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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Resident Safety

One of the important responsibilities of nursing assistants is to keep their residents safe from harm. It is the right of the residents to feel safe in the long-term environment that they will be in. To maintain the safety and security of the residents, following factors should be looked at:

Protection from Falls

Residents are in high risk for falls therefore it is important to determine the things that might be a factor for such accidents. Falls may happen even in the simplest forms such as a wet floor, a dim-lighted room, wet equipment or even equipment that is not put back in its proper place.

In order to prevent falls, it is important to determine such hazards before they can cause greater problems. Assistive devices should also be given to residents that needs them such as eyeglasses for residents who cannot clearly see, canes for clients that have difficulty in walking and others.

Also make sure that the rooms are lighted properly, the pathways are not wet, small garbage and instruments are removed out of the way, safety devices such as rails are used and anything that residents needs is within their reach.

Proper Identification of Residents

Giving the right care for the right client is an important responsibility of nursing assistants. It is therefore important to prevent mistakes in identifying patients so that right treatment would be given to the right patient. Thus identification bands should always be checked first before giving any food, medication or even before giving care.

Fire Safety Procedures

Many of the patients are unable to protect themselves or even get out of the building because of fire. It is therefore vital to make sure of their safety in such cases. When there is a fire the first thing to do is assist clients out of the building, turn on the alarm, restrain the fire by closing the rooms where there is fire and put off the fire by extinguishing.

In every facility, fire evacuation plan is very important in order to know where to go. Fire drills should be practiced in the facilities to help not only the residents but also the personnel that will be guiding them. Evacuation plans are really helpful in preparing everyone not only in times of fire but also in cases when there is a bomb threat and many others thus they should be planned and exercised.

Protection from Abuse and Neglect

Although the residents have rights that nursing assistants and other personnel should respect, it is also important to know the roles and responsibilities of a nursing assistant so that any abuse or neglect of  residents by a nursing assistant, will be noted and mistakes reported to supervisors.