Family Services

Phalanx Family Services has a different type of nursing assistant training program. They incorporate current trends in the healthcare industry to help graduates adapt and become flexible in the changing world of technology. The program features basic nursing skills, while advanced CPR training and career development seminars are provided, giving students an edge over other nursing assistants in Chicago. The CNA course has 146 hours of training in an 8-week period which is divided into 106 hours of classroom lectures and 40 hours of clinical practice. Through the CNA program, students learn the skills needed to pass the certification exam. Individuals who are economically challenged can apply for the program. Scholarships and financial grants are available to those who qualify. There will be a criminal background check and other admission requirements.

Wilber Wright City College

Wilber Wright City College has a basic nurse assistant program that prepares students to work as an entry level nursing assistant in the healthcare field. The program can be completed in 10 to 16 weeks, depending on the commitment of the student. Classes are conveniently held in the morning, during evenings and on weekends. The school’s instructors supervise every nursing skill step by step. Graduates of the program will be eligible for the Illinois Nurse Assistant competency exam. No absences are allowed and students must get passing grades. The certification exam is a combination of written and oral sections; thus, every student wishing to become a nursing assistant should be prepared for this format to work in this profession.