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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Using a Gait-Transfer Belt to Assist the Resident to Ambulate

1. The belt should be applied firmly, and the front buckle should be fastened to the side.
2. Position yourself in front of the resident with your legs apart.
3. While maintaining grasp of the gait belt, help the patient stand up and place their feet between yours.
4. One of your hands should be to the side of the belt, whereas the other should hold it at the back for security and comfort.
5. While you are going for the ambulance, carefully walk beside the patient, slightly at the back of their position to keep them safe.
6. After the transfer is completed, make sure you return the resident to the bed or chair. If for some reason the resident starts falling down, do not attempt to stop the fall. Instead, you need to keep your legs slightly apart, and manage your weight in order to slowly and carefully lower them to the floor.

You need to place your leg so that the patient can rely on it and avoid any kind of head injury. Instead of trying to regain balance, call for assistance in order to maintain the incident. After this is done, report to your supervisor and assist in filling out a report of the situation.

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