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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Resident Care Equipment & Safe Environment

All the equipment that is commonly and routinely used by residents can harbor enough microorganisms that can make them sick. Thus, it is vital to maintain the cleanliness of the resident equipment. Cleaning the equipments should be in accord with the existing policies of the facility to make certain that wastes and dirt are disposed correctly. After using the resident equipment, dispose the disposable materials such as catheter tips and clean and disinfect materials that can still be used by other residents. Along with it, it is a necessity also that proper equipment usage is practiced so that contaminated wastes will not cross-contaminate to other residents.

Safe Environment

For the safety of the clients from any contagious elements, the surroundings should be kept clean and wastes must be thrown in the right disposal. Wastes like blood and other contaminated fluids should be disposed separately from common dirt and other waste so that they will be disinfected properly before they are thrown away according to facility’s policy. The policies of proper waste disposal, cleaning and disinfecting must be followed so that residents will have safe surroundings as well as the health team.