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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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ROP CNA Classes in Los Angeles

Due to the increasing demand for healthcare services in Los Angeles, many nursing homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities are hiring Certified Nursing Assistants. It is obvious that the CNA profession is in demand. The CNA training programs can be completed in less than one semester and passing the certification exam is a must for individuals to eligibly work in any healthcare facility. If you are interested in this profession, you will not only experience a fulfilling career, but it also a rewarding one in that you will receive a good salary. CNA’s have numerous employment opportunities in the state and they can even secure a higher position if they pursue further studies. Thus, if you are considering this profession, you can take ROP CNA classes in any of these institutions in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program (ROP) CNA Classes

Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that allows individuals, especially adults, to learn different skills that can lead them to a stable job in the healthcare field. The CNA class is often short but it covers both classroom lectures and clinical experiences to prepare students for the state certification exam. The topics discussed in the program include basic anatomy and physiology, nutrition, medical terminologies, patient rights, patient handling, rehabilitative care, vital signs and many others. Any person 16 years or older can apply for the CNA training program. However, reading assessments will be done prior to enrollment and aspiring nursing assistants should have finished at least a grade 11 or 12 level. Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program has received accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is approved by Los Angeles County Board of Education. Anyone who graduates from their CNA training program will be eligible for the certification exam.

Southeast Regional Occupational Program (ROP) CNA Classes

The Southeast Regional Occupational Program provides exemplary career technical education like the CNA training program. Individuals who want to start a career as early as 16 years old can undergo the program and become an eligible nursing assistant. However, this training is not only limited to younger individuals, but it also caters to adults who are unemployed or  want to change a careers. As long as the necessary requirements are met and slots are still available, Southeast Regional Occupational Program will accept an applicant for the training program. Basically, the classes are combined theory, laboratory training and clinical practice. It is short and rigorous which is why; students have to have a complete attendance during the training to graduate. The goal of the program is to equip every student with the basic knowledge and nursing skills they need to pass the certification exam.

El Monte High School ROP CNA Classes

El Monte High School ROP provides a low-cost CNA class in Los Angeles for high school students who want a job in healthcare. This career training is similar to other CNA programs, except that high students who are 15 years old can enroll. They will have an opportunity to take the state-approved certification exam that makes them eligible nursing assistants. However, students have to make sure they complete the program that covers both classroom sessions and clinical practice. The clinical practice will take place in an approved healthcare facility like a nursing home or hospital. The classroom sessions will cover the basic principles of nursing like patient care, patient rights, anatomy and physiology, rehabilitative care, lifting and transporting, range of motion exercise, activities of daily living and many others.

Harbor Occupational Center

Harbor Occupational Center provides a CNA training program to individuals who want a career in the healthcare field in the shortest period of time. This facility is open to everyone qualified to work and become a nursing assistant. Aside from the age requirement of 15 years old or above, Harbor Occupational Center also requires applicants to submit a criminal background check together with a TB test, drug screening and complete immunization record. It is an important requirement for students to be physically and mentally fit because the job as a CNA can be challenging. Thus, they must be prepared for an assessment done by the school admission’s office. The course is an overview of anatomy and physiology, medical interventions like patient handling, vital signs monitoring, activities of daily and many others.

West Valley Occupational Center Service Area

The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of West Valley Occupational Center Service Area is a competency-based course that consists of an overview of human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, nutrition and an introduction to disorders and diseases. Emphasis is on safety principles, nursing philosophy and infection control. The course is integrates various methods fo meet the patient’s psychological and social needs. Skills and clinical procedures are taught to prepare students for their clinical rotations in a healthcare facility. They have to complete the 60 hours of classroom lectures and 110 hours of clinical practice to graduate and become qualified for the certification test.